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    Last filler.....

    RAW is WAR coming next!!!!!!!!!!!

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    RAW is WAR episode 2


    RAW is WAR Episode 2

    JR: Hello and welcome to RAW is WAR, I'm Jim Ross and alongside, my fellow hall of famer broadcast partner, Jerry "The King" Lawler, coming for you live, from Atlanta, Georgia

    JL: What a show we have tonight JR, we'll finally know who will be the two men that will participe in the tournament final at the Royal Rumble to crown a new WWE champion and also a battle royal to determine the new Intercontinental champion

    JR: And for the semifinals, we have two incredible matches, The Show off Ziggler against the returning Dr. of Thuganomics John Cena and a clash of titans between The Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker!!

    Vickie: EXCUSE ME!!!!!

    *crowd boos*

    Vickie: I SAID EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you the man who will become the new WWE champion in two weeks at the Royal Rumble, Dolph Ziggler!!!!

    JL: Yeah, the future of this company is here and he's going to share some words before he crushes Cena tonight!!

    JR: I'm not impress with him King, last week he needed help form CM Punk to beat Chrsitian, he can't just be winning matches by cheating

    Doplh: All right listen up every....

    *Dolph is interrupt by the familiar Word Life theme*

    Cena: Yo, yo, yo Dolphin man, why the hell are you here?
    You can see it in your face, you are totally filled with fear

    Even with Vickie by your side, how did you get this far?
    You look more out of place, than CM Punk at a bar

    We're in the semi-finals, to crown a new champ
    How are you in Ziggler, not even Warrior's that camp

    Vickie Guerrero, your husband, he was a real man!
    But your new business client, wow he look's just like my nan!

    Atlanta,Georgia , The Champ is here!
    Warrior couldn't look more scared, if he was jumping of a 10 foot pier

    Warrior, your match versus Hogan is legendary
    However though, why do you look like a giant strawberry?

    Self Destruction of Warrior, what a great movie
    I think you dress crap, but the fans think you're groovie

    The Big Splash is your finishing move, I guess you love jumping on boys
    Taker play's with his dick, less than you play with your sex toys

    The Deadman, the Phenom, the dickhead who tosses
    If you feud with me, I'll give you some losses

    Undertaker, at Wrestlemania, your streak will end
    If it's against me, the next night, you won't be able to play with your boyfriend.

    You're not straight 'Taker, even your brother likes necrophilia,
    Hey, Triple H said it, I just think that you're a big fan, of coprophilia

    Why don't you admit Deadman, flaws, they have filled you
    If you mess with me, I'll give you a FU

    I beat all you fucker's stupid, you all wrestle crap
    Do I need to talk in a rhythm, for you to know it's a rap

    What's up with that? I'll teach you how to act.
    You mess with me, I'll give you a fact

    That you'll get your ass kicked, that's what it is
    Then come at me bro, this isn't show biz

    I'm here for the fan's, to give a good showing
    When all 3 of you are doing, is just blowing and blowing.

    You think you're all strong, when you're all just real pricks
    John Cena owned you all, now go suck a dudes...


    *Crowd explodes in cheers for that destructive rap*

    JR: Seems Cena wanted to share a piece of his mind too

    JL: How he dare to interrupt Ziggler!!!

    JR: We are not done yet look who's coming

    *The Ultimate Warriors music hits. interrupting Cena and Ziggler in the ring. Warrior runs out to the ring, circling it 10 times before finally entering the ring. He goes to the ropes and shakes them for a good minute. Cena and Ziggler are looking at him like he is an idiot. Warrior ask for a receives a mic*

    Warrior: Now now guys, I am the Warrior. It is my destiny to be the WWE Champion of this world you call Earth. Now you Cena, you are nothing. You think you are invisible when you wave your hand in front of you, well I can see you with my Warrior eyes. You think you are a superman winning all your matches, well I have kryptonite in my blood, it, along with my Warrior powers sent down from the Gods, will overcome you with intense and powerful force that has never been seen in this part of this universe ever before. I will bring you down if you are lucky enough to meet me in the ring. As to you Dolph, yes, you are powerful, you do remind me of a certain man named James in the distant past. You see James lived to work out, he got started in this sport with his friend Steve. But one day, a God from the planet Wiketstoplaiana spoke to him and entrusted him with powers never seen before. That day, the man known as James died, a Warrior took his place, took his human form for himself. I am that Warrior that I speak of- Ziggler, you are not. You are just a Warrior wanna be- until a Warrior God calls down for you, which I doubt they will, you will not be invincible, you will be beatable. And I shall be the one to beat you if we shall meet in the ring.

    I would also like to address the other man in the semifinals- the Undertaker. Undertaker, you call yourself the deadman. I know for a fact that you are not dead because you are alive. How do I know that? I looked into his eyes with my Warrior eyes- I see that he has a soul. A deadman has no soul because he is dead, a deadman is also dead, not alive. Undertaker you are........


    JL: The Phenom is here!!!

    *Undertaker slowly enters the ring but don't say a word, he points at his three competitors and makes the cut throat sign and the crowd gives the biggest pop of the night so far*

    JR: As always Undertaker doesn't need a full speech to turn out crowd, you can fell the electricity in the air between this four men, stay back at where you are because the first match starts when we return back live in RAW is WAR

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    JR: We're back as the first match of the semifinals is about to start.

    JL: Undertaker and Warrior had left the ring, here is match one come on Ziggler beat that Vainilla ice scout boy!!!

    Ignore Kane here

    JR: Cena has Ziggler ready for the FU....wait is Bryan Danielson coming to the ring!!!, he was already eliminated from this tourney!!!!

    JL: He still loooking for revenge after Cena eliminate him last wekk and Cena is chasing him to the ramp!!!

    *Cena catches Bryan and the two start to brawl, Cena gets the upperhand and connects an FU on the floor!!!

    JR: MY GAWD!!! what a devastating FU in the concrete, come on Cena hurry uo and return to the ring!!

    JL: He's too far he's not going to make it.... 9...10 YES YES YES Ziggler wins!!!

    *Here is your winner by the way of countout, Doplh Ziggler!!!*

    JR: It's just unfair, Cena deserved the win and for the second week in a row Ziggler wins by outside interference

    JL: When you're competing for the WWE title, you have to do what it takes and that's the diference why Doplh Ziggler is going to the Rumble and Cena is not, The Champ is not here!!!

    Doplh and Vickie leaves celebrate in their way out the ring meanwhile John Cena remains frustrate in the ring

    *A vignette is played on the Titantron, It shows a thunder and lightning storm in what appears to be Miami, A young boy is running through the streets while lightning is striking around him, As the video plays and the boy is running it shows him getting older and changing, From wearing American football gear to a Hollywood suit, eventually the lightning strikes the now fully grown man who is now wearing wrestling gear and brings him to his knees, as he looks up he see’s a building with the words Royal Rumble in lights and the vignette stops*

    *Comercial break*

    *Back from the commercial and Teddy Long is doing his trademark dance at the top of the stage with his music playing in the background!*

    TL: What’s up playa’s?.

    *Crowd cheer*

    TL: Tonight we are going to have ourselves a ten man Battle Royal match for the Intercontinental Championship!

    *Big pop from the crowd*

    TL: I had a feeling you would like that playa’s! The 10 men competing in the Battle Royal match will be the Big Show! * cheer * Bryan Danielson! * mixed reaction followed by Yes! chants * Cody Rhodes! * boo * Austin Aries! * boo * The Miz! * boo * TJ Perkins! * cheer * Amazing Red! * cheer * Brian Kendrick! * boo * Bobby Roode! *boo* and the game, Triple H! * Huge pop * The last man standing in that ring will be crowned the new Intercontinental Champion tonight! I hope the WWE universe enjoys the show and think of this as just a taste of what you are going to get at the Royal Rumble! Holla, Holla!

    *The crowd cheer for Teddy and his music plays as he leaves while we go to the commercial!*

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    *The Camera cuts back from the commercials and shows the ring where Bobby Roode, TJ Perkins, Brian Kendrick, Amazing Red, Austin Aries, The Miz , Cody Rhodes and Big Show are already waiting in the ring for the Battle Royal match*

    JR: Folks this should be a hell of a battle, we are awaiting our last two entrants!

    JL: Bryan is my pick JR! This guy has what it takes to beat everyone and become the next I.C. champion!

    JR: I’m sure you said the same thing last week King when he lost to Cena in the WWE title tournament!

    King: Bryan deserved to win last week JR... I know it, you know it and the whole WWE universe knows it and he proved that tonight when he cost Cena his match earlier on! * King laughs *

    JR: All he proved king was that he is a snake in the grass and had to attack Cena from behind!, I'm glad he got FU'ed to the floor!!

    JR: There are a lot of talented guys in this Battle Royal King, but with the experience and know how that the cerebral assassin has I think he might just win… But with the Big show’s size and presence he must surely be the favourite!

    *The crowd are buzzing with excitement to see the outcome and as the bell rings all 9 men turn the attention to the Big show!

    Amazing Red runs straight at the big show only to be swatted away!

    King: Haha! He got swatted like a fly!

    Aries and Kendrick chance there luck and go straight after the big show only to receive a double clothesline from the giant! The Miz, Bobby Roode, Cody and TJ try there luck next and begin to weaken the Big show with shots to the stomach and ribs, Show drops to one knee and all four men continue to hammer away on him! The Miz instructs the men to lift the big show to his feet and try and throw him over, Show starts to Hit back though fighting back and knocking down Cody and Perkins, Big show get’s to his feet and begins to turn his attention to the Miz, Hitting him with big rights and head butts and delivering a big boot to Roode when from behind Amazing Red jumps on the Shows back with a sleeper! Triple H watches on waiting for his opportunity while everyone else has teamed up to eliminate the Big show! Show begins to weaken from the sleeper and starts to edge closer to the ring ropes when Triple H seems to have done waiting, He knocks down Perkins and Cody.. Gives a running high knee to Aries and again one to the Miz!

    JR: Triple H is on fire! He’s cleaning house!

    Big show continues to weaken but Red is starting to lose his grip! Big show again starts to rise and throws Red over his shoulder on to the mat!

    King: Ouch! That had to hurt!

    Show raises his arm ready for the choke slam on Red as he gets up!

    JR: The Big show has Amazing Red in a choke hold, Just look at the height!

    The big show has Red in the air and delivers a huge choke slam to the outside of the ring, when again Miz and Cody team up on the Big show!

    JR: Red is eliminated!

    King: See you later aligator!

    Triple H has TJ in the corner and is delivering rights and lefts when Roode nails him from behind with a shot to the back of the head, Miz and Cody get big show in the corner and continue to team up on the 7ft giant when Kendrick and Aries come over to help try and lift the big show over the ropes!

    King: Yes! There going to eliminate him, Get him over.. Come on get him over!

    Show is fighting for his life as the 4 men continue to team up, Show knocks back Aries and Kendrick, and then Cody and Miz!

    JR: Show is fighting back.. The Big Show is fighting back!

    Kendrick gets back to his feet and jump straight into show’s arms,

    JR: Huge throw from the big show! He just through Kendrick over his head and out of the ring! Kendrick is eliminated!

    Big show clothesline’s the Miz and delivers a big boot too Cody knocking him out of the ring,

    JR: Remember folks this is over the top rope elimination, as Cody fell through the second ropes he is not eliminated!

    Big show throws his arm up in the air and again and shouts out it as the crowd give a huge pop for the Giant! Aries gets up from the mat and turns around only to be grabbed by the throat by the big show!

    King: Not again!

    JR: Another huge choke slam from the big show! Austin Aries is now eliminated!

    Triple H is slugging it out with both Roode and Perkins, Triple H delivers a huge spine buster to Perkins but again Roode attacks H from behind, Roode this time though see’s TJ trying to get up and delivers the Pay Off before picking up Perkins and throwing him over the top rope!

    JR: Perkins is eliminated, It just goes to show when it comes to these matches any alliances made during the match will not be intact come the end of the match, we have 6 men left in this match King who’s going to win it ?.

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    We're back for comercials and Roode turns again his attention to Triple H and starts stomping on him in the corner, while Miz and Cody once again Attack Big show while he was taking a breather, Miz and Cody both come of the ropes and shoulder barge Show, The big show stumbles and falls back on to the ropes.. Miz and Cody both look at each other and try it once more!

    JR: This could be it King, They could eliminate the Big Show right now!

    Both men come of the ropes and charge at the big show, The big show reverses there attempts and lifts them both over the ropes!

    JR: What a move King!

    King: No there elminate- There holding on! Yes there holding on!

    Miz and Cody are both holding on to the top rope as there feet are dangling above the mat floor, Big show falls to his knees with tiredness, Miz and Cody both manage to get on the side of ring as show gets back to his feet!

    King: They both made it! Yes… Nooo!

    JR: Huge big boot from the big show, he just nailed Cody in the face and Cody is now eliminated!

    Miz gets in the ring before Big show can turn his attention to him.. Miz boots show in the stomach and continues to hammer show on the back!

    King: Skull crushing finally! Come on Miz!

    Bobby Roode now signals to the Miz to work together and get the giant over the top rope! They get the big show up and lean him over the ropes, Both men try there hardest to lift the big show and manage somehow to get one leg over the ropes!

    King: One more! Come on.. You can do it!

    Show once again fights back, Headbutt to Roode and a huge right to the face of the Miz!

    JR: The Big show is once again fighting back king can anyone eliminate the big show?.

    Show is staggering over the ropes with one leg in the ring and one leg out of the ring, when out comes from underneath the ring Bryan Dannielson!

    King: There he is! How smart is Bryan Dannielson!

    Bryan gets in the ring and delivers a huge dropkick to the face of the big show knocking him to the floor!

    King: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

    JR: The big show has been eliminated! I don’t personally like the strategy of Bryan Dannielson but he is the fresher man and now he has eliminated the biggest threat!

    *Bryan Dannielson is celebrating in the ring as the crowd boo him!*

    Bobby Roode gets back to his feet and Bryan delivers another huge dropkick and locks in the labell lock! The Miz now also to his feet goes straight for Triple H before he can get on his feet!

    JR: We are down to the last four people folks, one of these will become the I.C. Champion tonight!

    Bryan Dannielson lifts up a dazed Roode and throws him over the top rope!

    King: That’s one more down! Come on Bryan!

    Miz now looks at Bryan and urges them to team up and eliminate Triple H, Both men lift H to his feet and go to whip him over the ropes! Triple H puts the brakes on and elbows Bryan to the face, Boot to the stomach of Miz and a huge pedigree!

    JR: Pedigree! Huge pedigree from Triple H!

    Triple H staggers back to his feet and trades punches with Bryan,

    *The crowd cheer “Ohh” and “Ahhh” as both men deliver punches!*

    Bryan now with a right, and another one! Bryan goes to clothesline Triple H over the rope, Hunter ducks it and Bryan goes over the rope on to the side of the ring!

    King: Nooo!

    JR: He’s not out yet King!

    Miz now back to his feet see’s the chance to nail Triple H, Hunter again ducks it and Miz knocks Bryan off the side of ring and almost goes over himself, Triple H turns right back around and hits Miz with the clothesline with so much force that both men go over the ropes at the same time!

    King: Who won? Who won?

    JR: Both men’s feet have hit the floor and they both appeared to get eliminated at the same time! King we have the I.C. title riding on this and we don’t appear to have a winner folks!

    King: Give it to Bryan, he deserved to win it after eliminating the Big Show!

    *The referee’s are in confusion as replays are being shown to try and identify the winner! The Miz is claiming he has won while Triple H is suggesting he has won it!*

    *Teddy Long’s music hit’s the stage as the confusion who has won the Battle Royal spills over as Triple H and Miz start fighting!*

    TL: Hold up there playa’s! It seems that we can not decide who has won this match and who’s feet touched the floor first.. I guess the only way we could do this fair is that you are both the new I.C. Champion!

    *A mixed response from the crowds erupts as Triple H and Miz just look at each other in confusion!*

    TL: Actually playa’s I don’t think that is going to work… well there is only one thing we can do, next week live on Raw is War we are going to have a match.. It will be Triple H vs. The miz… and it will be for the Intercontinental Championship!

    *The crowd cheer as Teddy walks away.. The Miz sneaks up behind Triple H and hit’s the skull crushing finally and celebrates as the camera goes backstage where Zack Ryder is speaking to the Bella’s*

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    ZR: Hey ladies!

    BB&NB: Hey Zack!

    ZR: Did you just see that Battle Royal? It was crazy bro!

    NB: Yeah! Cody is so hot!

    BB: Yeah, but did you see Dolph earlier? Now he’s hot!

    *Ryder looks at the Bella’s in confusion*

    ZR: Hey! What about me?

    *The Bella’s look at Ryder and then at each other and start to giggle*

    ZR: What? Are you serious bro? Look it doesn’t matter, when I win my match tonight I will prove not only am I better looking then those guys.. I’m also a better wrestler, woo woo woo you know it!

    BB: Aren’t you against Kane tonight?

    *Ryder has a look of horror on his face*

    ZR: ermm.. Am I ?

    NB: Yeah.. Your not scared are you?

    ZR: No course not.. I knew I had Kane tonight and im going to go out there and win!

    *Ryder try’s to hide the scared look on his face with his cocky tone of voice*

    NB: Well.. Maybe if you win tonight we can go out somewhere later!

    ZR: Are you serious bro?

    BB: Yeah! Maybe we could.. Hang out!

    *Ryder has a huge smile on face as the Bella’s flirt with him*

    ZR: Awesome! After my win I will come by your locker yeah?

    BB: Wicked! Olny if you win though.. We don’t.. hang round with anyone you know!

    ZR: See you both later then..

    *Ryder walks off with a huge smile on his face as he leaves the Bella’s begin to laugh as we cut to a commercial *

    *Back from the break and Ryder is waiting in the ring for his opponent with a very nervous look on his face*

    King: This guy is a goof ball JR! He has no chance of beating Kane tonight and he actually thinks he has a chance with the Bella’s?.

    JR: Well King, I don’t know about the Bella’s but I know this kid is a hell of talent, He has made a real name for himself and just look at the crowd they love him!

    King: Well I hate him!

    *Kane’s music plays and the crowd give a mixed response for the Big Red machine as he makes his way down to the ring, Kane reaches the ring and climbs over the top rope as the match bell rings*

    King: I told you JR! This kid is a goof ball and Kane destroyed him tonight to prove it!

    JR: Ryder tried his best folks but there is no doubting Kane’s dominance and experience and in the end Kane got the win!

    *After the match is over and the bell is rung Kane picks up a groggy Ryder and again choke slam’s him onto the mat*

    JR: The match is over Kane! The match is over!

    King: Haha! He’s destroying him JR.. and woo woo woo all his fans know it! * King laughs *

    *After hitting Ryder with a 3rd straight choke slam he picks him up and throws him over the top rope then asking for a mic*

    Kane: This is the competition I get? This is who they send to challenge me ? I want.. I need a challenge, I have been destroying everyone ever since I returned and now the list is getting shorter and shorter, Im issuing a challenge to anyone who dares to get in the ring with me!

    *Kanes hits the pyro and leaves the ring*
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    As we come back from a commercial break, we see CM Punk standing backstage with Josh Matthews.

    Josh Matthews: Punk, last week you lost to the Undertaker and thus you are out of the tournament to crown the WWE Champion. What are your plans to become the WWE Champion now?

    Punk: Well Josh, first thing you should take note of. I was screwed out of my chance by Christian and The Undertaker. You want to know what I am going to do to become the WWE Champion? It is simply 3 things. I am going to go out there, week in and week out, and show the people in the back that I deserve the first title shot of whoever the next champ is. I am going to leave Mr 2 Pump Chump laying in a pool of his own blood begging for mercy so he, along with anyone else in the back, knows not to get into my business ever again. The final thing I am going to do is make sure the first person the new champ sees, is me. That means in the final rounds, whoever it may be, I will be at ring side making my presence known.

    Josh Matthews: Interesting, well, what do you think about The Undertaker?

    CM Punk: Have you ever heard of the story of the tortoise and the hare Josh? In it, they talk about how the tortoise eventually wins. Here is what they don't tell kids though. That tortoise went on to win a lot of other races, but eventually it got to the point where even though the tortoise thought he still had it, he just couldn't accept the fact he was old and outdated. The farmer had to put that tortoise down. You see Josh, The Undertaker is the tortoise. Yeah he use to be able to do great things, but he has reached the point that while he may think he still has it, everyone else knows he doesn't. I am the farmer. I am going to put the Undertaker down once and for all. The Deadman will actually become a dead man if he steps foot into the ring with me again.

    Josh Matthews: Understood, but Punk, if that is the case why did you run away from the Undertaker last week?

    CM Punk: You...I....

    Punk pushes Josh in the face, sending him into a nearby monitor. Punk turns and abruptly walks off camera muttering obscenities.

    JR: Punk better focus in his match tonight because he is going to fight the man we cost his opportunity last week, Captain Charisma!!!

    JL:Christian is not match for punk, besides he is teaming tonight with Rey Mysterio against that walking botch Sin Cara, it should be a piece of cake, this after the commercials


    JR: We're back and the four men are the ring, this match is strating now!!!

    Christian and Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk
    No video

    JR: Sin Cara hits a crossbody to the outside, Punk is down

    JL: Ohhhh no

    JR: Killswitch to Rey.....1....2....3 Christian and Cara wins

    Christian: Punk, you straight egde asshole have been messing in my business costing me my title oportunity, you call yourself "The Best in the world" and you can't be in a tag team match fair and square???, that's shame I expected better from you, Well don't be sad Punk, I have great news for you, you will have a chance to redeem yourself at the Royal Rumble because I talked with Teddy Long and we will face again in a match I know very well and I'm sure my peeps will enjoy.....Tables....Ladders....and Chairs!!!.

    Crowd goes nuts for this*

    Christian poses for the crowd as Punk have a worry look in his face

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    JR: We're back here in RAW is WAR and it's time for our main event, two legends squaring off to decide who will face Dolph Ziggler in the tournament final for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble.

    JL: You sound like The Warrior stand a chance against the Deadman, I mean this guy is like 200 years and nuts, he's facing a guy who is 20-0 at Wrestlemania

    JR: The Ultimate Warrior is one of the true legends in this business, you can never count him out, even thought he has a tough challenge agianst the Phenom, this should be an outstanding match!!!

    JL: Who cares!!, I just hope this two beat each other up to let things easy for Dolph Ziggler

    JR: Warrior is here and seems pretty pumped for the match and the crowd is with him, he saluting the fans and running circles around the ring...again

    JL: I wonder why he didn't brought his spaceship tonight, he will need it to return to his planet after the beating Undertaker is about to giving!!

    JR: The arena falls in darkness as the Undertaker makes his way to the ring, the man who wants to reclaim the WWE championship once again

    JL: I have goosebumps all over the body, this people is going nuts for him!!!
    (Warrior:Angle/Taker as himself LOL)

    JR: SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!!!, 1...2...3 The Ultimate Warrior did it, he did it!!!, he defeated Undertaker to go to Royal Rumble to fight for the WWE championship!!!!!!!

    JL: What a match this two gave us, yet I can't believe he really beat The Undertaker!!!

    *The Ultimate Warrior is celebrating in the middle of the ring ready for a Warrior Growl, when Dolph Ziggler comes form behind and hits a Zig Zag*

    JR: What the hell he is doing here!!!, the match is over, Dolh Ziggler cowardly attacked him that little backstabber kid MY GAWD!!

    JL: Yeah!!!, Ziggler showing off he's not afraid of anyone including a legend like The Ultimate Warrior, take a look people this will be you new WWE champion!!

    Ziggler poses with an arrogant smile in his face to end the show....

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    Raw Is War Is Next!

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    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
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    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
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    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    After this Filler..

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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