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    Most memorable WWE Moment ?

    Discuss your WWE Moment
    was it a promo a match or just a segment of a show
    Personally for me the return of chris jericho in 2007 and the promo he cut after its like he never left
    but watching videos back on youtube and on tape would be the entire match between cactus jack and HHH at royal rumble 2000 i believe (correct me if i am wrong)

    So Whats Your Moment?

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    I Will tell you my moment..... RVD... One Night Stand.... Cashing in the MITB on John Cena to win his first MAJOR WWE title at His PPV in front of HIS fans at HIS arena against the pster boy of the WWE. That was a great moment, a pretty good match and the crowd reactions made it even better as a big fan of RVD and ECW this has to be one of my favorite moments in the history of the WWE and of any promotion.

    If not a close second would be Y2J's first debut in WWE with the countdown because it was before I read about things on the internet so I had no idea who it was.

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    Mankind off the Cell for sure. Continuing that match was such a class act from a man who loves what he does and puts it all out there for the fans.

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    i agree about the RVD win over cena the only thing that spoilt that match was take a guess CENA the sabu rey match was better and i never read about the Y2J resturn in 2007 so a big shock for me also that was the year i started watching so i didnt know what was going on entirly.

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    Austin vs The Rock at WM 17 was pretty memorable.
    Ill also never forget when Bischoff showed up on Raw

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    WWE moment? It would have to be Kane winning the Money in the Bank and the cashing it in the same night to become World Heavywieght Champ! It was a long overdue moment of glory.
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    We know the most memorable moment was Chris Jericho beating The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in one night to become the first Undisputed Champion in the WWE.

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    Countdown to the Millenium Clock and the arrival of Chris Jericho to the WWE.

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    Toss up between:
    RVD vs Cena- They had to have RVD win in that one- I think anybody could see that coming- it was just cool as hell to see that many people rooting againts Cena
    CM Punk cashing in his 1st money in the bank when he was traded to Raw. I always wanted to see one of the main belts on him, I was just supprised to see the WWE putting the best on him that early.

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