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    Bound for Glory 2010- Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, & Jeff Jarrett turn heel & Hardy becomes world champ. Then Immortal forms. Ya they were recreating the whole NWO thing but I would have liked to see how the whole Immortal angle would have played out if they didn't have the Hardy incident. I wana know how long it would have gone & how it would have ended.

    I have a feel they would do like a Hogan/Sting thing with Hardy & Van Dam. Van Dam would obviously play Sting's role by winning the title about a year later or something (since Hardy turned on Van Dam & cuz he never lost his title from the "injury" he suffered from Abyss).

    So my point is that I wish I cud have seen what would have happened with Immortal. And no this thread is not about Jeff Hardy and what he did at Victory Road.


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