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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomsta666 View Post
    Man! I have an awful reputation at these forums!

    CanĀ“t wait to hear ya sing on sunday man

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    I'll break Pau and Giddy!!

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Welcome to the forums and happy posting
    I'm jus sayin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmac26 View Post
    hello everyone, I am dmac26

    my real name is James Martinez, and i love wrestling.

    I participated in the 1984 olympic games for the USA team. I participated in Greco-Roman wrestling in the 68 kg weight class, and won the bronze medal. the video can be seen here:

    later, in 1992, I was going to be a wrestler in the WWF, but a week before my first match I broke my ankle in a bicycling accident, and they told me they didn't want me anymore.
    My performing name was going to be David MacKay, hence my username Dmac26

    a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this site, and now i am here to chat with my fellow wrestling fans!
    any questions, feel free to ask.
    If you're telling the truth then that's truly amazing.

    Pic with timestamp.

    I A M A P A U L H E Y M A N G U Y

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    Did you meet any of the wrestlers at the time? what management did you go through?

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    Ah now guys he doesn't drink that much here in Ireland we only drink on days ending in y have to cut it at some point!!

    OT: Welcome aboooooard fella fine piece of storytelling ya did there.


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