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    Kane's promo on Smackdown! 8/20/2010

    one word: wow.

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    Anyone who can go 15 minutes on the mic is excellent

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    He deserves an oscar for a flawless promo lasting 15 mins, that was impressive.

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    Amazing, one of the best promos I've ever seen!
    "Stand Back, there's a Hurricane coming through!"
    "Woo Woo Woo, you know it!"
    "If you're not down with that, then we've got just two words for ya ... SUCK IT!"
    "RAW is JERICHO!"
    "We lie, we cheat, we steal"

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    Kane, getting increasingly biblical since Memorial Day 2010.

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    Also give a hand to the Smackdown creative team for coming up with a good backstory to this new chapter of their rivalry.

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    I don't think the SmackDown! creative need too much priase to be honest, their history is there for all to see, Kane is just using the material he has himself helped build over the years, Kane's promo was brilliant however most of the promo's he has did since Taker got injured have been brilliant, Kane unlike many doesn't have scripted promos, he has bullet points, for me its a far better way to let the talent get over on the stick, it gives the promo a personal feel to it

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    Anybody else think that this kane undertaker fued is gonna go right to wrestlemania where kane ends undertakers streak.

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    No, not for me, I don't think this feud after how much they have did in the past could have the legs to run that long, for me, the longest I can see it go will be Survivor Series but even that seems like a long way off just now, I'm looking forward to it though, I just hope when the time comes for the matches that The Undertaker doesn't just get the usual wins he usually picks up

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    Kane is one of the best i've ever seen on the mic and that just proved it. Seriously amazing. He's given so much depth and added so much to this stale rivaly between him and Taker. I actually watch Smackdown! nowa days just to see the Kane promos. I would not be dissapointed if the rivaly was just trash talking with one Undertaker mind game here or there, finally finishing in a Hell in a Cell or Casket, whatever WWE's planned.

    Its a shame WWE have waited this long to use Kane in the spotlight.

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