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    Faces of TERROR: KAnE's Most Evil Reign?

    We've seen the many bitching masks and faces of Kane, and they had different affects on the WWF/E. In your opinion, which Mask/face phase spread the most violence, destruction, and HELL in the WWE/F? (And your favorite ofcourse)Mine is whe e removed his mask for the 1st time and showed the world his monstrous facial structure and demented eyes which were hidden under the mask that once defined him. He chokeslammed former tag team partner RVD, tombstoned Linda, lit JR on fire, shocked Shane's Macs, put HBK/Matt Hardy in the hospital, took Lita for his own; and buried his brother to awaken the Dead man once again. Who mae the best and most twisted promos known to the WWE. When he shed the skin of the indestructable Big Red Machine, and became the Big Red Monster.

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    I agree, that was just after I started watching wrestling and as a kid completely lost in the kayfabe, I had nightmares after Kane's unmasking, and his subsequent rain of terror, I don't think any other Kane era/face was as effective, the love triangle thing with lita and when it wasn't SNITSKY's fault was pretty good. but other than that it would 2001 RR kane that kicked ass or debut Kane that ripped the door off, but to pick my favourite, I'd go the same as you bud.

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    IDK,I agree after seeing the DVD Kane went on a tear though after unmasking,you guys forgot to mention he chokeslammed Bishchoff off the stage as well,Kicked the shit out out Stone Cold when he jumped up after a Stunner,Yea this was the time he jumped off the top on the chair on HBK's neck as well,Hmmm maybe I'll have to consult the DVD to really make a good assumption here.
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    Kane when he unmasked and tombstoned Linda McMahon was when he was at his most evil. When he had the rag over his head, and the chains is when I felt he was truly a monster.


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