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    Wrestlemania Concerns

    "The end of an era" That's how i want to start this post.
    I am deeply concerned about The Rock jobbing to Cena. Will it be the last thread of the Attitude Era? Will this discourage the demographic sector of Attitude Era hardcore fans? Will Vince really shove Cena down our throats again? Cena is the poster boy and will not turn heel since WWE uses him as the spoke person for the "good role model" persona that he is needed to be. What if after Cena beats The Rock, Batista or Lesnar enter the ring and beat the living crap out of Cena?

    Will The Undertaker get screwed? will the streak end? will they screw another Attitude Era character? If someone deserves to go 20-0 that should be The Undertaker for his long career and respect; but are they really trying to bury the Attitude Era once and for all? Will this be Undertaker's last match?

    Will CM Punk and Jericho's match steal the show? how about Orton vs Kane?

    What do you think?

    Share your thoughts!!!

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