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    I really don't think Riley needs to win either, he is alright in the ring, not great, has a good finisher though, has a good look and is excellent on the mic, I think with the link to the Miz I can see him getting plenty of TV Time anyway

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    Go Go Go Kaval, and then win the intercontinental.

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    I'm going to have to say Riley. Kaval and Hennig will end up on Smackdown for certain, Rotundo too, probably

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    I want to see Kaval win turn heel and go against Rey Mysterio sice it appears he is gonna put over new talent lol.

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    I hope Kaval wins! I was really rooting for Husky Harris though.
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    I would have to go with Kaval- he has the experience and is better in the ring than any of the others. If not him, then Henning. Regardless those two plus Riley and Rotundo are gonna get into Raw or Smackdown. If any wind up joining Nexus, I hope its Rotundo.

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