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    What is the point???

    What is the point of Kane coming back with the mask to job to cena and orton???

    Kane is my favorite wrestler, and i would like to have seen him come back and chokeslam everybody until he gets the wwe championship.

    After his feud with Cena, and now Orton, he is being pushed as a big jobber!!! He needs to go over at wrestlemania to regain any credibility

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    Or maybe Miz interferes in the match and costs Orton the victory. Setting up Miz Orton after the draft.

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    One of the reasons they put Kane back in the mask was to try set this record at Wrestlemania, which backfired on them since Rey "My Left Knee" Mysterio and Sin "King of the Botched Spot" Cara, also known as Perpetually Injured Inc. are as yet, not slated to appear.

    But yeah, they fucked it up (Kane's return) good and proper.

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    good point cuz kane didn't get cena to "embrace" a damn thing.


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