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    Why doesn't Ric Flair just retire...?

    This deserves a topic all on its own.

    This guy got one of the grestest send offs in professional wrestling, got inducted into the hall of fame, had a great storyline and an awesome final match with HBK to culminate it - and he STILL chooses to continue to wrestle. Why?? Just retire already and stay at home. Seriously. We all know his body can't take much more. If he is suffering financially, then he should have become a backstage manager for WWE. He can get paid well just doing that.

    To me, it is such a slap in the face for all WWE has done for him, it is ridiculous.

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    for me he should have stayed retired he probs got the best ever wrestling send off but couldnt stay away from in ring action being a manager should be all he does in wrestling just now lets hope he doesnt anymore and stays fortune's leader

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    Because he is a wrestling GOD and how can you kill off or destroy a GOD Did you start this post after watching the Triple H video. I've just seen that and they mentioned this, so good idea to start a post on it.

    Ric Flair has grown on me more and more, he has become on of my all time favourites, I think the state of wrestling right now, he and a few others are the only reason why I still watch.

    I have no idea why Flair is wrestling and I was going to start a poll with a few answers as to why.

    But he loves the industry, he is helping TNA big time, the guys is a Legend, they have the UK tour named after his Woooo phrase.

    He doesn't wrestle much now but when he does it's always to put others over, he is very entertaining, great on the mic, and brilliant to watch. There are some that have retired and thank god, but Flair I have no problem with still going on. I think people should give him a lot more credit and respect to be doing what he's doing at his age. I hope he has a few more years left.

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    i like flairs promos yeah cause hes a fuckin mad man lol but i dont want to see him wrestle anymore same with hogan it wasnt that long ago he couldnt give to shits about tna flair or didnt have a clue what it was lol

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    Yeah he does go mad sometimes, well most the time actually and says some of the funniest things.

    How TNA are using him right now is just right, not too much and not too little.

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    But seriously? Because he needs the money, he needs the fame, and he just can't let go of doing what he loves most, what he lives for. I personally don't think he should retire, I just think he should just stop wrestling!! He can stay in the business as long as he wants as far as I'm concerned, as long as he stops wrestling!! It's a pitiful sight to see him in the pants and boots nowadays, compared to how I remember him when I was young...
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    Flair has more ex wives than Henry VIII he needs the constant flow of cash to keep everybody happy.

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    Flair's TNA promos have been great! But I do agree after the send-off he received from HBK and the WWE on the "Grandest Stage of them All", Why join TNA and tarnish it? If Flair wasn't ready to unlace the boots he should have just told the WWE how he felt and if they couldn't come to an understanding then he should have left for TNA.
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    I think it had something to do with 'money issues' that caused ole' Rickity Flair to lace up them old boots of his again.
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    Well if it is to do with money then damm! He has been around soooo long. What could he possibly need the money for, unless he has wasted it, but over a 40 year career that must be a lot of money.

    Well as long as he keeps up the great work then I will watch for sure, Flair is great!


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