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    Team: Auburn University (NCAA)
    Nickname: Tigers
    What year did you start supporting them: 2001/2002
    Accomplishments: 2-time NCAA Division 1A Champions, 13 combined Men's and Women's Swimming Titles (They dominated 2001-2010), 4 College World Series Appearances (Baseball).
    Best moment: Cam Newton and their 2011 BCS Championship Victory
    Worst moment: Name any of the years we flopped and floundered between undefeated seasons.
    Your fav player: Philip Lutzenkircken
    Your overall best player: Bo knows Auburn.
    Most underrated player: Brandon Cox (QB, didn't win shit, but was great for the Tigers)
    Most overrated player: Charles Barkley (Sorry Charles)
    Fav all-time player: Bo Jackson
    Best all-time player: Bo Jackson
    Best upcoming talent: I don't know.
    Which player do you wish that play for your team: Any top tier defensive backs. @.@
    Which player do you wish that didn't play for your team: None. Tigers are Tigers.

    I focused on Football a lot, mostly because outside of swimming, they don't do shit (They're okay at Baseball).


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