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    Midget battle royal may never end.

    Here's hoping this never happens on Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling:

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    Quote Originally Posted by collywog View Post
    Here's hoping this never happens on Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling:
    Good lord :S

    Although struggling to see why you posted this in WWE secion.
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    wierdst wrestling news I have ever heard

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    That is funny as hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanHooliganX View Post
    Good lord :S

    Although struggling to see why you posted this in WWE secion.
    its fake mate look around the site

    Chris, I know for a fact that your father, Ted Irvine, is a raging Jerichoholic,” Punk said. “Being addicted to Jerichohol is a far more pathetic vice than being addicted to alcohol.”
    Known for his “straight-edge” lifestyle, Punk abstains from all drugs and alcohol — and “especially Jerichohol,” he said.
    “Sure, my father has struggled with a drinking problem,” Punk added. “But at least he has never been a Jerichoholic. That would be a true disgrace to the Punk family.”
    Ted Irvine is reportedly ashamed of his son’s verbal attacks, and has recently re-entered Jerichoholics Anonymous

    and also

    Hoping to demonstrate that he is an “old-school wrestling fan,” 21-year-old Terry Reid is wearing a WWF t-shirt, unaware that it is a piece of fundraising merchandise from the World Wildlife Fund.
    “I’m more into the stuff from the ‘70s and ‘80s — that was the golden era of wrestling,” says Reid, who is presently sitting fourth-row ringside at a WWE house show and is seemingly unaware of the significance of the panda logo on his chest.
    Reid, who prefers to describe WWE as “The Fed” — insider terminology that refers to the company’s former name, World Wrestling Federation — bought the t-shirt last week at a thrift store near his home Toronto.
    Though he was somewhat puzzled when the store clerk said she was “an animal lover too,” he dismissed the remark as a reference to George Steele.
    Reid also has an NWA t-shirt at home, though he hasn’t figured out that it refers to ‘90s hip-hop group Niggaz With Attitude, not the National Wrestling Alliance.

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    Hahahaha, I wonder if people started leaving or started chanting "This sucks, This Sucks". Lol

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    this is really cool.. really

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    Good article.

    Although by the name "Kayfabe News" and most of the articles - obviously it is fake

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    haha great website , some of the articles hahaha

    The real Bryan Danielson chant ...



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