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  • WWF Winged Eagle Championship

    4 80.00%
  • WWF BiG eAGLE Championship

    0 0%
  • WWF Undisputed Championship

    0 0%
  • Other Vintage Championship

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  • Other New Championship

    1 20.00%
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    WWF Winged Eagle Championship Strap

    Last Christmas, my amazing girlfriend tracked down and bought me a Winged Eagle title belt. I have been a WWF/WWE fan for over 23 years, and for me, this was somthing special. I believe this is what a real championship looks like, and have a hard time believing they will be able to top this look. Opinions thoughts? .. Also, Im wondering why they changed it up. Other than the fact Stone Cold would break it lol, I think WWF felt WCW's "Big Gold" was was much bigger in size than the Winged Egle, and therefore needed to create the bigger "Big eagle" title, for the Attutude Era.. Thoughts? Opinions?
    What a real Championship looks like.

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    Love it!! To me it will always be the championship title too. Nothing comes close. The attitude eagle was pretty cool though, because it was basically a redesign. But the Cena/spinner/CHAMP title design we have now absolutely pales in comparison.

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    its beautifulll and way better than their rapper-esque piece of shite championship of today.

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    The Big Eagle Championship in hindsight is pretty cool , although when the change was made I cant say I was very pleased. Now I am older (and clearly am a hard WWE lifer from the beginning), I am pulling together a collection of old, memorible, valuble WWF/WWE merch from over the years, with the Winged eagle being the center. I am debaiting on which title I should get next. If any, I think the Intercontinental, possibly Cody Rhodes style, with the white strap, and then the Big Eagle. Even considered getting the WCW Big Gold, -- and would only get it to symbolize the Monday Night Wars -- Although, even in todays WWE style Big Gold, I dont think I want it. The Winged Eagle is the very face of wrestling for me and should stay the center of my collection. Does anybody here collect? Or have replica titles?
    What a real Championship looks like.

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    I have the a foam Big Gold spray painted 'WCW', if that count's...

    I do agree the Winged Eagle was the best WWE title to date. The Undisputed comes closely in second. If only they'll 'add prestige' by bringing back either of those two.

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    WCW's championship belt will always be the true championship belt in my opinion!

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    I would love to see guys like cm punk, christian, daniel bryan, cody rhodes, wade barrett and dolph ziggler hold that real title and not that piece of rubbish that we have nowadays

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    The most recognized and prized (prestigious) World Heavyweight Pro Wrestling Belt of all time is this;

    The NWA World Heavyweight Championship!!

    UFC Womens Bantamweight Champion
    Ronda Rousey

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    I don't even care about the world titles anymore. I care about who's holding them, and the matches that they can put on. We need a belt again that people actually want to fight for, and be proud of, not some custom belt from half a decade ago.

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    Beautiful, you are a lucky man, peppermill.

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