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  • WWF Winged Eagle Championship

    4 80.00%
  • WWF BiG eAGLE Championship

    0 0%
  • WWF Undisputed Championship

    0 0%
  • Other Vintage Championship

    0 0%
  • Other New Championship

    1 20.00%
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    WWF Winged Eagle Championship Strap

    Last Christmas, my amazing girlfriend tracked down and bought me a Winged Eagle title belt. I have been a WWF/WWE fan for over 23 years, and for me, this was somthing special. I believe this is what a real championship looks like, and have a hard time believing they will be able to top this look. Opinions thoughts? .. Also, Im wondering why they changed it up. Other than the fact Stone Cold would break it lol, I think WWF felt WCW's "Big Gold" was was much bigger in size than the Winged Egle, and therefore needed to create the bigger "Big eagle" title, for the Attutude Era.. Thoughts? Opinions?
    What a real Championship looks like.

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