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    Taz/Brock Lesnar/Taker Comment

    Guys. I've just watched the newest iMPACT! and on this scene, where the Pope was walking with a casket Taz said something like this: I hope it's not som Bad Ass looking to take out MMA guy. Is TNA making fun of WWE yet another time?

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    More like promoting. That is just saying that WWE performers have balls big enough to stand up to other performers outside of their company. But TNA obviously admire him because he said that exactly when Pope came out, and didn't exactly bash him in the slightest. But WWE will find a way to get them back some how like how they got Hogan by using Big Show as their mouth piece.

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    It's always being done. Potshots taken against a rival company although as you stated this was not really negative at all.

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    When I heard that comment, I did laugh.

    I shook my head afterwards. But like Rich Cranium said, it wasn't negative.

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    Please allow me to give my infinite wisdom on this matter. When your the top dog in a profession everyone is trying to do whatever they can to catch up. Anything goes including cheap shots, backstabbing, stealing talent. TNA is up against a well oiled machine that is not breaking down anytime soon no matter how much some people want it to. You see, if Vince takes cheap shots at TNA he would be implying they are a threat and clearly they are not. I seriously doubt Vince has ever seen one episode of impact ever. I'm not saying he doesn't have people that do it for him but I think you get the idea. TNA must do better, it is TIME to put up or shut up. I want them to succeed so much but deep down in my heart I feel its only a matter of time before TNA is in the wwe archives. That would be a sad day for pro rasslin fans. Vince wouldn't buy them because they are a threat he would buy them because he could.

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