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    Lord Tensai(Giant Bernard, A-Train)

    According to Wrestling, Matt Bloom, known in New Japan Pro Wrestling as Giant Bernard and formerly known in the WWE as Prince Albert, A-Train and Albert, has re-signed with the company.
    Bloom will make his return to the company after WrestleMania XXVIII, and it's speculated that he will play the role of henchman to John Laurinaitis.


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    Was a fan of his work and I hear it improved over at Japan. Hoping he gets a good push.

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    who will he fued with

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishwhip View Post
    who will he fued with
    Whoever Lauranatis is feuding with

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    I am kinda hoping that Bernard doesn't leave NJPW. He is over in Japan and draws in a crowd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverGhost View Post
    I am kinda hoping that Bernard doesn't leave NJPW. He is over in Japan and draws in a crowd.
    at the end of the day, many will prefer to jod in WWE than be over somewhere else

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    oh hell yeah a huge underrated talent his work in japan is awesome can't wait to see him bicycle kick someone
    Damn I need a better catchphrase

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    Needs a gimmick besides brodus clay or the generic giant heel. Looking foreward to seeing him back though!

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    I think it all depends on how the WWE uses him. Either he could end up being really good and entertaining, or a big flop

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    He is only 39 and has been active so ring rust and age shouldn't be a problem. I can see him still being active for a few more years but I'd like to see him be built up and used to put others over. We need more credible guys who can actual make others look good.



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