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    EWNCW Warzone

    JK: Ladies and Gentleman, we welcome you to EWNCW Warzone, I am Josh King and as always my partner Bryan Thomas is beside me, and we are fresh off a great episode last week.

    BT: “Well they call me the Bry-Man” and damn your right Josh it was one week ago, that Kayden James made his debut, for those who missed it you really did miss something special.

    JK: But it wasn’t just that TWE Owner Marik Sheehan showed up and announced that going forward we will have a TWE showcase match each and every week here on Warzone, plus great action, Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr beating The Surgeon General, The Bloodstone Empire walking out victorius over The Dog’s of War, Seth Farrell got the win over Harley McCartney and like we said Kayden James getting the win over William Carlin, it was truly outstanding action.

    BT: But JK, tough act to follow but we are going to try and top again this week, so what’s on deck?

    JK: You know Bry I am glad you asked…The stars of TWE will make their debut, Six TWE stars here tonight, for a big Six Man Tag Team Match. From Brutality we will see Free from Poisen take on The New Assault Program, Plus Daymain Bloodstone will take on Splatered Dreams and in the Main Event, Gillz will take on Arthur Lansdale in the Main Event.


    *The overdrive theme plays, Josh King has left the announce table and is standing in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand*

    JK: Ladies and Gentleman, May I have your attention please. Its time for the very first TWE showcase on EWNCW Warzone! We are about to see 6 competitors from Titan Wrestling Entertainment come out, each with have no more than 30 words to introduce themselves to you the EWNCW audience they will then participate in a six man tag team match.

    The Overdrive Theme plays again#

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, Luke Turne!!!

    Luke Turne: Warzone... I'm the energetic Englishman, the Cornish Wizard, Luke Turne! I may be on your side, but I'm not going to kiss anyone's ass though, I'm going to kick it.

    And his Tag Team Partner, Adrian Levitt!!!!

    Adrian: Hello folks, for those of you unaware, I am Adrian Leavitt. A Former Division 1 Champion, and future World Champion! Anyone who gets in my way will get beat!

    And finally their Partner, Van Darius!!!

    Darius: My name is Van Darius and I've come to do three things ... Kick ass, take names ... And win the gold. That's a promise I am willing to keep.

    And their opponents, introducing first Scarfo Jones!!!!

    ScarFo Jonez: **top of the stage Enters on a motorcycle with TWE on the plates**

    *Enter the Ring and spits on the outside*
    Off mic:hand me a mic!!!

    *taps it* ScaRFO!.. Dats What You know Now.where I come From..The BiG House..

    WaRZone sound bout Right, Jonez is makin everything his.they ask..Who did it?


    And his Tag Team Partner The Reaper!!!!

    The Reaper:
    I’m the Reaper of the damned; I claim souls from my adversaries. I’m the pale rider, angel of death, I swing my scythe at TWE/EWNCW, may god mercy you!

    And finally their Tag Team Partner, “The Prospect” Jay Cracko!!!

    Jay Cracko: The only REAL athlete in professional wrestling. Once I get my professional baseball contact, I am leaving these over oiled, tanned, and speedo-wearing freaks. Get at me.

    *JK has returned to the desk*

    JK: Well Bry what do you make of that lot.

    BT: Its exciting having this many brand new superstars at once, appear on a show, by the end of this match we are going to see who stands out and who is just average.

    JK: So its, Turne, Levitt & Darius against, Jones, Reaper and Cracko, I say lets get this thing underway.

    Scarfo Jones/Triple H, Jay Cracko/Randy Orton & The Reaper/Batista vs
    Van Darius/EDGE, Adrian Levitt/Shelton Benjamin & Luke Turne/Taijri

    stop at 13:03

    JK: Van Darius cleaning house here,

    *Van is squatted in the corner waiting for Cracko to turn around, he does, and Van charges across the ring only for Cracko to perform a highly athletic leap frog, Van spins around and Cracko hits a huge superkick to Van sending him through the second rope and down the the floor*

    *Luke Turne is back in and exchanges shots with Cracko, Turne gets the upperhand and then hits a huge kick to the side of the head of Cracko, Jones is back, but Turne hits him with a head kick as well, Turne delivers a double bulldog to both men, Turne covers Cracko*




    JK: Cracko showing some resiliency there.

    BT: some tremendous fighting spirit on display no doubt.

    *The match continues, Turne goes up top and signals he is going high risk, he goes waits for Jones to get back up and goes for a head scissors but Jones catches and while holding him in Styles clash position, Cracko hits a baseball slide to the face*

    JK: A Baseball slide from the baseball enthusiast, he might just have hit a home run.

    BT: I see what you did there JK and quite frankly it sucks.

    *Levitt is back and is taking it to both Cracko and Jones, he clotheslines Cracko over the top rope and turns around and runs straight through Jones with a clothesline then a back body drop, then a spinebuster, cover,*




    JK: And Levitt comes within a touching distance of claiming the win right there, Jones somehow managing to kick out.

    *The Reaper breaks it up, he hits some clobbing blows to the back of Adrian, then lifts him and hits a devastating sit out powerbomb*

    JK: The leg is hooked.




    *Van Darius back in to save the match just in time, Van Darius hits a trouble in paradise type move to The Reaper knocking him down, only to be attacked from behind by Scarfo Jones, who picks him up into a crucifix position and takes him over the top rope and sends him crashing through, A collection of bodies on the floor, Luke Turne and Jay Cracko*

    *Adrian Levitt is back and goes for a cutter on Jones but is pushed against the ropes and on the way back Levitt does hit the cutter on Jones*




    *Its broken up by Jay Cracko, Cracko pulls Levitt back to his feet, but Levitt retaliates, knocking Cracko down with a strong right hand, Levitt proceeds to clothesline The Reaper out to the floor, then delivers a clothesline to Jones knocking him down to the mat, Jones is straight back up and Levitt hits a cracking superkick to the almost certainly dislocated jaw or Jones*

    JK: That’s got to be it,





    JK: Some how Jay Cracko breaks it up.

    *The Reaper tries to slide back in but Van Darius & Luke Turne won’t let him they pull him back out by the ankles, Scarfo rolls to the outside and joins the four man mele, Van Darius breaks out of the mele goes to the apron and hits a springboard moonsault taking out Turne, Jones, Reaper and himself*

    *Levitt watches on but then all of a sudden Jay Cracko hits a low blow and follow up with the Walk off! finisher,cover*




    WINNERS: “The Prospect” Jay Cracko, The Reaper & Scarfo Jones

    JK: And its Jay Cracko who picks up the win for his team, such turbulent and exciting action right there.

    BT: Indeed, the TWE guys showing us just how much they want it.

    JK: Well I could see all 6 men advancing to the EWNCW Roster one day, they get things heated up here in the Warzone but coming up after the break, more Tag Team Action as the stars of Brutality take to the ring.

    *Cracko, Jones and Reaper celebrate atop of the ramp, Turne, Van and Punk console each other before standing to a round of applause from the audience.*

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    JK: Welcome back to EWNCW Warzone still to come tonight, Gillz will meet with Arthur Lansdale in the Main Event, Daymian Bloodstone will try to regain his focus in a clash with former Godmoney Muscle, Splattered Dreams. Not to mention EWNCW Volt but up next action from Brutality as Free from Poisen will take on The New Assault Program, in a non title match.

    #New Assault Program#

    The Following Contest is a Non Title match, scheduled for one fall, making their way to the ring, the team of Sean and Criz Dimensions, The New Assault Program!!!

    BT: Yes, New Assault Program are the Internet Champions, and I heard they are not in a great mood, over being omitted from the PPV card for Rise from the Ashes.

    JK: I doubt they’ll be too distraught not having to defend their titles…This ladies and gentleman not the first time we’ve seen NAP here on Warzone you’ll remember they defeated “Trollin’” a fare few weeks ago, albeit in a controversial manner.

    BT: Great champions do what needs to be done to get the win, JK!


    And their opponents, the team of Saiosyn and Aiden Cayne, Free from Poison!!!!!

    JK: The team of Saiosyn and Aiden Cayne make their way to the ring, a farely impressive team Bry?

    BT: Yeah, they are yet to have that breakout moment, but certainly an impressive unit, and again if, they could upset the champions it would certainly give them some momentum, over on Brutality.

    JK: Champions with a target on their back once more here on Warzone but its time, let’s get it on!

    New Assault Program (Criz Dimensions/Justin Credible & Sean Dimensions/Lance Storm) vs Free From Poisen (Saiosyn/Gedo & Aiden Cayne/Jado)

    Stop a 6:00

    JK: and the crowd is in awe that Sean Dimensions managed to kick out off that top rope powerbomb!.

    *Criz comes in and knocks Saiosyn with a double sledge, he turns around and Cayne hits a kick to the midsection and goes for a tornado DDT but Criz pushes him off, Cayne lands on his feet but then Criz runs right through him with a clothesline!*

    BT: Criz nearly took his head of there.

    *Saiosyn is back in and exchanges shots with Criz Dimesnsions, he whips the big man across the ring and hits a back heel kick, followed by a standing dropkick then a body slam all in quick succession.*

    JK: Impressive flurry of offense here, can he get, what could be a huge non title win, for his team.

    *Saiosyn signals that this one is over, he takes Criz into the corner and lifts him onto the second rope, there is a gasp of air as the crowd realize that Saiosyn is going for a piledriver off the second rope, but just as he is about to hit it, Sean Dimensions comes running along the apron and clubs Saiosyn on the back with the forearm, the referee pulls Sean away telling him to get back into his corner, meanwhile Criz hits a low blow to Saiosyn and follows up with an Alabama slam*

    JK: Oh now come on, not like this again, Criz tags in Sean who goes up top and hits a huge splash on Saisyn and goes for the cover.




    Winners: The New Assault Program.

    JK: Well once again it seems that all shortcuts can and will be taken by the new assault program, but a great fight by Free from Poison.

    BT: I’ll hand it to them, Free from Poison have some talent, but maybe they too should try to be a bit more ruthless to get ahead, it’s a dog eat dog world and those two men, Criz and Sean Dimensions just dusted off a plate of poodle.

    JK: and with that lovely image, lets take a break shall we, and dog lovers, I hope you’ll stay with us.

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    JK: Welcome back to EWNCW Warzone and it’s that time again, “EWNCW Volt!”.

    BT: For those of you not familiar with this segment we will take you back into the archives at EWNCW and show you a match from the past.

    JK: Bry and its only fitting that with the Godmoney reunion this past week on Rage that we take you back to see the team of TheBeardOfZeus and Rich Cranium, taking on their big time rivals, Matt Elder and Tai Night “The Force of Greatness”, and when EWNCW officials were looking for a big match for the debut episode of EWNCW Rage what better than two great teams, and the EWNCW World Tag Team Championships on the line.

    BT: So lets see it, Godmoney vs The Force of Greatness!!!
    CP: We are in full swing here tonight, this Arena is packed full of Wrestling fans and up next is something quite Special the 2 biggest teams in EWNCW face off for the titles

    CP: Here comes the Team of GodMoney Rich Cranium and his Partner The Beard of Zeus!!!!

    -Force of Greatness Music Plays as they walk down the Ramp-

    CP: And now the Former Champs Matt The Force Elder, Tai Night are THE FORCE of GREATNESS!!!!

    GodMoney vs The Force of Greatness

    winners and still EWNCW Tag Team Champions- Godmoney

    CP: What an Epic Match up between the two best team in the World but GodMoney Retain the Championships.

    -The Teams shake hands as we head to the Break-


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    #Daymian Bloodstone#

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall making his way to the ring, from Boulder, Nevada, “The Pint Size Rocker” Daymian Bloodstone!!!

    JK: Here comes Daymian Bloodstone the man who comes from Boulder, Nevada and these fans just seem elated to see him here.

    BT: A true fan favorite that’s for sure, and that’s got to have something to do with his high flying offense.

    JK: Oh I have to agree there Bry,

    #Splattered Dreams#
    And his opponent already in the ring, this is Splattered Dreams!!!

    JK: And the man that launched a thousand careers, Splattered Dreams a former member of the Godmoney faction alongside such names as TheBeardOfZeus, Rich Cranium and Bodom.

    BT: And the list of his allies is almost as impressive as his list of enemies, who would ever forget Gillz’ victory of Splattered Dreams on the first ever episode of Monday Night Rage, kick started Gillz’s rise to greatness here in EWNCW, Splattered is a tough challenge but if you can beat him it proves you heading somewhere.

    JK: I don’t think Bloodstone needs to prove anything the mans a former World Champion in his own right, but that being said, and he’ll admit it, he has been in a slump of late, all the more perpetuated by The Prophecy spending weeks antagonizing Bloodstone and his good friend Amazing.

    Daymian Bloodstone/Rey Mysterio vs Splattered Dreams/A-Train

    stop at 5:15

    JK: And Blodstone hits huge counter, c’mon Daymo, finish him!

    *Splattered Dreams get back to his feet and charges across the ring, Bloodstone counters into a hurricanrana, then a dropkick*

    BT: Dreams is in la la land, and this is Bloodstone’s chance to get back on track.

    *Daymian goes up top the crowd builds in anticipation, Bloodstone motions this one is over and it’s a pulse shocking, reverse 450 splash*

    *crowd starts chanting 450! 450! 450!*

    JK: The leg is hooked.




    Winner: Daymian Bloodstone.

    JK: And a big win for Daymian Bloodstone, and that has been overdue.

    BT: And it’s with that awe inspiring finish, that does it for him.

    JK: No doubt this former, Blacklist Champion, Grand Champion and Ignition Champion will be one to watch now that he is back on track, and you can’t help but feel its because he finally knows the identity of his stalker.

    BT: Indeed, but I wonder what Daymian will have to say this week on Rage, I’ve heard their both going to be in attendance, Andy Amazing also.

    JK: It will be a combustable situation on this week’s rage, but there will be more combustable action, the Main Event is after the break, Lansdale vs Gillz right here on Warzone.

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    JK: We are back and it’s almost time for this week’s Main Event, but Bry, who could forget the effort we saw last week from one half of the EWNCW Blacklist Champions William Carlin facing off against “The Archangel” Kayden James.

    BT: an epic encounter, fraught with nearfalls and high spots, back and forth, but in its simplest form forgetting all the talking that went before it, it was a exhibition of wrestling at it’s finest.

    Quote Originally Posted by EWNCW Warzone View Post
    You can view all the action from last week's show by clicking here ^^^


    The following contest is the Main Event of the evening and is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Glasgow, Scotland, This is former EWNCW Champion and EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, GILLZ!!!

    JK: The mighty Gillz is back, Bry.

    BT: Yeah and although he wasn’t the most adored guy, certainly in the eyes of the fans, everyone seems to be happy to see this guy back.

    JK: A tremendously talented individual, and I think the fans were excited to be there, the night that, that man returned to EWNCW, I am sure they didn’t mind seeing that bully, Nightmare, getting his ass kicked.

    #Arthur Lansdale#

    And his opponent from Manchester England, this is Arthur Lansdale!!!

    JK: And the cocky, arrogant, confidence has disappeared over the last few weeks, with Lansdale being haunted by “RR”, but on a night where we have seen Daymian Bloodstone get back on track, surely Lansdale could do the same here.

    BT: Indeed and who better to do it against, a win here would catapault into the area’s he has talked about but not yet delivered.

    Gillz/RVD vs Arthur Lansdale/William Regal

    Stop at 7:50

    BT: And Gillz might be folded in two after that brutal move from Arthur Lansdale.

    JK: A clever competitor but also a vicious competitor is this Lansdale.

    *Lansdale stalks Gillz and goes for the Lansdale Lockdown but Gillz slips out and hits a picture perfect pele kick to the head of Lansdale.*

    JK: Lansdale is in big trouble now, Gillz is on fire.

    *Gillz hits Lansdale with a sitout Jaw breaker, followed by a springboard forearm smash and then an Enziguri, the crowd applauds Gillz as he signals it’s time to put this one to bed.*

    JK: The end may be near.

    *Gillz hits Lansdale with a boot to the midsection then lifts him into a powerbomb position and hits a spinning powerbomb!*

    JK: The move known as the G-Crusher!

    BT: And that is all she wrote.




    Winner: Gillz

    JK: A superheated main event here, if you want my honest openion I don’t think Lansdale’s head was in this one, perhaps unlike Bloodstone earlier on tonight, his mystery is still haunting him, what is ”RR” and why is Lansdale so bothered by it.

    BT: Gillz has an impressive outing tonight, the only man to hold both the World Heavyweight and EWNCW Championships, Gillz has got to have his eyes set on regaining some gold, especially if he’s in that kind of form.

    JK: Well that is all we have time for on this addition of EWNCW Warzone, we look forward to Rise from the Ashes, but for now, I am Josh King, and from Bryan Thomas thank you for braving the Warzone!!!

    *Camera’s fade to black as Gillz celebrates atop of the ramp, Lansdale sits dejectedly in the ring.*

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    # #
    Josh King: Ladies and Gentleman welcome to this sold out arena in Pasadena, California. Welcome to EWNCW Warzone, my name is Josh King and alongside me as always, Mr Bryan Thomas.

    Bryan Thomas: They call me “the Bry-man” and tonight Josh, these wrestling fans are in for some incredible action, tell them what is on deck.

    JK: Well we are fresh off an exciting Rise from the Ashes PPV, We have a new EWNCW Champion in Tommy Thunder, also, Jesting Madness defeated Shadow of Madness in, sickening, Gates of Hell Match.

    BT: Well that really was twisted insanity.

    JK: and Tonight we keep the action going, although I’d hope there will be less burned flesh.

    BT: JK this is EWNCW so you never know.

    JK: You’re right Bry, but coming up tonight, in a TWE showcase match Adrian Leavitt will take on Jay Cracko, this stemming from the six man tag team match on the last addition of Warzone. Hanz Gruber will take on TJ Rage. The Crimson Samurais will face off with Mixed Emotions, who picked up a big win over The Bloodstone Empire at Rise from the Ashes. And in there will be a second dose of Tag Team action as the Main Event will feature Rob Rage teaming with Andy Cannon to take on the combination of Arthur Lansdale and “Mr Mayhem” Mike Hawk.

    JK: And we kick off tonight’s action with TWE showcase, you’ll recall it was last time out on Warzone that, Jay Cracko, The Reaper and Scarfo Jones defeated Adrian Levitt, Van Darius and Luke Turne.

    BT: That’s right and if you’re looking for exciting action, the TWE showcase is the place to see, everyone is just dying to impress in this match.

    #Adrian Leavitt#
    Jason McManus: Ladies and Gentleman this is your opening contest of the evening and is scheduled for one fall introducing first, from Honululu, Hawaii, Adrian Leavitt!!!

    JK: Adrian Leavitt is going to facer of with “The Prospect” Jay Cracko, and he is interested in getting some revenge, after that tag team match.

    BT: This Island nobody, is simply jealous that a baseball athelete could get the better of himl.

    JK: I don’t believe that for a moment, he expects alot of himself, he’d be disappointed he didn’t pick up the win there.

    #”The Prospect” Jay Cracko#
    JMcM: and his opponent from Upstate New York, “The Prospect” Jay Cracko!!!!!!

    JK: Bry, please don’t tell me you like this guy he goes against everything we stand for.

    BT: Listen I maybe a wrestling fan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t accept that Cracko is an incredible athelete who is using wrestling as a springboard into professional baseball.

    JK: Poppycock!

    Adrian Levitt/Matt Hardy vs “The Prospect” Jay Cracko/Mr Kennedy

    stop at 8:30

    JK: Cracko thought he’d won the match, he started celebrating, but the referee pointing out the foot was on the bottom rope.

    BT: C’mon Cracko focus you can pick up a second consecutive win on EWNCW Television if you just put Leavitt away here.

    *Cracko picks Leavitt back up, and goes for a spinning neckbreaker, but Leavitt pushes Cracko away, Cracko charges back at Leavitt but Adrian hits a drop toe hold, quickly he applies the stepover toe facehold*

    JK: STF applied a good counter and a quick thinking transition into this submission move.

    *Cracko tries desperately to army crawl his way to the ropes.*

    BT: Getting to the ropes will not be easy with his neck and legs contorted and the entire body weight of Adrian Leavitt on his back.

    *Cracko does manage to get to the ropes forcing the break, Leavitt goes back to try and get his hands on Cracko, but as Cracko is still on the ropes, the referee is obliged to step in and allow Cracko to come off the ropes, Cracko eventually hits a dropkick to the knee off Leavitt, Cracko charges off against the ropes and goes for a DDT, but Leavitt explodes off one knee and hits a powerful spinebuster.*

    JK: And the leg is hooked.



    2.85938934 NO!

    JK: Man what a spinebuster, it damn near shook the entire arena, but Cracko with the resolve to kick out.

    *Leavitt pulls Cracko back to his feet and goes for an RKO, but Cracko pushes him off, Cracko goes for a clothesline but Leavitt ducks and hits a codebreaker instead*

    JK: Out of nowhere, Leavitt hits an The Pacific Crash.

    BT: OK I was impressed with how, Leavitt went for the Island Cutter, but when Cracko countered he was versatile enough to hit his second finisher as well.

    *Leavitt rolls into the cover*




    WINNER: Adrian Leavitt.

    JK: Leavitt wins!

    BT: OK, Leavitt gets a measure of revenge and in the process must have impressed EWNCW management.

    JK: got to have done. With the new Talent initiative in place, TWE talents have more chance than ever to make the big time, and shining here on Warzone is the PERFECT way to do so.

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    Jason McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and introducing first from EWNCW Brutality, the team of Pride and Sorrow, Mixed Emotions!!!!!!!!!!

    JK: Some of the hottest property on Brutality, they are coming off a tremendously hard fought Iron Man Tag Team match with The Bloodstone Empire at Rise from the Ashes.

    BT: Indeed an impressive team, that got that big PPV win, I for one wouldn’t be surprised to see them in a title picture very

    JMcM: And their opponents, The team of Yuji Otani & Takashi Ito, The Crimson Samurais!!!!!!

    JK: The young Japanese team that have been involved a few times here on EWNCW Warzone, a young team, but every time we see them they improve.

    BT: Yeah but, every time we see them they lose!

    JK: You know its a time honoured tradition that the youngsters in Japan have to clean the dojo and carry the veterans bags until their trainer thinks they’re ready then he sends them away to America, Canada, Mexico or Europe and they gain some experience then upon their return they are accepted as professional wrestlers, Otani and Ito are doing more than trying to earn a living, they are trying to prove themselves in the hope of becoming huge Japanese stars.

    BT: Cool story bro, changed my life.

    Mixed Emotions (Sorrow/Jamie Noble & Pride/Chavo Guerrero) vs Crimson Samurais (Yuji Otani/Bret Major and Takashi Ito/Brian Major)

    stop at 8:25

    *Yuji Otani climbs to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick to Pride!*

    JK: He goes for the cover.




    *Sorrow comes back in from the outside to break up the pin cover. Takashi Ito comes back in and exchanges the shots with Sorrow, Sorrow gets the upper hand and sets Ito up for a vertical suplex, but Ito kicks his way back down to his feet, where Otani comes in and the Samurais hit a double suplex on Sorrow.*

    BT: As much as I hate to admit it Crimson Samurais could be closing in on a victory here.

    *Sorrow is back to his feet and Ito and Otani sandwich him with a kick to the chest and a kick to the back, as Sorrow falls to his knees they attempt a double kick to the head, but Sorrow ducks causing the young Japanese Tag Team to kick each other in the shins.*

    JK: Ouch, perhaps a rookie error there.

    BT: Time for Mixed Emotions to capitalize

    *Pride comes in and throws Ito threw the ropes and down to the floor, Pride knocks down Otani with a clothesline*

    JK: Nasty clothesline, now Otani has got to be on dream street.

    *Pride and Sorrow plant Otani with a powerbomb-neckbreaker combination, Pride stacks Otani into a pinfall while Sorrow stands over them as the referee counts*




    WINNERS: Mixed Emotions

    JK: And the win goes to Mixed Emotions.

    BT: What did I say JK?, Mixed Emotions are awesome, they squashed those Japanese punks, you know, Crimson Samurais should head to the back and carry Mixed Emotions bags to the parking lot.

    JK: I don’t think that’s at all fair another great showing for the Crimson Samurais I can see a break through coming soon for the talented two from the orient.

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    JMcM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Germany, Hanz Gruber!!!! And his opponent already in the ring from Copenhagen, Denmark, TJ RAGE!

    JK: Hanz Gruber, played a big part in the Rage Igntion Championship match at Rise from the Ashes, before the match, when I thought he would be added to the match instead Cleverly throws the swerve and makes Gruber the referee.

    BT: I thought this Gruber was on the right path, I mean a few weeks ago he and Shaz were getting along fine, but this idiot, decides to damn near cost Shaz his championship, Stupid!

    JK: He never did anything of the sort, he simply decided not to let, a high profile championship match, end on a count-out.

    BT: He’s up against the Great Dane, TJ Rage, let’s hope TJ can pull out a big wi...Oh I just can’t do it, I know Hanz is going to destroy this Danish Pastry!

    JK: Well you do have some very bad insults, but calling someone a Danish Pastry has to be an all-time low.

    Hanz Gruber/Chris Jericho vs TJ Rage/Lance Storm

    Stop at 8:35

    JK: My what a near fall for Hanz Gruber.

    BT: Terrific suplex, driving TJ Rage full force on his head.

    *Hanz stalks Rage as he gets back to his feet, Hanz hits a kick to the gut and a DDT, hit with such snap and precision that Rage remained vertically on his head for a few moments before falling to the mat in a heap*

    BT: My god look at that, a thing of painful beauty.

    *Gruber shoots TJ Rage into the corner and connects with the stinger splash as TJ falls out of the corner Hanz connects with a superkick*

    JK: That must be all she wrote.




    WINNER: Hanz Gruber!

    BT: YES! I never doubted you Gruber, good job man, oh I love Gruber, Isn’t he great JK!?

    JK: While my colleague performs a better u-turn than an EWNCW superstar trying to secure a parking space...I feel I should confirm, a good win for Gruber here tonight, but I am sure his eyes will be set on the War Games and getting an EWNCW Ignition Championship shot, whether it be Rage or Inferno.

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    JK: It is now time for EWNCW Volt, where we take a look back into EWNCW history and bring you some of important and exciting action that has led EWNCW to being the biggest fed in the world today.

    BT: No Joke, I love the Volt segment we’ve seen the the very first Inferno Match, we’ve seen Godmoney in action, Tommy Thunder’s debut, and it has been brilliant to see it all again.

    JK: Tonight, we’ve got a double, not only are we going to witness, now EWNCW Commentator Bodom, recruit the young combination of TBOZ and Rich Cranium into his Godmoney faction we are also going to see the in ring debut of one Billy McCoy.

    BT: Sounds great when did this take place.

    JK: It was at the first ever EWNCW PPV, Pain for Treasure I, and the opening match was TheBeardOfZeus teaming with Rich Cranium to take on a man named Justin Laurenzi and a young, green, Billy McCoy.

    Pyro hits all around the ramp as the intro to the first ever EWNCW PPV comes alive!!!

    BD: We welcome you to PAIN FOR TREASURE!!! Our first ever PPV event and tonight we will see 2 first time champs crowned!

    BD: Who's this.... this isnt what we expected tonight???

    Bodom slowly and calmly makes his way from behind the curtain no music, sharply dressed in a suit with at least a 1 thousand dollar price tag! The crowd dont know how to take this...?!?

    "I am Bodom... Ive been around for a while, in the background... taking my time to build up to this moment... taking my notes... giving the locker room a good look over... and I think ive made up my mind...!" (cm) made his mind up on what..?

    "Ill continue... see what need round here is a team... a group of guys to get things done... we need what every half arsed company needs... a good old fashioned....STABLE!!! Im looking for people who can fight, love... create... carnage!!! The first guys ive got my eye on WILL have match up tonight and this match is gonna happen right now!!! Ive hand picked the opponents for what I see as a challenge.... Hit the damn music!!!"
    Justin Laurenzi comes out in his 6ft6 240 pound frame followed by a mountain of a man Billy McCoy! This will be the first time these guys have ever tagged together... and also this will be our first glimpse of Big Billy McCoy!!!

    BD: But who are there opponents who has Bodom picked to try out for his stable...

    GodMoney!!! Rich Cranium and TheBeardofZeus make there way down the ramp with looks of satisfaction and confidence that you would expect to see from these guys...

    RC has mic in hand as he keeps his distance from the big guys inside the ring....

    "Im gonna keep this short and sweet.... Bodom... youve seen fit to give us this opportunity and damn were gonna take it!!!" Thats it what a hard fought brawl RC and Zues take the win...

    Bodom removes himself from his seat rings side and enters the ring....."Well done boys... your in!!!" He shakes a visibly excited RC/Zeus's hands to welcome them into his new "team"....!

    (cm) so we see Bodom's first 2 entrants into the new stable and ive got a feeling that wont be all!

    JK: There you go Bry, how little they must of known, that three of those men would be so prominent in the company, I know for a fact that after that match Billy McCoy disappeared for awhile and turned up months later and attacked The Heartbreaker.

    BT: Indeed, it’s a great example of how EWNCW has grown and the people who have built it along the way. Also its interesting to note, that later on that night, Tommy Thunder would capture the Forum Championship (later to become the Ignition Championship) and become the companies first ever champion and well look where he is today.

    JK: Indeed, the means Billy McCoy, TheBeardOfZeus and Tommy Thunder were the only people to appear at Rise from the Ashes who were on the very first card.

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    Jason McManus: Ladies and Gentleman, this is your Main Event of the evening, and is scheduled for one fall, introducing first the team of Rob Rage and Andy Cannon!!!

    JK: And as we see Rob Rage and Andy Cannon make their way down the ramp, as far as my knowledge goes, this is the first paring of these two.

    BT: Yep, I think it is there first paring, Rob hasn’t long been in EWNCW, so I am not sure how much these two have interacted at all.

    JMcM: And their opponents introducing first Arthur Lansdale.

    JK: Where as up until recently Mike Hawk and Arthur Lansdale where in a faction together, they practically lived together.

    BT: But think about it was down to Rob Rage, that Arthur Lansdale no longer has that strong group around him, the word is that there has been some tension between Hawk and Lansdale, but as you can see, No Ravensdale and No Richards here tonight, the faction appears to have disbanded.

    JMcM: And his partner from Tokyo Japan, “Mr Mayhem” Mike Hawk!!!

    JK: Mike Hawk with a lot to prove coming off a loss to Andy Cannon at the PPV.

    BT: Well, Mike Hawk claimed he was over losing to Andy Cannon, but you’ve got to believe its in the back of his mind, somewhere.

    JK: I think it’s interesting, the team of Cannon and Rage come out together despite having never teamed before where as, Mike Hawk and Lansdale they enter separately.

    BT: Well time will tell, let’s get down to the Main Event match

    Rob Rage/Chris Jericho & Andy Cannon/Chris Beniot vs Arthur Lansdale/Christian & Mike Hawk/Tyson Tomko
    stop at 11:05

    JK: Rob Rage on fire here.

    *Hawk stumbles back to his feet and Rage hits an exploder suplex!*

    JK: Shoulders are down

    BT: C’mon Hawk kick out!





    *Arthur Lansdale breaks up the cover, he hits Rage with some clubbing blows the back, before picking him up and whipping him into the corner, Lansdale prepares to Irish Whip Rage out of the corner, but Rage turns it round whips Lansdale right into a big boot from Andy Cannon*

    *Cannon and Rage rile the crowd*

    JK: The team of Rage and Cannon might be closing in on victory here tonight.

    *Cannon sets Lansdale up for a cradle shock, but Mike Hawk comes back in and hits Rob Rage from behind and then kicks Cannon in the gut, Cannon puts Lansdale down, Lansdale quickly hits a fishermen’s suplex!*




    *This time its broken up by Rob Rage, Hawk tries to hit Rage, but Rage blocks the strike and returns a left of his own, then a right, Rage proceeds to clothesline Hawk over the top rope and down to the floor, Rage follows him to the outside and throws Hawk into a guardrail*

    JK: Rob Rage might be about to exhibit some VIOLENCE!

    BT: He can do that, this isn’t some hardcore bingo hall promotion!

    *Rob pulls up the ring mat and suplexes Hawk onto the concrete*

    JK: He can and will!

    *Hawk gets back on the apron and signals that his is going to hit a leg drop on Hawk, until Lansdale comes up from behind and grabs Rage in a headlock and begins to choke him out, that is until Rob hits a cutter, to break the hold and guillotine Lansdales throat into the top rope, Lansdale stumbles backwards toward the centre of the ring where Cannon spins him around and delivers a Cradle Shock!!!*

    JK: Big time cradle shock, Lansdale in trouble, oh my, watch Rob!

    BT: What incomprehensible move!

    *Rob Rage hits a leg drop onto Mike Hawk.*

    JK: Cannon has the cover!



    BT: Kick out, PLEASE, Lansdale!


    WINNERS: Rob Rage & Andy Cannon

    JK: And it’s Rage and Cannon that celebrate, a huge win, and a big win for Cannon as he pins Arthur Lansdale!

    BT: Damn it, Damn it, DAMN IT!!!

    JK: While my partner fumes, I will thank you for braving the Warzone this week and on behalf of myself, Josh King and my broadcast partner, Bryan Thomas, Thank you for braving the Warzone.

    BT: DAMN IT!!!!!!!!


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