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    EWNCW Warzone

    JK: Ladies and Gentleman, we welcome you to EWNCW Warzone, I am Josh King and as always my partner Bryan Thomas is beside me, and we are fresh off a great episode last week.

    BT: “Well they call me the Bry-Man” and damn your right Josh it was one week ago, that Kayden James made his debut, for those who missed it you really did miss something special.

    JK: But it wasn’t just that TWE Owner Marik Sheehan showed up and announced that going forward we will have a TWE showcase match each and every week here on Warzone, plus great action, Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr beating The Surgeon General, The Bloodstone Empire walking out victorius over The Dog’s of War, Seth Farrell got the win over Harley McCartney and like we said Kayden James getting the win over William Carlin, it was truly outstanding action.

    BT: But JK, tough act to follow but we are going to try and top again this week, so what’s on deck?

    JK: You know Bry I am glad you asked…The stars of TWE will make their debut, Six TWE stars here tonight, for a big Six Man Tag Team Match. From Brutality we will see Free from Poisen take on The New Assault Program, Plus Daymain Bloodstone will take on Splatered Dreams and in the Main Event, Gillz will take on Arthur Lansdale in the Main Event.


    *The overdrive theme plays, Josh King has left the announce table and is standing in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand*

    JK: Ladies and Gentleman, May I have your attention please. Its time for the very first TWE showcase on EWNCW Warzone! We are about to see 6 competitors from Titan Wrestling Entertainment come out, each with have no more than 30 words to introduce themselves to you the EWNCW audience they will then participate in a six man tag team match.

    The Overdrive Theme plays again#

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, Luke Turne!!!

    Luke Turne: Warzone... I'm the energetic Englishman, the Cornish Wizard, Luke Turne! I may be on your side, but I'm not going to kiss anyone's ass though, I'm going to kick it.

    And his Tag Team Partner, Adrian Levitt!!!!

    Adrian: Hello folks, for those of you unaware, I am Adrian Leavitt. A Former Division 1 Champion, and future World Champion! Anyone who gets in my way will get beat!

    And finally their Partner, Van Darius!!!

    Darius: My name is Van Darius and I've come to do three things ... Kick ass, take names ... And win the gold. That's a promise I am willing to keep.

    And their opponents, introducing first Scarfo Jones!!!!

    ScarFo Jonez: **top of the stage Enters on a motorcycle with TWE on the plates**

    *Enter the Ring and spits on the outside*
    Off mic:hand me a mic!!!

    *taps it* ScaRFO!.. Dats What You know Now.where I come From..The BiG House..

    WaRZone sound bout Right, Jonez is makin everything his.they ask..Who did it?


    And his Tag Team Partner The Reaper!!!!

    The Reaper:
    I’m the Reaper of the damned; I claim souls from my adversaries. I’m the pale rider, angel of death, I swing my scythe at TWE/EWNCW, may god mercy you!

    And finally their Tag Team Partner, “The Prospect” Jay Cracko!!!

    Jay Cracko: The only REAL athlete in professional wrestling. Once I get my professional baseball contact, I am leaving these over oiled, tanned, and speedo-wearing freaks. Get at me.

    *JK has returned to the desk*

    JK: Well Bry what do you make of that lot.

    BT: Its exciting having this many brand new superstars at once, appear on a show, by the end of this match we are going to see who stands out and who is just average.

    JK: So its, Turne, Levitt & Darius against, Jones, Reaper and Cracko, I say lets get this thing underway.

    Scarfo Jones/Triple H, Jay Cracko/Randy Orton & The Reaper/Batista vs
    Van Darius/EDGE, Adrian Levitt/Shelton Benjamin & Luke Turne/Taijri

    stop at 13:03

    JK: Van Darius cleaning house here,

    *Van is squatted in the corner waiting for Cracko to turn around, he does, and Van charges across the ring only for Cracko to perform a highly athletic leap frog, Van spins around and Cracko hits a huge superkick to Van sending him through the second rope and down the the floor*

    *Luke Turne is back in and exchanges shots with Cracko, Turne gets the upperhand and then hits a huge kick to the side of the head of Cracko, Jones is back, but Turne hits him with a head kick as well, Turne delivers a double bulldog to both men, Turne covers Cracko*




    JK: Cracko showing some resiliency there.

    BT: some tremendous fighting spirit on display no doubt.

    *The match continues, Turne goes up top and signals he is going high risk, he goes waits for Jones to get back up and goes for a head scissors but Jones catches and while holding him in Styles clash position, Cracko hits a baseball slide to the face*

    JK: A Baseball slide from the baseball enthusiast, he might just have hit a home run.

    BT: I see what you did there JK and quite frankly it sucks.

    *Levitt is back and is taking it to both Cracko and Jones, he clotheslines Cracko over the top rope and turns around and runs straight through Jones with a clothesline then a back body drop, then a spinebuster, cover,*




    JK: And Levitt comes within a touching distance of claiming the win right there, Jones somehow managing to kick out.

    *The Reaper breaks it up, he hits some clobbing blows to the back of Adrian, then lifts him and hits a devastating sit out powerbomb*

    JK: The leg is hooked.




    *Van Darius back in to save the match just in time, Van Darius hits a trouble in paradise type move to The Reaper knocking him down, only to be attacked from behind by Scarfo Jones, who picks him up into a crucifix position and takes him over the top rope and sends him crashing through, A collection of bodies on the floor, Luke Turne and Jay Cracko*

    *Adrian Levitt is back and goes for a cutter on Jones but is pushed against the ropes and on the way back Levitt does hit the cutter on Jones*




    *Its broken up by Jay Cracko, Cracko pulls Levitt back to his feet, but Levitt retaliates, knocking Cracko down with a strong right hand, Levitt proceeds to clothesline The Reaper out to the floor, then delivers a clothesline to Jones knocking him down to the mat, Jones is straight back up and Levitt hits a cracking superkick to the almost certainly dislocated jaw or Jones*

    JK: That’s got to be it,





    JK: Some how Jay Cracko breaks it up.

    *The Reaper tries to slide back in but Van Darius & Luke Turne won’t let him they pull him back out by the ankles, Scarfo rolls to the outside and joins the four man mele, Van Darius breaks out of the mele goes to the apron and hits a springboard moonsault taking out Turne, Jones, Reaper and himself*

    *Levitt watches on but then all of a sudden Jay Cracko hits a low blow and follow up with the Walk off! finisher,cover*




    WINNERS: “The Prospect” Jay Cracko, The Reaper & Scarfo Jones

    JK: And its Jay Cracko who picks up the win for his team, such turbulent and exciting action right there.

    BT: Indeed, the TWE guys showing us just how much they want it.

    JK: Well I could see all 6 men advancing to the EWNCW Roster one day, they get things heated up here in the Warzone but coming up after the break, more Tag Team Action as the stars of Brutality take to the ring.

    *Cracko, Jones and Reaper celebrate atop of the ramp, Turne, Van and Punk console each other before standing to a round of applause from the audience.*


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