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    Great job on the WWE's part for finally making reigns long once in a while. Hopefully Rhodes goes on to beat HTM's IC title record, and moves onto the main event when it's not crowded. I think Beth would have lost the title a while back if they were gonna have a WM match for the Divas title i.e. Natalya or Kelly would have been champion by now. But they kept it on her to promote her as the Divas champion going into that awful Wrestlemania tagteam match.
    Punk is doing great with the title. Hes been the most entertaining champion in years.
    Primo and Epico haven't held the titles long, but they've been defending it very often, which is always good to see. But I wish there were storylines behind the feuds
    Can't judge Santino since he hasn't held the title for long. He had a good steel cage match last week on Smackdown though!
    Bryan is a great champion, even though he wins all his matches not cleanly. Hes proven that hes a great wrestler, as seen in his matches with CM Punk.

    Bobby Roode is doing well as champion. Hes good on the mic, and always entertaining to watch in the ring.
    Haven't seen Robbie E in a while, and hes a joke.
    KOs title. It's alright, but kinda stupid that they put the title on Gail Kim so early.
    KOs tag - pointless that they put another title on Kim. It's barely been defended in the past. They should get rid of it.
    Aries has been doing fantastic! Hes a great promo cutter, and even better in the ring, always defending his title in awesome matches.

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    It is great to see longer reigns, but that is only half the battle. The titles need to be defended more, if you look back to Miz's US title reigns, he held it for somewhere around 10 months between the 2 (I believe) and had succesfully defended it twice..that didn't help the title in any way. Santino has done half that in 11 days
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blinker View Post
    We all loved to complain about the length of the title reigns, me included. I started to think about the current title reigns, so I looked up the information. Here you go:

    - CM Punk - 20/11/11 - 117 days

    WHC - Daniel Bryan - 18/12/11 - 89 days

    IC - Cody Rhodes - 12/8/11 - 217 days

    US - Santino Marella - 5/3/12 - 11 days

    Tag - Primo & Epico - 15/1/12 - 61 days

    Diva - Beth Phoenix - 2/10/11 - 166 days

    Now I'm not saying all the current title reigns are long (US, Tag), but the rest are looking great. Rhodes has held the title for 2/3rds of a year. I'm glad to see champions that hold the belts for some time. I hope this trend continues. Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with longer title reigns or maybe about some people holding longer/shorter than needed.
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    The reason that title reigns were so short in the beginning was the Monday Night Wars. They felt a title change would give them a boost in ratings and try to do that as many times as they could. I've been in an argument who thought the Rock was better than Shawn Michaels because he won more titles, despite the fact if you add them up still comes up short.

    Glad to see longer reigns more often, though I have a feeling people will complain about that. Also, while Cody hasn't defended much, HTM didn't do much defending as well when he did his record.

    June 2, 1987: The Honky Tonk Man defeated Ricky Steamboat for the WWF Intercontinental title..

    ~~~Honky was a replacement for "The Natural" Butch Reed who was scheduled to win the gold..
    November 26, 1987--Survivor Series: Honky Tonk Man man was on the losing team which lost to Randy Savage's team.

    ~~~Savage's Team = Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts, Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Brutus Beefcake..

    ~~~Honky Tonk's Team = The Honky Tonk Man, King Harley Race, Hercules, Outlaw Ron Bass & Danny Davis..

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts were the surviving members of their team..

    February 5, 1988--Saturday Night's Main Event: Randy Savage defeated WWF IC champion Honky Tonk Man by Countout .

    March 27, 1988--WrestleMania 4: Brutus Beefcake defeated IC champion Honky Tonk Man w/Jimmy Hart & Peggy Sue by DQ .

    July 31, 1988--Wrestlefest: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan defeated WWF Intercontinental champion Honky Tonk Man by DQ.

    Summerslam 1988: The Ultimate Warrior defeated The Honky Tonk Man to win the Intercontinental title..

    ~~~This ended an unpresidented 14-month reign as champion for the HTM..

    I think it's time for it to be broken and Cody would be a great choice to do so.

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    whats the point in rhodes holding the title if he never defends it!

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    I hope they let Rhodes keep the title for awhile, but I can't remember a good title defense of him lately, I mean he had very good matches with his run but no one with the title on the line

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    I realised the reigns were all longer the other day while watching ROH Summer of Punk. It's good that there are longer reigns but also that the belts are on worthy champions too. Even Santino deserves a title run and to his, and WWE's, credit they've not made his defences too jokey.
    I would like to see the 30 day rule applied more strictly across the board though. WWE and TNA have used it as a reason to strip titles before so I'd like to see every belt defended at once every 30 days. It's easy enough to make Raw or Smackdown's main event and IC or US championship match. Also, TNA's TV title needs to be defended on TV! The X division belt gets defended more often!

    I'd really like to see Rhodes beat HTM's record and for WWE to make a storyline of it making his title defences tougher and more frequent as the record get close. I'm not sure I'd give him the WHC yet so the IC record would be a good alternative.

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