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    I was reminded of Mr. Perfects famous face turn and it got me thinking that something similar could be on the cards with The Miz.

    With Miz missing out on his chance to join Team Laurinitus, yet desperate to be a part of mania, could he eventually accept a Teddy offer to join Team Long, becoming a reluctant hero in the process?

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    poole never heard of it? neither have i
    i thought that and it could work but only if team long winsand miz himself gets the fall but i see team laurinitus winning all day long teddy has been a gm for like 8 years and smackdown needs a change of authority figure

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    for some reasson I don't see one GM for both brands actually happening anyway, at least not for very long.

    but like LMPunker said, Miz would have to get the pin himself, but there's no way I see Long winning

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    I could see this happening and I see Lauranitus winning. Then he will be GM of both for a few months and the McMahons come in to take over. Vince on Raw and Steph on Smackdown.

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    I have a feeling Long will lose, since hes like 67, and should be near retirement soon. Laurinaitus still has some years left in him, and I see him running both shows for a while. But he won't exercise as much control over Smackdown as he does over Raw. As for The Miz, it's said that hes going to play a part in Rocky vs Cena, so not sure if he'll be on either team Long or Laurinaitus.

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    I could see them doing something here that results in a stalemate and drag it out until Summerslam.


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