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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingstrem View Post
    Strem: your mom isn't a bitch, she is a filthy mange mutt and you are one in the same, you know, for a man who comes from wealth sure is showing characteristics of a fucking theif
    Jameson: you kiss your mother with that mouth? I see you're angry King. Is it because you know your title reign is about to come to a abrupt stop at Mount Jameson? Which reminds me. You may want to bring a parachute to Threat of the Net. One error in your ways makes for a long way down and a big crash on humble ground when you attempt this mountain.
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapphoman View Post
    Jameson: you kiss your mother with that mouth? I see you're angry King. Is it because you know your title reign is about to come to a abrupt stop at Mount Jameson? Which reminds me. You may want to bring a parachute to Threat of the Net. One error in your ways makes for a long way down and a big crash on humble ground when you attempt this mountain.
    Strem: Mountain? more like a dirt pile. You are weak, you look big but easy to break down. My reign dies the day I die Luke, and you can't kill me. No one can kill me, so why are you bothering?

    "Ship Is It"

    "Bow down to your god, and ALL HAIL THE KING"

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    Just sent my promo on. I hope it's as good as I think it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBlood View Post
    Thanks for the compliments so far on the Sasha promo btw brothas, I put some thought and effort into it and thought it would turned out good.
    Good? I thought it was great. I'm gonna have to make her more of a badass in the feds I control her in now lol. And Yes, I've read both shows and instead of giving a proper review on both- I thought all the matches were very well written as were pretty much all the promos. After reading two efed PPVs, these two EWNCW shows and rereading the last JBW WARfare and writing matches I just don't have it in me to give a proper review. Don't feel bad- I rarely give a proper review for any efed

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    as far as the first bolded bit, if that is the case, then why are you the one posting Rage? Correct me if I am wrong, but by the time you start posting the show you should have all of it, yeah? So, in theory any EWNCW creative member with the time could post the show? Again, this is just what I see from my limited viewpoint, maybe there is some obvious reason I can't see as to why that wouldn't work.
    I post the show because I proof read everything before posting it. There's ALWAYS things that I change as I'm posting the show because they're wrong, formatted incorrectly amongst other things. Plus, I don't want to bestow the pressure of posting a show on Grind because he's stressed enough as it is with things. And no offense to TTC, but I don't think he's responsible enough to post a show given his track record.

    As far as the second? That raises 2 questions. 1. why post a show you don't have ready to post, and 2. who the hell needs more than a week to get a promo in? This is an ongoing thing, so are there always promos missing? Are they from the same guys? Is there a way to skip those missing bits, post the show, and tell the people that didn't get their shit on time "Tough titties?"
    Because I was expecting the main event that Grind was writing (haven't a clue why he hadn't written it before hand) to be in by the time I was ending the show. As it turned out, it didn't come in. As it turns out, the whole show was posted within a timeframe of 24 hours, so I don't think it's al that bad.

    I agree. If you can't do a promo in a week, then you may as well give up. Some have learnt that the hard way this week between both shows, and a few in the past have learnt this the hard way. One guy even threw a tantrum on us because he felt we were being unfair on him asking him to do promos within set timeframes (one week).
    As to who doesn't get promos in on time etc, then I won't name names, but it does tend to usually be a select few that are late each time.

    Again, I want to be very clear that I am not trying to pick at y'all in the slightest, rather I am attempting to offer the only real useful form of feedback I have for Rage. The best way I think y'all can improve. Your show quality is a constant, and has been for some time, you guys constantly produce great shows, but at the end of the day I think that delay is killing Rage more than anything else.
    I know, I'm grateful that you care so much man. If everyone cared as much as you evidently do here then we'd be in a good place. We're doing all we can to cut the delay. And while late promos isn't the only factor, right now, it's one of the biggest factors as to why things are so untimely.

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    Good that we had this out
    that being said, It's Asher's nap time

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    Favorite Moment: By far- the GodMoney reunion. It was absolutely fantastic bring them back, and iit was also the perfect time to bring them back for one more round.

    Best Match: Best match, has to be the main event. I enjoyed reading it, and it was better than what a main show main event should be. It was fucking awesome shit.

    Best Promo:
    I'll have to go for the Ignition promo with the highlight being Kyojin all the way. It was also a great multi-man promo, and it was nice and short- as most multi-men promo are usually massive. I liked the whole bit with every man including Bull targeting Elder as it makes Elder look a good threat and it also makes him look as if he's made an impact with his singles debut.

    Best Piece of Booking:
    The first option for Flash/VHX at Threat of the Net being announced as none other than a Falls Count Anywhere Match. A nice touch to show that the Ignition Division is just as important as the others- and in my eyes, it's my favorite division at the moment.

    Best Debut (when applicable):
    No debuts I don't think, only returns. The return of Bloodstone was great, and I'm interested to see why he targeted TBOZ.

    Any Piece of Booking You Didn't Like: Booking I didn't like? Hmm, I would've liked to see a backstage, or in ring confrontation between TBOZ and Mark Dimension as TBOZ is one of the men who is in line for a shot at Dimension.

    Any Matches and/or Promos That Could've Been Improved: Nothing really.

    Any Other Positives: VHX and TBOZ promos, and the main event. I'm excited to see how the Shaz/Romulus feud boils up from now to the actual PPV. It should be a great feud, and I've always wanted to feud with Romulus so I wanna try my hardest along with Jelly to make this a memorable rivalry.

    Overall Show Grade out of 10:
    I'll give a nice 8/10. Apart from wanting to see a TBOZ and Dimension confrontation, everything was good, but the return of GodMoney was just excellent and it was the stand out moment of the night. I enjoyed the show overall.

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    I will try and give feedback soon, I am swamped with finals here at college. But really great Rage with the return of GodMoney!

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    Darren: Words of wisdom Reiko. Never trust anyone. I suggest you always have eyes in the back of your head. As for you Elder, don't thing I've magically forgotten what you have done to me. I'll get my hands on you, but that will happen on my own time.

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    More reviews!
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