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    what i have read of the show has been great. I hope to finish reading it some time tomorrow. Reading a big show on a phone kind of sucks lol. Thats why i only read part of it

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    That was one hell of a PPV! Got to be honest, I didn't see M losing to Blaine or Bloodstone winning so those made me happy. The GOH match was truly brilliant and a perfect way to end the feud. Congrats to TT for winning the big one!

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    i haven't read all of the ppv! Argh! Jk, i will still enjoy it know the outcomes of those matches

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Pride: Our masterpiece is done and the heroes emerge victorious by besting those vile clowns and now they are better enriched in the art of drama and performance. As for us, one masterpiece is not enough, Beethoven went down in history for writing countless pieces of beautiful music and that is the way we want to do things here.

    Sorrow: Bloodstone, you both put up a hell of a match and it was because of you that we were able to put on an epic drama of unrivaled excitement.

    Pride: We came

    Sorrow: We saw

    Pride: We conquered



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    Got to be honest here, I thought the International Championship Match was a bit of a let down, look how many people were talking about it before hand, and now how many have mentioned it, NOBODY. I feel like Me and King worked hard building in some serious storyline, and the ending was wrote as if, a brand new guy had come in to write and had only been told I am face and he is heel, I just think we deserved a better match, story of my "career" really.

    That aside the rest of the PPV really was steller, The Gretzky enterance was epic, really a great read, and for Wells to go onto to defeat him is no small feat. Just read the Gates of Hell Match, that shit really should come with a health warning, some sick stuff, and a perfectly written match from start to finish. That World Title match was stewin', loved Jman's antics. and the EWNCW Championship Match was the perfect way to end the night, with Tommy finally winning the big one BACK! congrats TT, you earned it, commisarations to Krysys, you had a good run as champ, other highlights included the Rage Ignition CHampionship Match, Gillz vs Nightmare, both Triple Threats and for me Mixed Emotions vs The Bloodstone Empire.

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    Thank you for all the congratulations, much appreciated, and again, my thanks to TBOZ and King for that honor.

    Thanks for the feedback thus far, positive and negative. It was a great show no doubt with some great matches, and we'll work on the negatives in future!

    If you haven't read it yet, then go do so and leave your thoughts!

    We'll be working on the big announcement throughout the week now, and we'll bring that to you in due course!

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    I loved the ppv.

    I expressed some of my thoughts earlier, but it never gets old!
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    I could start my own eFed with all the alts I've got.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironic Ape View Post
    I could start my own eFed with all the alts I've got.
    I could join. It could be two full brands...

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    Quote Originally Posted by supniggas? View Post
    I could join. It could be two full brands...
    Pretty please, with sugar on top, get the fuck out of my fed.

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