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    Quote Originally Posted by southernblood View Post
    i wanna say,rage a score of around 7-4.
    best brand in the world!!!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBlood View Post
    I wanna say,Rage a score of around 7-4.
    I'm conflicted who to root for.



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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBlood View Post
    I wanna say,Rage a score of around 7-4.
    I know, should have been more considering the far superior talent we have.

    I blame Kyojin ;D
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJosephBanks View Post

    ***Exclusive Report***

    Yeah, I was pretty good out there, wasn't I? Talking about the release of Gillz, and the King of the Cage matches. I have no idea why they won't put me on commentator duty full time. I guess they know I'll blow the rest out of the water.

    *Takes a sip of liquor from a mug*

    Mmmm, morning joe in the evening. Mmmmmm mmmmm

    *Thompson's interest peaks as someone begins talking to him.*


    I forgot something?


    Michael Archangel is out with a concussion following his tag team match at Raging Inferno? Any idea what caused it? The superkick when he attempted a diving spear? No time frame on when he may return from this injury? Well, that's a shame.


    We're still filming?

    *Looks at the camera*

    And that has been your EWNCW Exclusive Report.
    Jman: That's his own fault. He should've ducked.


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    Correction, it's 7-5, with Lansdale, Grind, Punk, Dixon, and Ano Doom being the victors...
    "For the Druids' legends are true..."

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    I'll get my feedback for RI up tonight- sorry it's so late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by No_1eddiefan View Post
    I'll get my feedback for RI up tonight- sorry it's so late.
    Nice man, thanks!
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    Raging Inferno review:

    Opening the show with the newcomers match was a good choice as it gives the newer guys time to shine. Having Dixon win opens up the most storylines so it was a good choice for me. With him now having a shot at Jameson's International Championship- should be fun to see where he goes with it. Inferno 1-0 Rage

    The tag team turmoil match was outstandingly written. Kudos to whoever wrote that. Great showing from Mexican Nightmares made me happy before KayFab's debut which was a great debut for the show. And finally, Malcolm Adonis picking up the victory. Was really surprised and now it makes me wonder on a personal level where we go- particularly with something later on in the show. More on that later. Really great match though. Inferno 2-0 Rage

    Grind-Dimension being so early in the show surprised me but it was another great match, with Grind picking up a big win. What's in the future for this man? I can't wait and find out. Inferno 3-0 Rage

    So at this point, Inferno are racing into a big lead. Great start from the brand, and Rage are going to want to pick it up soon.

    Wells promo was good, but didn't really answer any questions and for that, I was a little disappointed. It was well written though.

    Van vs. Artemis next was a great showing and it really sold the Ignition Division well. I'm not too happy about Artemis tapping out but it makes VHX look strong so I'm understanding. Inferno 3-1 Rage

    Hawk & Juarez up next was an outstanding match, great match! It really sold the hatred between the two men really well and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. Inferno 3-2 Rage

    Seeing Jman & KJam work together just added to the questions of this feud already. Where they go from here will be interesting. I'll echo others in saying that Cannon shouldn't have been pinned. Inferno 3-3 Rage

    Great comeback from Rage at this point. I will say I don't like that there isn't a reminder of the score at all, although Bodom has been outstanding after every single match. He's my favourite commentator in any fed.

    I knew it! I guessed it would be Krysys a while back but didn't want to say anything. Great reveal though!

    Arthur Lansdale vs. Darren Bull was a great match. Fantastic work here. Both guys looked strong and Lansdale got the fans appreciation. Now he's a definite fully fledged face, I can only wonder what the future holds for Lansdale now. Inferno 4-3 Rage

    KJ Punk and Kyojin was a fantastic match too. Having Kyo tap out made me unhappy in the same way that Arty tapping did. The big thing here is with Kyo looking weak having tapped out and with Adonis looking so strong earlier in the show- will this be followed up in any way? Looking forward to the next show for sure now! Also, great to be working with KJ again. Hope it happens in a more permanent fashion sooner. Inferno 5-3 Rage

    This Thunder segment was the perfect build up.

    A good match up from SAM & HT ends with Angelo leaving EWNCW. I think we all saw that coming, but where does Mr. Smyth go from here? Will it stay unaddressed and will he just return to RTE or is Smyth going solo on Inferno? Lot of questions. Inferno 5-4 Rage

    Even up to this point. Great show that both brands are strong too.

    Black Angel vs. Ano Doom next! This was my most anticipated match. A fantastically written match too with Doom picking up the win. Would have liked to see Angel end the streak but hopefully, it's not over between these. Inferno 6-4 Rage

    Team Rage pick up the victory down to DJ's ego. This was a great match written- I felt the ego worked well as an excuse for TBOZ to pick up the win while the block made by The Blue Flash made him look strong. A tease at a feud from Jameson and DJ too. The International Championship scene is full of talent right now. Inferno 6-5 Rage

    Main event time! First of all, WOW! What a massive move from Thunder. I'm unsure to call it a heel turn just yet but definitely something insanely big that will make us remember Raging Inferno for all the right reasons. Rage picking up the win ends the series with a 6-6 tie which I understand but I would have liked to have seen one team win. Unless of course the main event counted double in which Thunder leaving caused Inferno's loss- of which the reprecussions will be huge.

    Overall, not as much story development as I would have liked but the big move from Thunder definitely boosts this as a show that we're going to be seeing the fallout from for a WHILE. With Destiny's Calling around the corner, I think the big developments beginning tonight will lead there and I can't wait for that.

    Definite A-.

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    See? This is why I told Ron debuting in the same match as Adonis was a bad idea! #WorstDebutEver


    The sword of the Lord and for Romulus! #Romulus'Army

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBeardOfZeus View Post
    I'll take the hit on that one, I actually wrote the match and changed the ending several different times. The way I wanted to end it (with The Blue Flash looking less like a weak link) it ended up being like that. I had about four changes up until then, I thought the ending was pretty good but I agree I absolutely didn't need the pinfall but I couldn't decide who else to give it the way I was writing it.
    Okay, that's understandable

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