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    Quote Originally Posted by chunkkynutzzz View Post
    Cool ,Let me know weneva your doin some work in brooklyn ..I got some re-wiring for you to take care of
    Pay for my flight and hire car and provide the tools and i'll be right over

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Now, not only am I a Bachelor of music, but I am also unofficially a Level 2 qualified Electrician! Feels good
    Congrats man, good for you to have a trade behind you in this country
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Did you just troll me? That's so not cool man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattElder View Post
    Congrats man, good for you to have a trade behind you in this country
    Thanks man!
    Definitely a bonus in this day and age!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Pay for my flight and hire car and provide the tools and i'll be right over

    Lol , on the real tho Congrats bro








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    Inferno Update:

    It may be a day, maybe two, late. Strem has something IRL to handle, an internship I believe, and isn't able to do his matches, so I have to do those.
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    Rage is up. Sorry that it took a little while longer, I lost the one match TDA did, and so had to re-write it. The other, TTC did.

    Would be great to her some feedback

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    Feedback will be up soon. Not gonna use the sheet this time, I'll review each part in the show.

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    It was all a really great show IMO, team Rage looks great, and very intriguing...the battle to coexist has begun...interesting to see who will be on Team Inferno...That's a really good looking ppv poster btw. Shouts to Krysys If I'm not mistaken.

    The main event was everything it should have been, and I liked everything about it.

    BB And ME was very solid and entertaining action.I loved the ending where he just chased him out the building! For some reason I envisioned the furious mad dashes you would see in cartoons...

    K Jam and J man , that whole segment was very very good.

    I loved the RR promo as usual.

    WTF'S wrong with Dimension?!?!?'

    Nice to see Carlin getting a big win, He's def on my one to watch list, and I'd even see is on the verge of a real breakout. You heard it he first folks. Becoming a singles guy fully,as was discussed recently, could do him wonders.

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    Rage review:

    Opening promo from Cleverly was good and really built towards Raging Inferno well. Ronaldo being announced as captain of Team Rage makes sense, and I'm expecting Tommy Thunder to be captain of Team Inferno- reigniting their feud from Bred For Combat- was it? Solid promo from Ronaldo.

    The next match didn't really make sense to me. The battle of the newcomers? Matt Elder has been in EWNCW since the very beginning if I'm correct. Regardless, was good to see Elder win and advance.

    Carlin's promo was brilliant and narrowly missed out on promo of the night for me. Good to see him advance to Team Rage at RI.

    TBOZ's promo was great and seeing him get announced as the captain of the Rage team for the 8 man tag match was good. Looking forward to seeing this go further.

    Black Blooded & Mixed Emotions' promo was outstanding. These two are really the standout competitors in the tag team division for me on Rage and the following match was just as good. Great match, and was great to see Pride win under controversial circumstances- allowing the feud to continue.

    Won't really comment on Kyo's promo- except that it was really fun to do something a little bit different. Thanks to Tommy for allowing me to do that.

    Seeing The Blue Flash win was good- although this match will definitely be remembered for the post-match tantrum from Mark Dimension. Great writing there and will be interesting to see what Dimension does from here.

    Jman's return was expected and his promo was good. At this point, I'm hoping to see him team with Wells.

    Wells' promo just reimbursed that for me. Great stuff from one of the top faces on Rage right now.

    K-Jam's return was the highlight of the night for me. The attack on Wells & Bull, and the obvious tease of Jman/K-Jam teaming was outstanding. Great, GREAT segment.

    Shaz's promo was promo of the night for me. Great stuff from a certain future World Heavyweight Champion.

    Shaz winning the main event made the most sense and I was glad to see him do that. This match was also the best match of the night.

    Now that Team Rage is built with Carlin, Ronaldo & Shaz- are Rage going to be the heels of the 'war'? If not, I would have liked to have seen a face in the main event on Rage's side. These three guys are all heels and they're going to be representing Rage. Apart from that though, they all do deserve the spots.

    Great show- and can't wait for the rest of the road to Raging Inferno.


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