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    Right, I'm off to sleep. Awesome work on Inferno tonight guys, was a superb read.
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    Favorite Moment:

    Best Match:

    Best Promo:

    Best Piece of Booking:

    Best Debut:

    Best line of commentary:

    Any Piece of Booking You Didn't Like:

    Any Matches and/or Promos That Could've Been Improved:

    Any Other Positives:

    Anything else that fell below your expectation:

    How would you improve the negative comments (if any):

    Overall Show Grade:
    Alright folks, you know what to do.

    I 'spect the shows will get better from here, just getting used to the new additions, and whatnot.
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    Best Match:

    JM vs Hot Wasabi!

    Best Promo: Andy Cannon and Arthur Lansdale were emotional ones.

    Best Piece of Booking: Both King and Like interefering with each other's matches, building for a hot rivalry.

    Best Debut: Artemis Eclipse!

    Best line of commentary: Kingmaker: NO! He did not lose, he wasn't beat, he kept his title, he just...tied...yeah a tie.

    Any Piece of Booking You Didn't Like:

    Any Matches and/or Promos That Could've Been Improved: Seems to me that Angelo's promo wasn't as good as his usual ones, but if I'm not wrong Magglis is having a hectic real life schedule, so no problem.

    Any Other Positives: Matches were entertaining, promos were good, show flowed well

    Anything else that fell below your expectation:
    See above

    How would you improve the negative comments (if any): No problemo

    Overall Show Grade:

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    Best Match: Hot Wasabi vs Jestering Madness

    Best Promo: I would have to say Arthur Lansdale.

    Best Piece of Booking: I have to go with Jameson and Strem interfering in each others match. It was really well done. It made Jameson look strong and added extra heat to Strem. May seem biased but I looked through all the matches and it was still my favorite.

    Best Debut: Artemis Eclipse of course. Curious about that Abel fellow though.

    Best line of Commentary: Kingmaker: No! He did not lose...he wasn't beat...he kept his title...he tied...yeah...a tie.

    Any promos and/or matches that could have been improved: All the matches were awesome and I didn't see any problems with the promos.

    Any other positives: Really liked the Written Grind.

    Any negatives: Saw some misspellings but that's about it.

    Overall: I read Inferno from beginning to end and really enjoyed it. Matches were great, promos were great, and looking forward to further stips added for TOTN. JOB WELL DONE!! A
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Coming to ???

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    Abel: *Sits silent peering through the Inferno Roster*

    OOC: Review coming shortly
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    bear you lucky bastard, first feuding with TDA now TBOZ!

    Both shows were amazing followups to the PPV and I can't wait for the voting to begin.



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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBeardOfZeus View Post
    I am so marking out that you're back man, how've you been?
    Haha good times man, I'm great, hows life treating ya? Still doing betting write ups? if so tips please lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Rehmix View Post
    TBOZ and Elder in a two week period?????

    MARK OUT! I haven't been in EWNCW long but I have been around a long time. These two are straight up Legends!
    Very kind of you sir, But let me the first to say on the character front my guy wouldnt be who he is today without TBOZ and godmoney and creative wise, TBOZ was so important in the way these shows we're run...couldnt have done it without him
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Did you just troll me? That's so not cool man!

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    Matt Elder and TBOZ back in the game!! How about a tag team:

    'The Force of Money'!!
    'God of Greatness'!!


    I'll finish Rage soon now, I'm a bit fragile after my gig last night

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    Also, for the anyone in the hunt for an Ignition title on EITHER brand, here's a reminder and an incentive:

    Keep in mind that at Destiny's Calling (our Wrestlemania) that the Ignition champion of each brand will face each other, with the winner of that match earning a future shot at a world title.
    So make sure that YOU are the one holding the Ignition title of your brand come that time if you want that shot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrestlingfan66513 View Post
    bear you lucky bastard, first feuding with TDA now TBOZ!

    Both shows were amazing followups to the PPV and I can't wait for the voting to begin.
    Didn't bear quit?

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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