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    Quote Originally Posted by 606v2 View Post
    So do I wait about now for direction or can I crack on with a promo?
    We will let you know when we need a promo from you, but if you would like to talk "In character," you may do so here. Just Start you statement with IC: and then say what you want your character to say

    "Ship Is It"

    "Bow down to your god, and ALL HAIL THE KING"

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyehatecena View Post
    hanz gruber: the end of wargames will bring a new era to ewncw, the era of hanz gruber
    Carlin: Didn't John McClane throw you down Nakatomi's Tower rooftop?

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    I'm going to start delegating out work for the ppv; No Guts, No Glory. The card is in place already, so might as well get people working on it.
    Creative personnel can stand by for some assignments coming your way!
    If anyone NOT on creative would like to help (Grind, Asher, Banks, Torphy, EHC or whoever else) then let me know here or via VM.

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    The lights in the arena slowly fade to black as the titantron flickers to life.
    Images begin to flash up onto the screen.
    Racial Incitement
    Drug Abuse
    Endangered species locked in cages
    Polar icecaps melting

    From the speakers 'Absolute Zero' blasts out and reverberates throughout the building as the fans look down at the ramp awaiting whoever it might be. A lone figure emerges, with a white hoodie covering his face he makes his way down the ramp to the ring, fans reach out their hands but he ignores them and slides under the bottom rope and gestures for a mic which he grabs in both hands and lowers his head down onto, it still covered by the hoodie.

    H: "Welcome to the future!
    My future, your future, every single stinking rotten wrestler backstage's future.
    Bright for some, a damn hell hole for many, but one in which paths will cross, a few friendships will be made and more than a few enemies.
    See for those of you that are sat there in your seats wondering just who exactly this wiseass stood in front of you is then let me introduce myself"

    He peels back the hood and reveals his face, late 20s with dark brown hair dyed blonde in a peak in the middle, stubble on his chin and a smirk stretches across his face.

    "I'm Hero.
    I'm a frickin God
    And sooner rather than later each and everyone of you will bang to that drum.
    What you get is the Alpha Male, I make no bones about it, I have an ego that's unrivalled, but past my bark I can more than certainly bite.
    See when I step into this ring then it becomes an extension of me, it breathes me, it sweats me, it bleeds me.
    You are such lucky lucky people to have what stands in front of you not some green jumped up punk straight outta training camp with a clean cut hair and five basic moves that he believes he's perfected. I'm not that man.
    I'm the guy that you can drag out any single numbnuts backstage and I'll give him the best match of his goddam life, I'll drag a 5 star match out of a roided up freakazilla because I am that damn good.
    I've honed my skills across the globe, from the best schools on the East Coast to touring both Britain and Japan, I've forgotten more holds than most guys out back could dream of knowing, I've fought in every enviroment possible against guys nearly twice my size, I'm been tombstoned through burning tables, been buried alive and thrown off a 20ft steel cell. But each and every time my opponent walked away knowing that that moment would be the one they'd be telling their grandkids about in years to come, to face me the pinnacle of their career.
    And now I give you that golden opportunity, I give EWNCW this golden opportunity, I give the roster this golden opportunity.
    Because EWNCW now has a Hero in its midst and I'm putting each and everyone on notice.
    I will make you famous"

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    DJ: Niggas aight ready for me after war games, I am going to go off on these hoes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eboy View Post

    Evening folks, EWNCW lead anchor, Dick Thompson here with an update for you on the upcoming fourth and final War Games supershow. As always the theme for the evening will be "Devour" by Shinedown.

    Furthermore I can now announce that loaction for this War Games show, and it has been sold out for weeks, it is...

    -The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville Tennessee-

    War Games Wheel
    Tables Match
    Submissions Count Anywhere Match
    First to Two falls Match
    Ambulance Match
    Last Man Standing Match
    Hardcore Match
    Hell in a Cell Match
    I Quit Match

    We can bring you a big announcement concerning the format of the final War Games show. In previous weeks everyone has competed in a one on one match, however on this show, there will be fatal four ways and triple threats, as the first half of the night, serves as the end of War Games, the second half of the show will comprise of the winners decision as to which title they will challenge for. PLUS the CHAMPIONS will be in ACTION! in a bumper six man tag team match! AND...THE PLAYOFFS will decided who else gets a title shot, in their respective classes at No Guts No Glory!
    In an update on this, the show will finally be posted tomorrow night.you

    Also, the ppv; No Guts, No Glory will be posted this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    In an update on this, the show will finally be posted tomorrow night.you

    Also, the ppv; No Guts, No Glory will be posted this weekend.
    Sometimes, I wonder why I bother in all honesty...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    In an update on this, the show will finally be posted tomorrow night.you

    Also, the ppv; No Guts, No Glory will be posted this weekend.
    Sweet! I can't wait to read both shows!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Sometimes, I wonder why I bother in all honesty...
    What's wrong broheim?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clrj3514 View Post
    Sweet! I can't wait to read both shows!
    I'm glad somebody cares man!

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