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    First off if you havent completed ME3 and intend too then please dont read any further.

    So i wanna know the thoughts of you who have completed it?

    Did it live up to all the hype? And did this game have the best storyline of all time for a VG or what??

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    I played it on the 360 and have been playing the franchise since the first one. So I got the full experience and I thought it was amazing...until the ending. (sigh) Now the journey to the ending was absolutely amazing (Bringing the geth and quarians together nearly made me cry) but there was no excuse for that ending. why couldn't they put the same focus on the ending as they did for the rest of the game? It felt like a rush to get the game finished.
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    The ending was an utter load of bollocks if I do say so myself, I imagine they completely ran out of ideas but surely they could have come up with something better than this. Perhaps it is a device to make it very clear that ME4 will never be made?

    The good points of the campaign however were abundant. The Krogans getting their cure was a heart string puller for me.
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    Two of the games finest moments, legion self sacrificing to give the geth self awareness and Mordin curing the genophage truly epic moments.

    I also liked how human Shepard was and how she really showed the stress she was suffering.

    Knew about the fate of Shepard from the start of the game when he saw the catalyst.

    But the ending fucks this game up, i can live with the fact that the illusive man wanted the paragon ending and anderson wanted the renegade and i can live with the stupid logic as to why the reapers do what they do. BUT what the hell happens to the rest of the characters did they survive?

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    So I have quite a few of peeps on my friends list playing this. Just for a laugh I was going to send them all a bulk trolling message saying SPOILER: SHEPPARD DIES!!! U MAD? But decided against it. Out of interest, I had to google what actually happened, and LOL!! Good job I never eh?

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    For me, all the endings are almost the same, I was a little disapointed I must admit.

    I have one thing more to do, to see what happen at then end during the confrontation between Shepard, Anderson and the illusive man, just when the illusive man attacks Shepard (pressing the right trigger or not) I already pressed it but I want to see what happen if I don't press it.


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