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    It reminds me alot of a MMORPG but its for single players. There isnt alot of depth to it but when you compare it to the likes of Two Worlds, Dungeon Seige, The Hunted, etc.... it is a very good western fantasy RPG.

    Saying that though The Witcher 2 is out in a months time over here on 360 and that is meant to be awesome. The only downside ive seen in it is you cant customize your characters appearence.

    Anyway back to kingdoms of amalur reckoning.......

    Its worth around £25 IMO but there seems to be around 50 odd hours game play because of how many different side quests there are. The interaction with characters dosent go beyond what you see in the demo but if you like the creativity that has gone on with the creatures and a more action based RPG then its a great buy.


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