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    When are they going to accept that Extreme Rules isn't actually extreme anymore? They don't do anything like the matches they use to. Also with TLC in the schdule they really don't need a watered down Extreme Rules anymore.

    So scrap EC in favour of NWO, move MITB to Mania and save HIAC matches for big feud finisher like Trips vs Taker (which can be slipped into Mania, Summer Slam or even something like Surviour Series). That'll free up the calender a bit. We can have longer run ups to proper PPVs again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    Crap, you beat me to it. I am pretty happy that they've been trying to have PPV titles not have gimmick matches as names.

    On another note, their new Superstar page and prgules are pretty awesome. :3
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    i wish they never changed it to elimination chamber in the first place. No Way Out was fine the way it was. Now they list it as a separate ppv. What is No Way Out, as a name for a ppv, without some sort of cage like structure as the main gimmick for it. No Way Out of the ropes? Seriously? and they better not have some idea that they'll do EC matches twice a year now. Although sad people like myself will still watch even if they keep f'ing up the ppv schedule.
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    The WWE are idiots when it comes to PPVs. If something doesn't get as many buys as they would like, they scrap it, like they have with Bragging Rights, Vengeance, Breaking Point etc. They should face the real problems: little time to build the PPVs, and crappy booking. If they fix that, they can even sell the worst PPV on the card.

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    i think with WWE PPV gimmicks e.g HIAC, imo for it to truly work i think each match should be HIAC like what TNA does with their steel cage PPV


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    Awesome! Loved No Way Out!

    Especially 2004's!

    Shame they then clogged it with Elimination Chamber matches but glad to see it back
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    or as ive heard a few people suggest, maybe just keep these special events (MITB/HIAC)..etc to one match a year at one of their big 4 PPVS,



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