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    Hey guys, Im in my third season on 4th January 2014, with CSKA Moscow. Unfortunatley, I dont have another match till 4th Feb, due to the russian Winter Break. But basically I'll give you guys my stats in my first two seasons, with Spurs. Difficulty- Professional

    Season 1

    Targets: Get Into Champions League, Win FA Cup/League Cup

    League; 5th Position-74pts

    League Cup- Quarter Final, lost 1-0 to Liverpool

    FA Cup- Quarter Final: Lost 4-2 to Bolton

    Top 5 Players
    Modric- 87
    Van Der Vaart- 86
    Bale- 86
    Di Natale- 85 (22 million)
    Adebayor/Parker- 83

    Di Natale was top scorer with 24 goals in 35 games in the league.

    Top 4 in BPL
    1. Man City: 90pts
    2. Man Utd: 88pts
    3. Chelsea: 81pts
    4. Arsenal:78pts

    Season 2

    Targets: Top 4 in BPL, Final of Europa League and Win Domestic Cup

    P.League: 3rd- 79pts

    FA Cup- Quarter Finals, lost 2-0 to W.Ham

    League Cup- 3rd Round, lost to QPR 1-0

    Euro League- Won, beat AC Milan 4-2 in Final

    Top 5 Players
    Falcao-87 (30 million)
    Van Der Vaart- 86/87
    Abate- 84

    BPL Top 4
    1. Man Utd: 86pts
    2. Man City 83pts
    3. Spurs: 78pts
    4. Liverpool: 75pts

    Over the two seasons, the top five players I felt were

    5. Tim Howard- Brought in on Season 1 for ??? (pretty cheap I think :/ ) and was solid every game I played him in. Helped me out so many times, especially in Europa League final vs. Milan. Despite 2 goals scored past him, he was unreal in nets

    4. Di Natale- Unbelievably good in the first season I had him, and was my favourite player. But Falcao outshone him in the second season, and Bale and Modric came into their own. He retired at the end of S2, at the age of 35, which I thought was pretty ridiculous, as he is rated 83 at this point

    3: Bale- When he was good, he was unstoppable! But the reason he isnt given number one here is that in a good chunk of games, he did absoulutley nothing. He seems like a confidence player in FIFA, cause for me, he has been thru 5/6 games where he has been awful

    2. Falcao: If he was here for two years, he would definetley be number 1! However, he only played one season for me, scoring 22 league goals, and carrying us to Europa League success!

    1. Modric: When all things are going wrong around him, Modric is always there as a calming influence and a brilliant passer. He was sooooooooooo consisent for me, and chipped in with about 10 goals each season. He made a hatful of assists too

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