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    Do you read SPOILERS!!!

    Just wondering how many people read spoilers.

    I used to read them during WCW and WWE but now here in the UK, it's very hard not to, but I resist from reading them. It does spoil the show so much. Sometimes even reading some news on here can spoil parts of the show.

    Just wondering though if you do and why?

    I did it during WCW because I really could not wait, I had to know what happened, but it really did spoil the show and there was not point in watching.

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    Yes.all we see that my internet is bad to see live and here in Brazil has not WWE, justice censured because he spent the Saturday afternoon.

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    I Do read spoilers all the time. Only thing is i forget about them by the time the show is on. So it's like im watching it without knowledge of what's going to happen.
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    I have always thanks to me not having cable and even then I still did. The only spoiler that I knew, but was still amazed was when Daniels made his return.

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    Hahahah NOOOO! That's a spoiler for me I guess I had it comming creating this post and poll. So Daniels is back in TNA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by westy View Post
    Hahahah NOOOO! That's a spoiler for me I guess I had it comming creating this post and poll. So Daniels is back in TNA?
    No when he came back after being Curry Man and Suicide.

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    Unfortunately yes, I read them.. all the time. I cant help it. It usually doesnt stop me from watching the shows that I want but I will admit that it does water down the product. Someone else mentioned that they forget by time they watch the show, which for the most part I do to. But there are still plenty of times where I'll be watching the show and then as something is happening I'll remember reading about it earlier and then I know whats going to happen next. Thats why I wish Impact would go live on Thursdays and Smackdown would go live on Tuesdays.. especially Smackdown as I think the reason Smackdown only gets half the viewers as Raw is becuase its on Friday and because its taped and people read the spoilers and dont bother watching the show. (I DVR it and watch it Saturday morning.)

    Someone else mentioned that just reading the news here kind of ruins the show for them. I also agree with this. I guaruntee that if everyone here were to not read any of the insider news and just watch RAW, Smackdown, and Impact without having all this insider knowledge, wrestling would be 10x better then what it is now. Everyone here (myself included) thinks they know whats best for the companies and likes to think of themselves as know-it-alls when it comes to what should be done and what shouldn't be done. Its like, when you watch other TV shows, you dont go online and read all the backstage news about what characters are getting pushed and which ones arent. You sit down and watch and go with the flow and accept it for it what is and leave it up to the writers and producers to do whats best for that show. It makes the shows much more enjoyable to just sit back and let the entertainers entertain you. But for some reason with wrestling, we all come online and bitch and complain about every aspect of their show. Its really kinda silly if you stop and think about it. But it is what it is.. I guess.

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    A lot of the time it is because I am working on the night the show is on.(I work retail so I really have little control over my schedule.)

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    I don't read them at all, that being said, the last time I did seek them out is on the SmackDown! after WrestleMania when Jack Swagger won the World Title, being on a lot of Wrestling forums and news sites, it was pretty impossible to miss that Spoiler, so after I accidently saw it I just read it, it did spoil my emjoyment in one way, in another though I made sure I watched the show that week to see the Title change.

    I do tend to avoid Spoilers at all costs, I love watching a show without knowing what happens, If I know what happens I'd still put the show on but I'd struggle to pay attention

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    I remember when I used to read WWE spoilers when they bought out WCW. I remember my huge surprize when Ric Flair came out from the curtains.

    Your right CH Brooks with what you said about many of us acting like know it alls. Thinking we could do a better job

    I would say to all of your that do read them though, as hard as it is not to read them, just try because the shows really are that much better. Eric knew what he was doing in WCW when he was spilling the results for Raw during the Monday night wars.

    Problem is not reading them, means you have to be so careful when you read the news on here or other sites. But it means you look forward so much to when Impact is on. I don't know about you guys but I really do now get excited about it comming on TV I feel like a teenage kid again. Yet I'm a 29 year old man with a daughter.

    I think that's why I love wrestling so much, makes me remember my youth, and doing some moves on my younger brother, this was before they were warning us on tv, not to try this at home. My brother now has a permenant click in his neck after a botched piledriver Crazy we were for doing that in the living room, with only bed duvets for the ring. Good time hahah


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