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    Quote Originally Posted by blink View Post
    I don't think taker has ever won a buried alive match... Which would be an ideal match to pick if you wanted the idea of the streak being broken to be a realistic one. For some reason I always wanted to see taker taken out by all his greatest rivals in an execution style setup. Have like hbk and hhh do the scm to pedigree, then have Austin stun him. Then have mankind give him a double armed DDT, then Kane can tombstone him. Have Kane roll him in to a casket and then have Vince slam it shut. Kinda dumb I know.
    @blink, He beat mankind in the very first (but was then buried himself). He also defeated Rock n Sock (when he teamed with the Big Show) on a special episode of smackdown when triple H interfered to help the Undertaker (Hit big show even though he was 'takers partner too). I wouldn't mind seeing a Royal Rumble '94 - Resurrection style thing where he ends up buried but just vanishes.

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    Just for the old school feel a Casket Match vs Kane.

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    right, STING VS UNDERTAKER will never happen! thats a fact

    If i am right in saying that Taker will be 20-0 when he beats Trips at Wrestlemania then that will be his last match!

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    Quote Originally Posted by geordiejob88 View Post
    With The Undertaker's streak again on the line at WrestleMania in a special match type, a Hell In A Cell, and the eventual end of the Deadman fast arriving, a question came to mind

    If this isnt to be his last outing, what match type should his carer/streak end in ?

    Now my personal opinion it would be a Buried Alive match for a few reasons.
    1. He has never defended the streak in this match type
    2. IMO Fitting end to go in his specialised match type

    Heres the list of matches his streak has been defended in:
    9 x Singles match, normal rules
    3 x No DQ
    1 x Special Ref, Singles match
    1 x Hell In A Cell
    1 x No Holds Barred
    1 x Casket
    1 x Handicap
    Who and what should it be against John Cena or CM Punk..... No time limit/No DQ.....

    More Important question.... When should it be???? WrestleMania 29 thus he get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at WM30 in NYC....
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    Why not have a triple threat match? Opponents you can decide, but in the end both opponents know they can't put him away (having used their finishers and he still kicks out) so in the end they fight amongst themselves, one pinning the other. That way 'taker hasn't 'lost' but it puts over two guys without being hated as the guy who beat the streak.

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