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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockstar83 View Post
    I know this has been said alot but last guy should be STING. it makes sesnce
    Makes what? lol Sorry couldn't resist.

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    Kane vs Taker, loser retires

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    vs Cena 3 stages of hell 1st fall normal match, 2nd no holds barred, 3rd hell in a cell

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    Buried Alive

    Kane and Taker have a brutal match. It take's 4 tombstones from Kane, and he drags takers body to grave. Rolls him in and starts to dig in the dirt. Thunder sounds around the arena and Kane falls to his knees that he has ended his brother, as the druids surround the grave. He feels remorse as well as salvation at what has happened(it's his brother but has always wanted true revenge on him). Fire blasts out the grave to reveal an empty grave. Kane has ended the streak, yet he feels alone for the very 1st time and it's a sullin ending. Or go with realistic boring way and have a brutal match and there's a hug after the match. Personally the Undertaker has always been a gimmick, the last of the gimmicks and should for his last match be a gimmick exit...dramatic and far fetched. That's entertainment.

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    if anything i would say a casket match with the Undetaker winning but ending up in the casket and being wheeled out never to be seen again

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    Buried alive match v Mick Foley taker wins they both retire!

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    Vs Cena and Taker wins.
    I'm jus sayin...

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    Brilliant idea,i actually think that would be an amazing way to go out.
    I think a nice touch to the match would be to have Paul Bearer involved in some capacity.

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    I don't think taker has ever won a buried alive match... Which would be an ideal match to pick if you wanted the idea of the streak being broken to be a realistic one. For some reason I always wanted to see taker taken out by all his greatest rivals in an execution style setup. Have like hbk and hhh do the scm to pedigree, then have Austin stun him. Then have mankind give him a double armed DDT, then Kane can tombstone him. Have Kane roll him in to a casket and then have Vince slam it shut. Kinda dumb I know.

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    Austin vs Taker - Both mens last match. Austin has one more left in him, so why not kill off one of the biggest fueds of the attitude era AND both their careers? I'd rather see Austin in a buried alive than against CM Punk.

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