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    The Internet Championship can be defended

    I was watching the videos WWE has on youtube and I think that the internet championship can be defended by doing some promos on the youtube shows it would be a good way to get more views and I think jobbers would have another way to get an storyline


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    I don't think they should make an official Internet Championship. I think there should be a lower card belt but the name "Internet Champion" imo translates to "King of The Jobbers". I personally think that Ryder should've ditched it once he started getting on TV regularly.

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    Just because they have an opportunity to do something, doesn't mean they should do it. That belt looks like a novelty, and is just an internet prop. They would be much better off just focusing on their midcard titles, and bringing back the CW title for the jobbers to wrestle for.

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    I have always said why not push it to be a legit title..... most of WWE shows if not all is on the internet.... They could convert it into Internet/TV title in which it defended much like the Hardcore title was... It could be a stepping stone title much like the TV title was in NWA/WCW to other belts being the US or National title(80's) and etc....
    It could be used to build or test a mid card wrestler to see if they ready for bigger and better things as well....

    On another note just think if the Internet was used more when the Hardcore title was around....
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    The internet championship should never be defended, ever.... ever.....

    Zack Ryder's internet title is comparable to Gillbergs Light heavyweight title

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    How can they defend it sure its zacks ryder's face literally on it! Instantly think of Jeff Hardys championship oh god...

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