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    Faces and Heels at WM28

    Morning good people,

    So I have been going over the matches for WM28 that have been confirmed before this Friday's Smackdown showing.

    John Cena vs The Rock
    CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
    Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
    Triple H vs The Underaker

    Now with these matches alone, I can see the following happening:

    Cena wins, Punk wins, 'Taker wins and with regards to Sheamus/D Bryan match, I am 50/50 on who will win.

    But from this alone, we have two faces (Punk and Taker), a tweener (Cena) and the possibility of either a face or heel winning the other match.

    So my question to you all is: Does it look like we are going to get the majority of faces winning at WM this year? Or if some heels are going to win, will they come in matches that havent been declared yet?

    Many Thanks!


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