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    Quote Originally Posted by PandaMassacre View Post
    My first account: I had chosen Belzova because it was my families last name. I always thought that it looked cool an it proved to help me out when I was signing up for this place. I was at a complete loss on a name so there you go! I do not really have much of a story behind that name. Oh how I miss that account. I actually occasionally view it just to look at my old threads an posts I had made on that account. I have actually grown up a lot compared to the old hyper an out of control self that I had left behind.
    Even though I have an amazing last name, not once have I ever used as a username, only as my email.
    I will never forget you, CBot. You will always be my one true love.

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    I like destroying things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destruction View Post
    I like destroying things
    Like this forum. Go pillage the TNA section for a bit!

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    my username is Dennis because my name is Dennis... SHOCKER

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    My name is Antonis Magglis but no one no one calls me Antonis not even my mother.Almost everyone is calling me Magglis or Mowgli

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    I am a bomb.

    Literally a bomb with hands.

    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    Go to hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesome Bomb View Post
    I am a bomb.

    Literally a bomb with hands.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    You fucking legend.
    First IWA World Champion

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    Ameri: Short for America (Yeah, there is North America and South America. My Ameri is for North America [Specifically the USA])
    Naine: Very slight alteration of Gimli the Dwarf's relative. (Read lord of the rings or watch the movie if you don't know who Gimli is. Naine is mine, Nain is the true name of his relative.)
    The Future of the WWE Women's Division: Brittani Knight AKA Paige!

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    I choose Cm Rock-Austin because my favorite wrestlers are Cm Punk, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. I just combined the names .

    E-fed: Jackson "The Boss" Smith- IWA & former ICW superstar
    DJ "The Ladies Man" Williams w/ Rosita-EWNCW
    Devon "Just Damn Good" Jones

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    I'm straight edge and have an afro. Not much more than that.


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