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    Name: Paige

    Theme Song *video please*:

    Picture(s) *willing to be used in shows*:

    Alignment: Tweener

    Finishing Moves:

    Rampaige (Cradle DDT)

    I know she has her version but I always envision her hitting it with the intensity used in the video

    Signature Moves:

    Paige Turner (Swinging leg hook fireman's carry slam)

    Cloverleaf with a knee in the opponent's back

    Version of Superstar: Anti-Diva. Believes she is the one to give womens wrestling the prestige it deserves in her mind.

    Any other changes that are different from real life: I don't think so. Aside from the names of her moves, I suppose.

    *Other info

    Height: 5' 8"

    Weight: 120 pounds

    From: Norwich, England
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    Name: The Kings of Wrestling; Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli

    Theme Song *video please*:

    Picture(s) *willing to be used in shows*:

    As a team

    As Champions




    Alignment: Tweeners

    Finishing Moves:

    (Team) Finishers:

    King's Landing (formerly Helicopter Crash; Giant swing by Castagnoli followed by a running dropkick to the head by Hero; Primary)

    Royal Power and Glory (Superplex (Castagnoli) / Moonsault (Hero) combination; Secondary)

    Signature Moves:


    KRS ONE – Kings Reign Supreme Over Nearly Everyone (Hero and Castagnoli flip the opponent in the air before dropping them into a sitout scoop slam piledriver)

    KRS TWO – Kings Reign Supreme The World Over (Hero and Castagnoli grab the legs of an opponent seated in the corner before flipping them in the air and dropping them into a double release powerbomb)




    Cyclone Kill (Discus big boot)


    Multiple elbow smash variations
    Cerebral Cortex Rolling Elbow/ Death Blow/ Hangman's Elbow (Inverted headlock transitioned into a discus to the back of the opponent's head) and Discus, sometimes with a loaded elbow pad

    Rubik's Cube (Electric chair driver)




    Ricola Bomb (Straight jacket sitout powerbomb pin, sometimes from the top rope)


    Bicycle kick
    Multiple European uppercut variations
    Neutralizer ((Cradle belly to back inverted mat slam)

    Version of Superstar: Just their awesome best tag team in the world selves.

    Any other changes that are different from real life: They didn't go through WWE developmental.

    *Other info

    From: Clayton, Ohio (Hero) and Lucerne, Switzerland (Castagnoli)

    Height: 6' 4'' (Hero) and 6' 5'' (Castagnoli)

    Weight: Combined 457; 225 (Hero) and 232 (Castagnoli)
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    Name: C.M. Punk

    Theme Song *video please*:

    Picture(s) *willing to be used in shows*:

    ^ Non ring attire clothing

    ^ Promos, I suppose

    ^ Match pic

    Alignment: Face

    Finishing Moves:

    Go to Sleep (Fireman's carry dropped into a knee lift)

    Anaconda Vise (Arm-trap triangle choke, mostly from a supine position)

    Signature Moves:

    Backhand chop

    Diving elbow drop – adopted from and used in tribute to Randy Savage

    Multiple kick variations; Back heel, Leg lariat, Roundhouse kick and Step-up enzuigiri

    Springboard clothesline

    Step-up high knee to a cornered opponent followed by a bulldog or a short-arm clothesline

    Double underhook backbreaker

    Version of Superstar: Trying to reinstitute honor in the world of professional wrestling.

    Any other changes that are different from real life: He has the short hair he had in his Nexus days

    *Other info

    Height: 6' 2"

    Weight: 227 pounds

    From: Chicago, Illinois
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    Aries and Orton have already been posted i believe. So i'm going to post an updated Kelly Kelly, and Ill post one for Damien Sandow

    Kelly Kelly

    Entrance Song:

    Finisher: Beautifier(Killswitch/Unprettier)
    Submission finisher: crossface

    Signature Move: Tilt a whirl head scissors, bulldog, reverse ddt.

    Alignment: Heel

    Version(AKA what I consider gimmick): Bitchy magazine model.

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    Name: Rey Mysterio, Jr.

    Theme Song *video please*:

    Picture(s) *willing to be used in shows*:

    And for PPVs:

    Alignment: Heel

    Finishing Moves:
    West Coast Pop
    Signature Moves:
    Multiple Crossbody variations
    Multiple Moonsault variations
    Mysterio-Rana (Mysterio jumps onto an opponent's shoulders and then twists around into a hurricanrana pin), sometimes preceded by a cartwheel
    Spinning Heel Kick
    Flying Headbutt
    Seated Senton
    Suicide Dive
    Diving Hurricanrana
    Bronco Buster
    Avalanche Frankensteiner

    Version of Superstar:
    Current (without the new attire)

    Any other changes that are different from real life:
    Hates the fans and is more or less a racist.

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Name: Damien Sandow


    Finisher: Terminus

    Signature: Cobito Acquiet

    Version: Current

    Alignment: Heel

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    Name: The Miz

    Theme Song *video please*:

    Picture(s) *willing to be used in shows*:

    Alignment: I'd say tweener (at the present leaning more toward a face)

    Finishing Moves:

    Skull Crushing Finale (Full Nelson Facebuster; Primary)

    Reality Check (Running knee lift followed into a neckbreaker; Secondary)

    Signature Moves:

    Awesome Clothesline (Swinging corner clothesline)
    Big boot, sometimes to a seated opponent
    Snap DDT to a kneeling opponent
    Figure four leglock

    Version of Superstar: None really other than he has the 2012/2013 looks I suppose. Is a face.

    Any other changes that are different from real life: ^ See above

    *Other info

    From: Cleveland, Ohio

    Height: 6' 2''

    Weight: 223 lbs
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    I'm updating Trish here.

    Name: Trish Stratus

    Nickname: The Diva of the Decade, the Legendary Diva, Canada's Greatest Export

    Height: 5'5

    Hometown: Toronto, Canada

    Theme Song *video please*:

    Picture(s) *willing to be used in shows*:

    Famous-Diva-Trish-Stratus2.jpg49_WM27_04032011sb_0317 (1).jpg

    Alignment: Face

    Finishing Moves: Stratusfaction, Chick Kick

    Signature Moves: Air Canada (lou thez press with punches), MaTrish (bridge duck counter), MaTrish Revolution (handstand headscissors takedown), Stratusphere (turnbuckle handstand headscissors takedown)

    Other Notes: My version of Trish has brown hair as shown in the pictures above and I would prefer if no more blonde pictures are used in the future.
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    Eve Torres

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    Name: Wade Barrett 'The Bare Knuckled Champion' 'Knight Of The Realm'

    Height: 6'7

    Weight: 255lbs

    Theme Song *video please*:

    Picture(s) *willing to be used in shows*:

    Entrance for a match (singles)

    In Ring (stable)

    Interviews/Casual Gear

    Alignment: Heel

    Finishing Moves:



    Signature Moves:

    Winds of Change
    Diving Elbow Drop (from second rope)
    Big Boot (occasianly to an opponent wrapped up in the ropes)
    Short Arm Clothesline
    Pumphandle Falling Powerslam
    Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker

    Version of Superstar: Member of the UK stable, stuck up Englishman

    Any other changes that are different from real life: No beard.

    Chris Diamond
    IWA Endurance Champion

    Antonio Rizzo
    Chaos Roster member

    Head of IWA Chaos

    Wade Barrett
    Former Member of the United Kingdom stable

    Daniel Bryan


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    Name: Lei'D Tapa

    Nicknames: The Queen of The Ring, The Barbarian's Second Coming, Lady Domination

    Height/Weight: Kinda not sure - not a lot of info out there on her since she's relatively new to the big wrestling scene... I'm guessing five foot nine-ish... somewhere in there... and she looks like a big healthy girl - maybe about as big as Tamina, give or take a couple pounds. If anybody finds out her precise stats, please tell me!

    Titantron: Well, she doesn't have her own just yet (TNA should have one for her soon... or at least THEY BETTER...) For now, in homage of her uncle The Barbarian, I guess use the theme for The Powers of Pain...

    Finishing Moves:

    Samoan Drop

    Top Rope Clothesline (the one The Barbarian hit on Tito Santana at WM VI)

    Signature Moves: Again, Lei'D Tapa isn't quite out there yet - she's still young in her wrestling career - so I'm improvising a bit... big boot, headbutt, throat thrust, big elbow drop, sobat kick (kinda like a superkick.)

    Version: Well, from her indy matches on YouTube, she seems to be a young, unproven wrestler who's still growing and improving, but makes up for inexperience with her strength and her pedigree. Seems to play a heel role.

    Alignment: Heel/tweener (change as needed.)

    The Star Signs
    IWA - JBW - TWE - BITW

    Sagittarius Blue - 1st Ever JBW United States Champion


    WWE Fed...
    Kharma/Awesome Kong
    Lei'D Tapa, The Queen of the Rings
    Kenny King, The Prettyboy Pitbull


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