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    Future of eFedding

    Hello, I am TheJosephBanks, or as some of you may know me - on my secret hidden account, Rilla.

    I was chosen to announce the new changes to eFedding. Chunnky is indeed heading up IWA now, and as his first big act has been contacting former EWNCW people to come in and make the place bigger.

    Secondly, RTE is making a full return in a stand-alone thread and I am the one heading it, along with Benny and no_1eddiefan as my firsts and seconds. #TakingOverTheWorld.

    First official act was to sign the trio of Mr. Smyth, Kyojin, and Ma$$Dinero.

    Thirdly,... I'm completely messing around.

    I wanted to promote a bit of discussion here. eFedding has been more or less the same now for years, a few changes such as match length, and the like.

    But I wanted to know, since eFedding seems to be hibernating at the moment, what changes would you like to see when they return? A different style, newer characters, the world is endless.

    For me, I think I'd like to see newer guys not instantly be over as a John Cena, or -insert biggest heel in company-, and instead start from small reactions and work their way up. In promos, you don't really see that change, even when flipping from face to heel, they just seem to get big cheers or big boos by default.

    Smaller PPVs as well, it seems this may be becoming the norm before the fall, but smaller PPVs tend to come off better unless it's a big one.

    And everything not going perfectly, all the moves, the promos, etc., etc. Everyone just seems a little /too/ perfect, but thus the life when playing a fantasy.

    What are some things you would like to see changed?
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    I actually think the newer character thing with getting less of a large reaction would be really cool... Maybe build it up over time. That would be a cool way to go about things.

    Just about smaller Pay-Per-Views though, I kind of like the length of them now. I do wish normal shows could be shorter from time to time though. Benny and I for instance had a 4 match a week set up on chaos for a while and to be honest I thought the show was actually slightly better because of that. Not because Benny or I are bad match writers per say... But because it just seemed to flow better and the show seemed to be more focused on the characters.

    Just my two cents.

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    Smaller shows. Seriously there is NO NEED for a show to be 10 pages or some shit. Save that for the big PPVs. I hate when I do a show and it's like a page page and a half and people complain that it "felt short"

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    Hey TJB, nice to see you around here man, missed you. I hope everything is going well.

    But moving into what I'd like to see is hopefully what everyone else wants:

    - Less drama
    - People losing pushes because of lack of activity/lateness no matter their position in the fed or title
    - More communication between creative and members
    - New people

    That's just to name a few, and I know I am guilty of doing exactly what I want not to happen, but that's what I'd like to see. I'm sure I'm missing a few things and could even be wrong about a few things, but that's just what I think off the top of my head.
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    Firstly, nice to see you back around TJB. I hope you are your family are okay.

    One change I have always wanted to see, but in truth I don't think it's going to matter now is.. A character should be exclusive to the fed he joins. I've never had a character in more then one fed at a time. Why do I think this would be cool? Well one, loyalty, I mean that's never a bad thing.. right? IWA for instance knew, when I joined them, I would be there's solely and would do everything I could to do my best for them. I've seen on occasion and even spoke with people who have admitted to enjoying and giving there all in another fed, because they were doing better in that one, then another one they were in with the same character.

    Secondly, It keeps characters more fresh. For instance when they debut somewhere else, it would mean more. Also, dream feuds would mean more because they would be exclusive to that fed. If people wanted to work with someone else in another fed, well, they would have to join that fed. That mean's more to the company. Like Erebus-Grind. That was great, BUT.. Would it have been so good had both characters been in two different feds at the same time? I personally don't think so.

    Also, it means people are giving more to the fed they belong too, rather then stretching there talent out and burning themselves to the ground. It also mean's competitions between the feds. Competition builds excitement and in a fed world where seemingly everything has been done.. How do you create true competition? By competing for the Roster talent available.

    Anyways.. That's my two cents and something I would have liked to have seen happen before when fedding was booming on this forum.

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    While I respect the loyalty I think it makes it harder to join other feds if you are going to have to make a new character... And I think the fact that I joined so many feds has made my efedding experience much more fun. And at the end of the day, isn't that efedding is about?

    Also there might be something you can't do in your home fed that could be fun in another fed. Like, Niall and I wanted to do a tag team for a long time called The Black Diamonds. Obviously we were singles competitors in IWA and even on different shows... But over in HWA we could do that.

    Also it might make you want to read a show more if already established names are on the card. Carlos Alberto Ramon vs Shaz would probably be more must read than Akira and Teyanna even though I'd say both you and Shaz are great with both... Just because we know Shaz is the former world champion and we know that Carlos Alberto Ramon is the champion of the year... Having names like that in newer feds could bring more attention to a show.

    I don't think you are wrong per say, THBK... Just offering a different perspective.

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    We want more deception and Graves xP. In all honesty I agree with most involvement more reaction between talent and creative I think a weekly kinda pre show in which you got 5 people talking about the weeks action in all the feds would be cool maybe do a fan vote power ranking system .

    If Clark was ever on now lol it could be work round him, tjb, Dennis, kash, tommy .

    I hope everything is all good for you to tjb glad to see u back and long live rte and e feds

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    I honestly stopped reading everything since I stepped away from efedding completely. Good for RTE and IWA for keeping things going.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    The loyalty thing is nice but the biggest thing is most people have the exact same character in multiple feds, it hurts their promos a lot. I kept Hawk different in each fed to keep the promos and tone different. The base of the character and personality were the same but he had a different gimmick in each fed and that gimmick highlighted different parts of the character (EWNCW Hawk was about physically exerting his dominance over opponents, JBW Hawk cared about stroking his ego and the spotlight, IWA Hawk was a tactician who beat his opponents by having them beat themselves).

    But for my tag teams there was no doing that because it was their gimmick that kept them unique. I didn't want Mixed Emotions going to IWA because it wouldn't have gone as well as EWNCW did because I had already done what I wanted with them already and any more would be rehashes of old stuff. I made the American Brotherhood because I wanted to give my own take on an already done gimmick and make it into something deeper.

    I don't think a lack of activity should be a bad thing for pushes because some people don't really have the time they used to, but ICing should be rewarded with feuds and shots, but promo quality and meeting deadlines should be the main factors.

    Newer people are nice but no one is going to join something dead so don't expect that until results start coming in.

    Promos, pushes and sorts: The biggest thing people on this site are guilty of is bandwagoning and not looking at the bigger picture. Someone joins, gets hot and everyone wants big things from them right away. They win a title or a big feud and time passes by and everyone's jumped on the next new thing by then. I've seen reviews in the past expressing dislike in a story because of the result at that moment. If you don't like it make your own damn fed. I am not writing matches or coming up with the stories, I am here to have fun and enjoy the ride. I don't like telling creative how to book my characters and anyone that has worked with me will back me up. I let them work their magic and if I have an idea I pitch it to them. I make my judgements on end results of the feud.



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    Hey, so I didn't want to make my own boo-hoo post or anything like that, so I'm just gonna say it here.

    I'm quitting.
    It's not you, it's me. I'm going back to school to learn to be a machinist, and I'm afraid that between that, my fulltime job, my wife, and my own private business, and trying to score an apprenticeship, I'm just not going to have the time to continue e-fedding. This honestly seemed like the perfect time to leave, though, to be fair, it will be a month or so before I start my schooling and start the apprenticeship search. I want to do something a bit different though, and here's what it is. I want my characters to continue, so with that in mind.

    Black Blooded.

    So, If you think you have what it takes to portray a foul-mouthed biker and his giant masked brother, drop me a PM. I'll see who wants them and go from there, all I ask is that you never unmask Mr. Black. I want to keep that particular mystery alive.


    Vivica, the psycho near and dearest to my heart. That one's a bit different. If you want the psycho, you have to prove you can handle her. send me a paragraph IC as her, best one wins.

    It's been a blast, and I've loved playing from beginning to end. You'll still see me around EWN (until it dies) and DBIWC (Until it becomes a global phenomenon) though perhaps not as much.

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.


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