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    Maryse Interview

    In a recent interview she had with the UK Sun, look in the news section for the details, Maryse commented that she wouldn't feel comfortable wearing outfits that are too sexy and provocative.

    Interesting considering the fact she posed for Playboy..............

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    Please allow me to give my infinite wisdom on this matter. She sure did look comfortable in her playboy cyber club shoots. I would post some pic's of her being comfortable but I think that would be frown upon as this is not a porn site but a pro rasslin site. But for you clever people out there if you google wwe Maryse playboy pictures I'm sure you will find what your looking for. As for Maryse, who ever is dating her I am jealous as hell of him and yes I'm MAD, very very very MAD. U MAD???

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    don't tell your gf/wife you just googled Maryse's playboy pic's
    BREAKING NEWS Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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    I think I heard (on this site, which must mean I saw) that Miz was dating her. Well, he is awesome!
    Use what you have. Get what you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaos75 View Post
    I think I heard (on this site, which must mean I saw) that Miz was dating her. Well, he is awesome!
    Apparently she denied this too because she claimed to have an amazing boyfriend who wasn't a wrestler.
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