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    Another thing I hate is when they bring someone in that seems indestructible and they are soon left at jobber status or some inane comedy act.

    Example: Vladimir Koslov

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    to Sabertooth
    I would quote but it's huge
    Slaters finisher is or at least was called sweetness
    and it looked weak

    aside from this, I hate how the ic title is pretty much traded between kingston and ziggler
    Can't put it on Christian due to his injury, maybe Gabriel?
    sure he doesnt talk much but it'd give something to the Corre, plus his matches are always entertaining!

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    John Cena.
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    John Cena.
    Hahaha I was going to say that!

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    I hate first and foremost the fact wwe is pg!!!
    The lack of believable main event stars
    Diva wrestling matches
    Terrible booking
    Miz as champ, the guy would get squashed by a majority of the roster
    The twenty minutes of wrestling that occurs in a two hour show
    The great khali
    The intercontinental and us titles meaning nothing
    Randy orton as a face
    Edge as a face
    Oh ya and wwe is still pg!!!

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    i hate how they released most of the good wrestling Divas last year (Mickie, Serena, Katie, Jillian, Savannah)
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    More than anything else i cant stand their commentators.A lot of people say that cole is doing a good job of being a heel announcer, but he's just annoying(i mean in a bad way)
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    I Hate how the Miz now (and other's in the past, Swagger etc) are booked so weakly as champion.
    I Hate the attempt and failure of most comedy segments (with the exception of the occasional Santino hits)
    I Hate John Cena's gimmicks since going PG
    I Hate that the IC, US and Tag Team Titles are no longer used to elavate people, they are just put on people they don't know what to do with. These Titles should all be defended at every PPV in 15-20 minute matches. They have plenty of guys that can go.
    I Hate how there are no real managers anymore.
    I Hate that Jerry Lawler is still wrestling and is #1 contender.
    I Hate the stupid midget.
    I really Hate the stupid midget
    I hate that Chris Benoit had to go loco and die for WWE to realize they need to take care of their wrestlers but they still should be doing more (give them vacation that doesn't require them having an injury)

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    I hate the fact that WWE has a set body-type that they're seemingly unwilling to budge on. The lack of diversity bores me and handicaps their potential in all areas.

    Example: In the "Hardcore Diaries" Mick Foley talks about pushing for Vince to sign CM Punk and Samoa Joe; guess why Joe wasn't picked up...

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    i really hate r-truth rapping.
    i hate how they have made kozlov look so damn weak.
    i hate how they kind of stopped john morrison's push into the main event scene.
    i hate david otunga.
    i hate the fact that they fired mickie james and maria.
    i hate PG. the shows become too kiddish. and the divas should be able to wear less. less is more.
    i hate that chris masters is a jobber.
    i hate how they didn't use christian in the rumble. i hate how they were using christian prior to his injury.
    i hate how predictable every match is.
    i hate rey mysterio and the 619.
    i hate how ted dibiase is being misused.
    i hate that daniel bryan is in a *love* quadruple storyline and not in a real feud.
    i hate the stupid anonymous general manager crap.
    i hate that the king is the number one contender. we all know he's not going to win it. there's no damn point. don't get me wrong. the man deserves it. but seriously. whats the point?
    i hate how justin gabriel who can do so many amazing things in the ring is being restricted from doing so.

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