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    My only complaint is the serious lack of cowbell.
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bodom View Post
    my only complaint is the serious lack of cowbell.
    need moar cowbell!

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    10: Shit Matches
    9: Shit storylines
    8: John Cena's characters
    7: Burying Talents
    6: John Laurinatis
    5: Randy Orton
    4: Sin Cara
    3: Misuse of Superstars
    2: Misuse of NXT
    1: Not utilizing Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Tyler Reks etc

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    I wanted to reply with something witty, but apparently I'm an idiot.

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    Is it me or did the OP post like someone bursting into a room with so much to say and then after about 3 points turns into a stumbling mess?

    10 Worst Things about......

    Ummmm......8 BadThings about......

    Errrrrrrrrr.......5 Not So Good Things about......

    Ahhhhh nuts! Ok. 3 Things That Grind My Gears!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XDN View Post
    10. Giving away Pay Per View matches on TV
    What feuds or matches in WWE havent we seen. They take matches put them on tv and then at the ppv they throw in gabriel vs swagger or some other match because they have nothing else to put out there.

    9. Dropping the ball with CM Punk
    CM Punk has SO MUCH MORE talent as do a few others that WWE simply doesnt know how to or allow to be show cased. CM Punk should of gotten his main event push 4 or 5 years ago. He has so much untapped talent...AND I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU IDIOTS THINK ABOUT HIM. Hes been my favorite wrestler since late 05/06. There was so many things they could of done with him after june 28, 2011. I just imagine and imagine what A GENIUS LIKE PAUL HEYMAN(YES HE IS A GENIUS YOU IDIOTS) would of done with a CM PUNK.

    8. Burying young guys
    Triple H has single handedly been burying guys since the fall of 1999 until now. Every single young talent. Just look recently at who HHH, Kevin Dunn and WWE has buried: Wade Barrett,Sheamus,Daniel Bryan,Ted DiBiase,Drew McIntyre and that was just from late 2010 to mid 2011. How can WWE the Kings of Wrestling not figure out that in this industry you NEED to make stars to survive.

    7. Pushing guys then burying them then pushing them
    An endless cycle. For example Sheamus was pushed to the main event in 09. Won the belt twice. Then was a jobber in the build up to WM 27. Then Gets re pushed in summer 2011 and now is fighting for the world title. WWE CLEARLY doesnt realize that when you push someone and they get over, they will NEVER get over like they did the first time you pushed them. A clear example is Rob Van Dam in 2001. He came in and he was the MOST over person in the company. And they didnt put the WWF title on him. Then they waited 5 years to late and put the belt on him at One Night Stand 06. THIS WAS TRULY ONE OF THE WWE's BIGGEST MISSED OPPORTUNITIES. One more example is Wade Barrett. He and The Nexus was so over and they buried him. Wade Barrett will never be as over as he was in 2010.

    6. Over hyping everything
    OH MY GOD. How many times during RAW do they PUSH THE FUCK OUTTA TWITTER. But my problem (NOT SO MUCH THIS YEAR) is the Wrestlemania build up. OH MY GOD. They play the WM song a MILLION TIMES. They get camera shots of the WM sign endlessly. WWE NEEDS to realize wrestling fans already always know when wrestlemania is and what its about. A NO DO NOT SAY THEY DO IT FOR CASUAL FANS, because WWE treats it like your retarted by talling you about it a MILLION times. Also a MAJOR over hyping is the ABSURD claims WWE makes. For example ALWAYS saying the Shawn Michaels is the greatest of all time. SUCH BULLSHIT. Also saying this is the BIGGEST WRESTLEMANIA OF ALL TIME. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. AND lastly saying ROCK-CENA is the BIGGEST MATCH OF ALL time. NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE.

    5. John Cena

    4. John Cena's MEGA push

    3. Not making stars
    Simply a consistent theme for WWE since Fall of 2001 until now. In the last 10 years there have only been 4 stars made in Wrestling. HOW PITIFUL. and they are Lesnar,Cena,Orton,Batista. BEFORE YOU IDIOTS SAY anything everyone else WAS made a star in WWF WCW or ECW. for example Edge was already made a star in 2000 so dont mention himor people like him. BUT I KNOW YOU WILL.

    2. Shoving things down your throat

    1. Triple H political power
    The company sucks now and when VINCE dies........
    do you even watch WW? 0.0

    don't make stars?
    Hello, I would like you to meet half of the WWE roster... all highly popular and over in WWE, some were in small indy feds or non wrestlers before WWE.
    none of the Divas were over before WWE, albeit most were models/gymnasts/dancers but still, they are over now.
    Right to Un-censor!

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    Maria Menounos beats Beth.

    Beth beats MsChif

    Maria can beat MsChif????
    Right to Un-censor!

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