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Thread: morgan vs hardy

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    Except if you look at the idea of continuity, you would remember he was responsible for giving people concussions like Hernandez, who we haven't seen in a long time. He never mentioned about how he cares for it on Impact so for those who don't follow his outside life this new information would be mind boggling.

    A good way to get this out of the way is make Samoa Joe go back to the "Joe is going to kill you" days and take out Jarrett Storyline like and take Anderson's place.
    Yeah but Morgan did address giving Hernandez a concussion in his first promo post face turn and he did address his stamce on the matter in the same interveiw. On such short notice I think it was at least concievable that Morgan would take offense to it. All in all i think that TNA did a pretty good job with this and I for one am at least intrested in the match. I do agree though that Samoa Joe would be perfect for the job, but then again I still like what he's doing with Jarret...


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