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    One of my fave Movie trivia facts: this explanation is taking from Wikipedia:
    Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally cast as the Predator creature, the idea being that the physical action star would use his martial arts skills to make the Predator an agile, ninja-esque hunter.[3] When compared to Schwarzenegger, Weathers, and Ventura, actors known for their bodybuilding regimens, it became apparent a more physically imposing man was needed to make the creature appear threatening. Additionally, it was reported that Van Damme constantly complained about the monster suit being too hot, causing him to pass out. He also had allegedly voiced his reservations on numerous occasions regarding the fact he would not be appearing on camera without the suit. Van Damme was removed from the film and replaced by Kevin Peter Hall.[3] Hall, standing at an imposing 7 foot 2 (218 cm), had just finished work as a sasquatch in Harry and the Hendersons
    Van Damme's words for Expendables 1
    Stallone gave me a part in his next movie, but I ask him about the subject, about the story. He said, 'You're gonna make lots of money.' I don't want to hear that, I want to hear what was my character. He was unable to tell what it's going to be. [Stallone said:] 'You know, uh, well, the fighting will be good.' [So I said:] 'Syl, what is my character?' So I didn't do the movie.

    And for kickboxer 2
    [on Kickboxer 2] I refused a sequel. I wasn't offered enough money. Instead, we did a new film, Double Impact, rather than just make Kickboxer 2.

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    In Toy Story, the carpet design in Sid's room are the same in the Shining

    In Titanic, the sketch that Jack drew of Rose with the Necklace and all the pictures in the sketchbook were actually done by James Cameron.



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    Fuck it, I got more.

    - The inspiration for the Bugs Bunny character was Clark Gabke in 'It happened in one night'

    - Inspiration for He-Man was Conan the Barbarian. (I read the funniest thing about He-Man the other day, someone commented 'When I was young, He-Man was the most popular hero/cartoon figure, and now all he has been objectified to is couple of homoerotic videos on YouTube)

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    I learnt about that 2001 cut from bone to spaceship, it's great cut but I don't know if it's the single greatest of all time.

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    In Scream, Drew Barrymore was originally cast as Sidney Prescott (eventually played by Neve Campbell). But Drew Barrymore insisted that if she played Casey then it would make the audience think anything could happen.

    Another note in scream was to keep To keep Drew Barrymore looking scared and crying, Wes Craven kept telling her real life stories about animal cruelty. She is a keen animal lover in real life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeelTurn View Post
    Mulan? Sleeping Beauty? Tangled? Pretty sure they're the same.
    in tangled and sleeping beauty i dont believe the parents are shown
    i havent watched either though


    in Death Race At least 30 different masks were tried out (and rejected) for Frankenstein's facial attire.
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