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    Who do you wanna see vs. CM Punk next?

    I hope that CM Punk retains WWE title @ Wrestlemania. If he does, who can possibly be next? I would have actually preferred CM Punk vs. The Miz or even CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 28 if Chris Jericho never returned. I think Miz is over enough for it and was over enough last year. No one else coulda had a WWE title match vs. Cena @ WM27.
    Back on topic; after WM28 I would love to see CM Punk's next title feud vs. The Miz. I think these 2 can have some awesome(pun) mic battles. Cody Rhodes I think could be drafted 2 Raw 2 B given a crack next. If Jericho never returned, and the dumb WHC never existed, then Daniel Bryan I believe would be a draw enough to replace my choice of The Miz to face CM Punk for WWE title. Dolph Ziggler already had his chances vs. CM Punk.
    I really wish the World Heavyweight title never came into existence in 2002. If it never did, imagine all the FRESH contenders & FRESH WWE championship match-ups that could have been held in this 10 year span, with 5 or 6 of those years we were dealt with IWC complaining about John Cena or Randy Orton hogging WWE title matches.

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    They look like they might combine the titles soon with this GM storyline, but who knows.



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    I'm not sure I'm for the unification of the top titles... There's so many contenders and near-contenders for the WWE and WHW championships, that a lot of them will get lost in the shuffle. I'm afraid that guys like Barrett, Ziggler and Rhodes wont get the main event pushes unless they try to keep the title of guys like Cena or Orton, which is unlikely.
    If I had more faith in creative than I do at the moment, then I wouldn't mind a unification, since it does seem off in my perspective, to have two number 1 guys.


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