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    Question Shawn Michaels and Triple H

    With HBK scheduled on a some Raw's in the Wrestlemania build, and also this:
    from the WWE site, what do you think that is HBK's role in the Wrestlemania season?

    Just a referee, or could this set up for a HBK vs HHH feud? Like, HHH couldn't beat Undertaker again at Wrestlemania, but that still leaves the question who of the two is better. This also had a little undertone in the HHH & HBK promo. Could this also mean that next year we don't have Undertaker, but HHH vs HBK? (This could fit with what Vince (kinda) said, that next year is going to be bigger)

    So what are your thoughts? I don't know what to think yet, because we don't know what he's going to do in the advertised Raw's.

    (Arguments please )
    Wait for the next time...

    ''If You Know What I Mean''

    Thank You Edge and HBK!

    Beer! Money!

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