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    Which title is more likely to change hands at WM?

    Which title is more likely to change hands at WM?

    Punk vs. Jericho or D-Bry vs. Sheamo?

    I personally think Sheamus will win over Jericho cuz didn't they say Jericho mite not be around too much longer after Mania?

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    I must agree in that Sheamus will win, I don't think Jericho will. I'm guessing if Jericho does "leave" he won't be gone for long, but I still don't see them taking the title off of Punk. if they do, I only see it so that Cena beats Jericho, and prevents Cena/Punk which they might have later this year again

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    I agree with your reasoning with Jericho.

    On top of that, it's been a while since the Royal Rumble winner won at Wrestlemania, so it's most certainly due.

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    The WHC is more likely to change hands, but not because Jericho plans to leave after Mania. That is pure speculation at this point, as other reports say that he'll stick around until Summerslam.
    But the fact that Jericho doesn't need the title, and that the RR winner hasn't won the title at Mania or a while, and because Sheamus has been built up so much recently, he's the likely winner.
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    Both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will retain.

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    I think Sheamus will probably win the title (as much as I don't want him to) and I don't think Jericho will beat Punk. Sheamus has been on a huge roll lately, one of the biggest hot streaks we've seen in a very long time, and I just can't see Bryan getting out of this one.


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    I think both titles will change hands. Sheamus is on the verge of being a super. Which is unfortionate because I like him and don't want him to grow stale. And I think punk is more entertaining chasing the title and Jericho is more entertaining as champion. I don't think Jericho will do it in a legit fashion though, keeping the rivalry going forward. I also, sadly see Cody losing his title to show. It will kill a bit of his momentum but on the bright side I've seen that title holding him back from being I'm the main event and this will free him up to be a headliner. Another positive note is the pretty good sized push a superstar will get by taking the title off of show. I think it'll be Ted dibiase personally, and can see him looking like a strong champion after beating him.

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    I would like for Jericho to win the match at Mania to keep the rivalry going, but I have a feeling that Jericho will be gone again shortly after Wrestlemania, and then return several months later.

    To answer the OP, of course the WHC will change. You have a super going up against Daniel Bryan (for those who haven't realized it, wake up - they've been grooming Sheamus to become a super for months). Usually Bryan would win using an underhanded tactic, but hes going up against Sheamus, so you know who's going to win.

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    I think Daniel Bryan is going to retain and so will CM Punk and then the two of them will defend their titles at Over the Limit and the winners of those matches will go on to compete against each other in the main event to crown a new Unified World Champion

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    i hope theres a mitb match at wm and miz wins it. then he cashes it in on sheamus right after he wins the belt.


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