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    Superstars Review

    To see the WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon open the show was good as it shows the importance he harbors towards Superstars as he addresses that last week his great friend Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman was found knocked out cold just as the show went off the air and gives us an update on ''The Coach'' as he has been told by doctors ''The Coach'' will be out of action for at least the next couple of months. Though it is suspected foul play was involved in his attack last so Mr. McMahon is left with no alternative but to name a temporary replacement and that replacement will Matt Striker while an official investigation will take place and real soon we will find the culprit or culprit's responsible for this heinous act that led to ''The Coach'' being put out of action.

    Striker heads to the ring but the surprise was that as Striker went to shake Mr. McMahon's hand, only to find that Mr. McMahon left the ring. A very clear of disrespect towards Striker and shows that Mr. McMahon is not happy with Striker as Superstars General Manager. Striker takes a moment to say that now as General Manger he will be fair to all wrestlers and not show favoritism to anyone in particular as he goes on about last week and how both Teddy Hart and Chavo Guerrero challenged Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms at Badd Blood so tonight Teddy Hart will go one on one with Chavo Guerrero and the winner will face Helms at Badd Blood. A great match up to put some light in the Cruiserweight Division.

    Before Striker heads to the back he reminds everyone of tonight's main event, a Loser Leaves Superstars Match between Alberto Del Rio and ''The Flying Dragon'' Richie Steamboat. A great to look forward to.

    A nice way to start with some tension and some exciting match ups. Good job.

    Backstage its Cottonwood who is seen confronting the new Superstars General Manager Striker and says that he knows Striker had something to do with ''The Coach'' being taken out and he'll be watching him very closely but Striker soon responds by saying that Cottonwood has an interesting opinion Eli but that is all it is and he will be the one to watch anyone closely starting tonight because Cottonwood is in action next.

    Cottonwood's actions may yet be his downfall in the WWE if he keeps confronting management in such a way.

    Cottonwood made easy work of Marella as he went for the Cobra only for Cottonwood to grab Marella's hands and push him towards the ropes so that on the rebound Cottonwood would be able to nail a Falling Chokeslam for the win here tonight.

    Backstage we now see Bateman and The Soviet Syndicate bragging about how they were able to defeat The Southern Connection in separate matches last week only for The Southern Connection to appear on the scene and have Husky saying that had it not been for ''The Coach'' distracting them they would've been the ones to suffer defeat.

    Bateman daringly asks: Really? to which Bo replies that f they don't believe them they can settle this in the ring next week in a six Man Tag Team Country Rules Elimination Match, a challenge Alex gladly accepts on everyone's behalf by saying: Fine. However as The Southern Connection walk away they are attacked from behind by Bateman and The Soviet Syndicate only this time they were ready and fight back forming a brawl until security breaks it up.

    Tension is high and it is making feuds very exciting to see. Good job here.

    Richards faces Lethal and as Lethal knocks Richards down and climbs to the top rope and goes for it all via a Lethal Shot it's Richards who moves out of the way in the nick of time and waits until Lethal is on his knees to hit a big kick combo ending with a brutal shot to the head that cause Lethal to fall onto the canvas before locking his version of an armlock called the Kimura to get a submission victory here tonight.

    Post match, in a very interesting heel tactic Richards won’t let go of the Kimuna forcing Chaotic to come out and get into the ring to pull Richards off of Lethal. Soon however Edwards comes out as well with two steel chairs in hand while Chaotic who is checking on Lethal doesn’t notice and gets nailed with a Con - Chair – To by Cabana Security before they do the same to Lethal and yell to not mess with the Wolves.

    The only argument here is what would they like to be called because officially in the WWE they are Cabana Security but here they referred to themselves as The (American) Wolves, so the question lies which name are they to oficially use? I hope to find out next week.

    Part of The Samoans of Supremacy Tamina and Lekee unite to face Mendez and Sin Cara (I wonder how he came to be Mendes' partner) and as the Divas take center stage and brawl on the outside it's Sin Cara and Lekee who are the legal men on the inside and Sin Cara tries to hit a Hurricarana only for Lekee to reverse him mid move and turn into a Sitout Spinebuster for the win while Tamina kicks Mendez in the gut and lays her out with a powerbomb on the outside.

    We now see backstage Garcia interviewing Tamina and Lekee and when Tamina is asked What is exactly is her problem with Mendes is, she replies that Mendes started the fight but she made sure she finished it and sends a message to Gail Kim that she is coming for that WWE Divas Championship.

    The Samoans of Supremacy have been on a roll as of late, not bad.

    Guerrero now clashes with Hart to become #1 Contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship as Helms sits by on commentary. As Hart and Guerrero are fighting on one of the top turnbuckles it's Hart who gets the edge and tries to hit a Superplex only for Smith to appear on the stage this distracts Hart allowing Guerrero to push Hart off the turnbuckle and then hit the Frog Splash to get the win here tonight as Smith heads backstage smiling and Helms stares down with Guerrero while holding the WWE Cruiserweight Championship up high.

    I know Smith is a prick for costing Hart the win which would've benefited The Hart Dynasty and make them shine with at least of their members getting a shot at the gold but the Guerrero vs Helms match should be quite exciting to see.

    Fianlly the main event is here as Del Rio and Steamboat face off in a Loser Leaves Superstars Match.

    As the end draws near Steamboat hits a Stalling Suplex on Del Rio before climbing to the top turnbuckle and eagerly waits for Del Rio to stand and he does shortly allowing Steamboat to go for Flight of the Dragon and connect only for Del Rio to reverser it into a roll up with a hand full of tights for the very surprising win.

    Post match it's Del Rio who has a laugh saying fooled everyone into thinking that he ever wanted to leave Superstars because it doesn't matter whether he's om Raw, Superstars or Smackdown he is destined for greatness and will be the next T.V Champion.

    Something Victim does not take too kindly and attacks Del Rio, soon the WWE T.V, Champion Cabana comes out and along with Del Rio beat on Victim when suddenly all the lights go out and on the appears a clock with 4:20 on it and it counts down until it hits zero when a lot of fireworks go off.

    As the smoke clears the return of Rob Van Dam is revealed as he is on the stage and stares down at Cabana, Victim and Del Rio before doing his signature pose to ignite the crowd on his return to the WWE.

    Overall....You're developing feuds well which I like and the big return for Superstars as Rob Van Dam enter the fray. It was a good show that sets up many great thing to come after Badd Blood as the TV Championship has a lot of talent after and the future of Steamboat is left in question. Nice closeout show before Badd Blood.

    Good job.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Know your Enemy by Green Day plays as the SMACKDOWN Video is shown

    Booker T and Michael Cole welcome the fans to the show

    You think you know me starts to play and the Rated R superstar himself Edge comes out to the ring with microphone in hand.

    In the ring

    Edge: All of you fans are probably wondering why I speared the World Champion Tyler Black last week. Well if you are then you haven’t been paying close enough attention to my career because that is why the call me the ultimate opportunist I saw an opportunity and I took it.

    I respect Tyler Black for what he has accomplished but I want that championship one more time before I retire.

    World Champion Tyler Black comes out to the ring with microphone in hand

    Back in the ring

    Black: You said it yourself Edge you are the ultimate opportunist and I get you going after my championship and if I had been in position I would’ve done the same thing and I respect you but you I wouldn’t be me if I let you get away with it.

    So here is what I am going to do after BB you want a shot at my championship well you got it.

    They shake hands

    But Black grabs Edge and puts him on his shoulders and hits a F- 5

    Black grabs his fallen microphone

    Black: No disrespect Edge but that makes us even

    Commercial Break

    Match 1 The Debuting Damian Shadow with Abraham Washington beat Sheamus

    Finish: Sheamus has Shadow lined up for the Brogue Kick and is about to go for it when Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali come out onto the stage and this distracts Sheamus.

    Sheamus ignores them and goes for the Brogue but Shadow ducks and Sheamus misses and Shadow grabs (Sheamus’s) tights and gets the roll up.

    After the match

    Mahal & Khali head to the back laughing

    Sheamus is pissed and leaves the ring and goes after Mahal and Khali


    Josh Mathews interviews Anti Indy Member John Morrison

    Mathews: How does it feel to know that tonight you face the current IC Champion and Indy and proud of it member Jon Moxley in a non title match?

    Morrison: Moxley should be glad that it is non title otherwise he would be home without his championship.

    Mathews: Ok then how do you feel about facing Randy Orton at BADD BLOOD?

    Morrison: As far as I am concerned Orton is going to learn the hard way that he should never interrupt me when I am busy

    Morrison walks off

    Mathews thanks him for his time

    Back to the ring

    Match 2 John Morrison beat IC Champion Jon Moxley by DQ

    Finish: Moxley has Morrison up on his shoulders for a move but Morrison rakes his eyes and lands on his feet. Morrison goes over to ropes and waits for Moxley to turn around and when he does Morrison goes for the Flying Chuck when Randy Orton comes running down to the ring and gets in and pushes Moxley out of the way.

    While Morrison is in Mid Air Orton catches him and hits an RKO causing the DQ

    After the match

    Orton leaves smiling

    Commercial Break

    Backstage Sheamus is looking for Mahal & Khali when he sees Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli

    He goes over to them

    Sheamus: Hey fella’s have you seen Mahal & Khali?

    They shake their heads and he walks off

    In a different spot backstage Mahal & Khali laugh watching Sheamus on a monitor
    Back to the ring

    Match 3 The Hart Dynasty 2.0 (Teddy Hart & Tyson Kidd) with Natalya beat The DUDEBUSTERS (Trent Barretta & Caylen Croft) with Kaitlyn by count out

    Finish: Hart and Barretta are in the ring brawling and Barretta kicks Hart in the gut and locks in a headlock and drags him to the corner and is about to for the DUDEBUSTER DDT when Natalya attacks Kaitlyn and lays her out with a slam.

    After the match both Barretta and Caylen help up Kaitlyn


    Josh Mathews tries to interview Jinder Mahal but Sheamus comes up and brawls with him until Khali comes up and locks in the vice on Sheamus and he passes out

    Mahal and Khali walk off laughing as refs check on Sheamus

    Back to the ring

    Match 4 WWE Champion Kofi Kingston beat Cm Punk

    Finish: Punk has Kingston up for the GTS and is about to hit it when Anti Indy come to ringside this distracts Punk and Kingston gets off his shoulders.

    Punk goes to the ropes and tells Anti Indy to get lost he turns right into Trouble in Paradise and Kingston covers him for the pin.

    After the match Chris Jericho comes down to the ring and gets in and lays Punk out with a Codebreaker. Kingston pushes Jericho and Jericho hits him with a Codebreaker.

    Commercial Break

    Match 5 Dolph Ziggler beat Mason Ryan & World Champion Tyler Black in a non title match

    Finish: Ziggler throws Black over the ropes but he lands on the apron.

    Ziggler who doesn’t notice this goes and brawls with Ryan as Black recovers on the apron. Ziggler and Ryan are brawling near where Black is and Black springboards off the ropes and goes for a double clothesline but only hits Ryan because Ziggler moves out of the way and Ryan rolls out of the ring.

    Black gets up as Ziggler goes for a Fameasser but Black reverses it into a sit out powerbomb and goes for the pin but Ziggler kicks out at two.

    Black gets up and picks Ziggler up and puts him on his shoulders when Anti Indy come out onto the stage which distracts Black and allows Ziggler to get off his shoulders and land behind Black and hit him Black with a Zig Zag and covers him for the pin

    After the match

    Ziggler leaves the ring

    Ryan leaves the ring

    Anti Indy start to head down to the ring and they get in and beat on Black

    Until Indy and Proud of it come out along with Punk and they get in the ring and brawl with Anti Indy

    Until security comes out and breaks it up
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    WWE Championship Kofi Kingston VS Dolph Ziggler VS Mason Ryan

    World Championship Tyler Black VS Cm Punk

    3 Stages of Hell McIntyre’s Career is on the line Triple H VS Drew McIntyre

    U.S Championship Evan Bourne with Donny Marlow VS Rey Mysterio with Sin Cara

    Regals Career on the line VS Regal faces Tyler Black for the World Championship at the next PPV William Regal VS Wade Barrett

    Women’s Championship Gail Kim VS Michelle McCool VS Kharma

    Randy Orton VS John Morrison

    4 on 4 elimination tag losing team must disband You can’t see the truth and you know it (Cena, Truth, Ryder & Hawkins) VS Christian, Kane, Justin Gabriel & Tyler Reks)

    Tag Championships Three Way Dance The USO’s (Jimmy & Jey) VS The Fortunate Son’s (Ted DiBiase & Joe Hennig) VS The Colon’s (Carlito & Primo)

    Cruiserweight Championship Gregory Helms VS Chavo Guerrero

    T.V Championship NO DQ Colt Cabana VS Rick Victim

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    Side Note

    WWE BADD BLOOD will be up very soon so stay tuned

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    Jerry the King Lawler & Jim Ross welcome the fans to the show

    Michael Cole & Booker T welcome the fans to the show

    The Chimpz come out and play a live version of their song Home Invasion

    A highlight video showing the feuds going into tonight mostly the one between Triple H and Drew McIntyre and the recent returns of Batista and Kevin Nash and The New Age Outlaws

    Match 1 Cruiserweight Championship Gregory Helms beat Chavo Guerrero

    Finish: Guerrero kicks Helms in the gut and gets in position for and hits the three amigos then drags Helms into one of the corners and climbs to the top turnbuckle.

    He is about to go for the frogsplash when The Hart Dynasty (Teddy Hart & Tyson Kidd) come down to ringside which distracts him. Guerrero still goes for the frogsplash but Helms gets his knees up and Guerrero lands chest first on them.

    Straight away Helms is on his feet and waits for Guerrero to stir then rebounds off the ropes and hits a Shinning Wizard and covers him for the pin.

    After the match

    GH grabs his championship and heads to the back and the Dynasty let him leave then they get in the ring.

    In the ring

    Kidd grabs Guerrero and sends him into Hart who rebounds off the ropes and when he gets a hold of him (Guerrero) he hits the Canadian Destroyer.

    DH Smith comes running down to the ring but the Hart Dynasty leave as Smith checks on Guerrero


    In the Anti Indy locker room

    Jericho: Tonight is blackest of black marks in the history of the WWE not only is the World Championship a championship held by some of the all time greats and that includes me is around the waste of some 15 minutes of fame Indy trash superstar like Tyler Black is one thing.

    But that in the main event tonight it is going to be defended by Black against a loser who thinks he is the best in the world Cm Punk and I don’t think that should happen.

    Miz Morrison & I being the leaders of this faction came up with a plan that involves all of us

    He starts to tell them what it is as we head back to the ring

    RAW General Manger Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out to the stage with microphone in hand

    Austin: Seeing as both Donny Marlow & Sin Cara are going to be in the respective corners of both Bourne and Mysterio I have decided that both of them will be added to the Championship match so the championship will be defended in a tag team match where the superstar who gets the pin will be U.S Champion.

    Match 2 U.S Championship Evan Bourne & Donny Marlow beat Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

    Finish: Marlow and Rey are in the ring. Rey kicks Marlow in the gut and runs and rebounds off the ropes and goes for a

    Hurricarana but Marlow reverses it and transitions Rey into a powerbomb hold which he (Marlow) then proceeds to Powerbomb Rey into the corner where Bourne is waiting for the tag.

    Marlow tags in Bourne as Rey falls to the canvas chest first and Marlow takes out Cara by booting him off the ring apron.

    Bourne climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits Airbourne for the pin.

    Bourne and Marlow head to the back

    Backstage Lillian Garcia interviews RVD

    Garcia: Rob how does it feel to be back in the WWE?

    RVD: It feels awesome Lillian

    Garcia: Your return was unexpected what made you decide to come back to the WWE?

    RVD: Well when things didn’t work out down in Orlando I decided that I needed a change and the WWE is it.

    Garcia: What are you going to do first?

    T.V Champion Colt Cabana comes up and interrupts

    Cabana: Lillian buzz off men need to talk

    RVD: Hey Colt leave her alone

    Cabana: I don’t even know why WWE was interested in resigning you I mean why bother because after I beat that reject Victim tonight I will beat you and anyone else who thinks they are good enough to face me.

    Rick Victim comes up and interrupts

    Victim: Cabana you’re not going to beat me your only going to become another one of my Victims and I am going to become the new T.V Champion.

    Alberto Del Rio walks up he starts to say something when the other three walk off

    Back to the ring

    Match 3 Women’s Championship Kharma beat Gail Kim & Michelle McCool

    Finish: Kim & McCool team up and throw Kharma from the ring. Kim kicks McCool in the gut and puts her position for and hits the Eat Defeat she goes for the pin and gets 2.

    Before a female fan in a hoodie comes from the crowd and gets on the apron which distracts the referee.

    Kim notices the fan and goes over to her and takes a swing at her but the fan ducks and spits green mist into Kim’s face the fan gets down from the apron and runs off through the crowd as Kim turns right into Kharma who came back in during the commotion and grabs Kim and hits her with a Kharma Implant on top of McCool and pins them both.

    Kharma takes the championship and heads to the back

    Backstage Josh Mathews interviews Intercontinental Champion Jon Moxley

    Mathews: Jon how does it feel knowing that you don’t have a match tonight?

    Moxley: Well Josh it sucks because I won this historic belt back at NOC and I haven’t defended it since then.

    Mathews: What is your opinion on the World Championship match between two wrestlers you know very well Tyler Black and Cm Punk?

    Moxley: Well I know both of them very well I have faced both of them and we had classic matches so I think it will tear the house down tonight.

    Mathews: Do you think that the group known as Anti Indy will interfere in the match?

    Moxley: Well Josh if they do Bryan, James and I will be out there to stop them.

    Mathews: Thanks for your time

    Moxley: No Problem

    Back to the ring

    Match 4 William Regal VS Wade Barrett Falls Count Anywhere Regals Career VS Regal becoming number one contender ends in a no contest

    Finish: They fight all around the arena and are on the stage. Barrett runs at Regal who grabs Barrett and hits a T- Bone Suplex onto the ramp.

    Regal waits for Barrett to get to his knees then runs at him and goes for the Knee Trembler but Barrett moves out of the way and Regal stumbles near the edge.

    Regal turns around as Barrett gets to his feet and Regal runs at him but Barrett grabs him and puts him on his shoulders and walks up the ramp as Regal tries to fight him off. Barrett is now at the edge of the stage and he hits Regal with a Wasteland which takes them both off the stage and crashing into some stage equipment.

    The ref checks on them and puts up the X symbol

    After the match

    EMTs load both men onto stretchers and roll them out of the arena


    Christian, Justin Gabriel, Tyler Reks and Kane are in a locker room talking

    Christian: All right guys when we go out there tonight we have to win ok we have no other option because if Cena’s group wins we are finished and we don’t want that right to lose at the hands of those losers.

    Kane isn’t paying attention

    Christian: Earth to Kane are you listening?

    Kane walks out

    The other three look confused

    Back to the ring

    Match 5 You can’t see the truth and you know it (John Cena, R Truth, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins) beat Christian, Kane, Justin Gabriel & Tyler Reks

    Eliminations and Finish

    Justin Gabriel by John Cena

    Elimination: Gabriel knocks Cena down with a kick to the head and drags him to the corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle.

    Gabriel is about to go for the 450 when Truth distracts him by going to the same corner on the apron.

    Gabriel kicks Truth down but it leaves Gabriel distracted and Cena gets up and goes over and hits Gabriel in the gut and puts him on his shoulders then walks out of the corner and hits an AA and covers for the pin.

    R Truth by Tyler Reks

    Elimination: Truth kicks Reks in the stomach and rebounds off the ropes and goes for a Truth Axe Kick but Reks moves out of the way and Truth lands awkwardly on his feet and Reks goes behind him and picks him up and puts him on his shoulders and hits a Burning Hammer and covers for the pin.

    Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder by Tyler Reks

    Elimination: Ryder kicks Reks in the gut and rebounds off the ropes and goes for a Rough Ryder but Reks gets up and runs at Ryder and decks him with a spear and covers him for the pin.

    Hawkins comes in and runs at Reks who grabs him and drops him with a spinebuster. Reks then picks him and puts him position for and hits the Demolition (Gallow’s Pole) and covers him for the pin.

    Tyler Reks by John Cena

    Elimination: Hawkins & Ryder attack Reks and lay him out with a Double DDT before leaving and Cena comes in and covers him for the pin.

    Kane comes into the ring

    Christian by John Cena

    Elimination: Cena taunts Christian and so Christian tags in which leaves Kane looking pissed so he waits for Christian to come in then grabs him around the throat and nails a chokeslam then walks out of the ring and to the back and Cena covers Christian for the pin.

    After the match

    Christian gets up looking confused

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    After the match

    Christian gets up looking confused


    The returning Todd Grisham interviews Kane

    Grisham: Kane why did you turn your back on Christian and get the group disbanded?

    Kane: I don’t need to explain my actions to any of you mortals but what I will say is that the Devils favourite demon doesn’t like to be a part of a team.

    Kane walks off

    Back to the ring

    Match 6 Randy Orton beat John Morrison by DQ

    Finish: Morrison kicks Orton in the knee and goes to the ropes and goes for the Flying Chuck but mid move Orton catches him and turns it into a powerslam.

    Orton picks Morrison up and lays him out with an RKO and is about to go for the pin when Kevin Nash comes down to the ring and gets in. He grabs Orton and hits the Jacknife Powerbomb which causes the DQ.

    Backstage Christian finds Kane and they start to brawl before Tyler Reks & Justin Gabriel break it up

    Back to the ring

    Match 7 Tag Championships The Fortunate Son’s (Ted DiBiase & Joe Hennig) beat The USO’S (Jimmy & Jey) & The Colon’s (Carlito & Primo) Three way Dance

    Eliminations & Finish

    The Colons by The USO’s

    Finish: Carlito throws Jimmy into the ropes which let Jey tag in and Carlito doest see it. Carlito hits a spinning neckbreaker on Jimmy and goes to pin but the ref says no.

    Carlito gets up and turns into a samoan drop from Jey who covers him for the pin.

    The USO’s by The Fortunate Sons

    Before the Colons leave the ring they lay out the USO’s with a Codebreaker/ Backbreaker combo to each of them.

    Elimination: Hennig comes in and picks up Jey and hits the Hennig Plex and covers for the pin.

    After the match

    The Sons celebrate with their championships as the USO’s get up and the sons offer their hands and the USO’s accept or so it seems before they lay out the sons with Samoan Drops and take the championships.

    Backstage Josh Mathew’s interviews Jimmy & Jey USO who say that Samoans are supreme before walking off.

    Back to the ring

    Match 8 3 stages of Hell match with McIntyre’s career on the line Drew McIntyre beat Triple H

    A highlight video is shown of their feud

    1st fall Finish: As soon as the bell goes off Hunter is beating the crap out of McIntyre and does let up so the ref counts to 5 and Hunter is Disqualified but he doesn’t care.

    Score McIntyre 1 HHH 0

    2ND fall Finish: the cage lowers and Hunter throws McIntyre into each wall of the cage. McIntyre tries to get up but HHH doesn’t let him he just beats on him and bloodies him HHH then picks McIntyre up and hits the pedigree and covers McIntyre for the pin.

    Score McIntyre 1 HHH 1

    3rd Fall Finish: HHH goes for the cover on a beaten and bloodied McIntyre but McIntyre kicks out. HHH picks McIntyre up and hits the pedigree and is about to go for the cover when Nash, Dogg & Gunn come down to the ringside area and Dogg & Gunn pull HHH out of the ring as Nash helps McIntyre to his feet.

    Together they throw him into the barricade repeatedly and then each of them hit their finishers on him.

    Batista comes out and brawls with Dogg & Gunn but the numbers get the better of him until Randy Orton comes running down and together they fight with the Outlaws into the crowd and are separated by security.

    HHH gets back in the ring

    Nash grabs him and kicks him in the gut and hits a Jaknife Powerbomb

    McIntyre picks HHH up and hits a Future Shock DDT and covers him for the pin.

    After the match McIntyre & Nash head to the back as Batista and Orton come back and check on HHH.


    Lillian Garcia interviews Mason Ryan

    Garcia: Mason what do you think your chances are in the WWE Championship match tonight?

    Ryan: I think 1 in 3 but I am going to do my best and become the first ever welsh born world champion.

    The Show Stealer Dolph Ziggler walks up and interrupts

    Ziggler: Lillian why are you talking to muscle bound delusional loser when you could be using this time to interview the next WWE Champion and Show Stealer me Dolph Ziggler.

    WWE Champion Kofi Kingston comes up and interrupts

    Kingston: Well Dolph you may be the Show Stealer and you might beat either Mason or I tonight but I think we are both going to do our best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    And Mason just so you know that doesn’t mean I want you to expect any help from me we aren’t friends.

    Ryan: I don’t need your help

    All three stare down

    Back to the ring

    Match 9 World Championship Tyler Black VS Cm Punk doesn’t even get started

    Finish: As soon as the bell the rings all members of Anti Indy run down to the ring and get inside and beat down Black & Punk. Then All the members of Indy and proud of it come out and they all get in the ring.

    There is a massive brawl between both factions before security comes down and breaks it up and the factions are taken out of the arena.

    Replay videos are shown of what just happened

    Backstage a Split Screen shows all three Kofi Kingston, Mason Ryan and Dolph Ziggler heading to the ring for the main event.

    Match 10 WWE Championship The Show Stealer Dolph Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston & Mason Ryan

    Finish: Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise on Ziggler who ducks and instead Kofi is caught by Ryan who lifts him up and press slams him down.

    Ziggler grabs Ryan from behind and throws him shoulder first into one of the ring posts and as Ryan is coming out from the corner Ziggler hits the Zig Zag and goes for the cover.

    Kofi breaks it up and grabs Ziggler and goes to throw him over the ropes but in mid move Ziggler reverses it and instead throws Kofi over the ropes.

    Kofi lands on the apron and waits for Ziggler to turn around and springboards but is met mid air with a Super Kick from Ziggler.

    Ziggler throws Ryan out of the ring and covers Kofi for the pin.

    After the match Ziggler celebrates with his belt yelling he is the Show Stealer

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    I'll review Smackdown in a minute bro, but...


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    Smackdown review:

    Nice way to open it with Edge coming out to explain his actions- but I don't get it. How is Edge allowed back in the WWE? A bit more context on how he is able to wrestle would be good. For instance, he could have come out and said he had spinal fusion surgery and the doctors have now cleared him for one final run. Something like that would have added more reality to the situation. It was nice for Tyler Black to head out and those two shaking hands, but I'm seeing a possibility here that could be incredible. If this was me, I'd build now for Wrestlemania, and I'd have Edge go one-on-one with Tyler Black at the big one. Of course, this isn't my saga, I just thought I'd give you a bit of advice there. Tyler Black hitting an F-5 was a shock but in a good way, and teases a possibly amazing feud.

    Damian Shadow? I'm guessing that's Damien Sandow with a typo or a new gimmick. Either way, it was nice to see him debut and pick up a win over Sheamus, albeit not clean. Good way to continue the feud between Sheamus & Mahal/Khali.

    Morrison warns Orton but Orton doesn't take that warning to heart as he takes Morrison out in the next match with an RKO. Great way to build towards Badd Blood.

    Nice to see Sheamus looking for Mahal & Khali with a cameo from the KOW.

    There appears to be a missing part in the next match bro as there's no real finish. But nice to see The Hart Dynasty 2.0 pick the win up.

    Sheamus gets taken out backstage by Mahal & Khali. Could see that coming- which I didn't like. I wanna be shocked mate! I'd loved to have seen Sheamus find Mahal & Khali and attack them both with a weapon only for them to fight back that eventually leads to Sheamus spearing one of them through a door or something like that- causing the feud to become a 1 on 1 feud instead of a handicap match since Sheamus needs somebody to help him out now.

    Kofi beats Punk thanks to Anti Indy but for a babyface to steal a win like that was shocking. The beginning of a heel turn? Jericho takes Punk out afterwards which was good.

    Dolph Ziggler wins the main event by pinning the World Heavyweight Champion. Good stuff. The post-match brawl was good but since I've read Badd Blood, I feel it took away from the brawl at the PPV. I felt that Edge should have made a cameo, or Indy and Proud of it should have came out to help Black up before Anti Indy come out onto the stage and there's a stare-down to end Smackdown, teasing what is going to happen at Badd Blood.

    A decent show, not one of your better ones though. You seem to miss a lot of opportunities for little things that could help this saga become something very special. Also, I felt another big promo should have happened.

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    Thanks for the review NIEF

    I will clear it up for you Kofi only hit his finisher because he was in the right spot and the right time he didnt know that Punk was distracted

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    What will happen when in three weeks time WWE hosts Fatal 4 Way and all championships will be defended in Fatal 4 Way Matches


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