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    WWE MY WAY 2.0 part 2

    With Summerslam come and gone I have decided to start a new thread form now up until Wrestlemania 29
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    Current state of the WWE


    Royal Rumble 2012 done
    Elimination Chamber 2012 done
    Wrestlemania 28 done
    Extreme Rules 2012 done
    King of the Ring 2012 done
    Night of Champions 2012 done
    Summer Slam 2012 done

    To come
    Badd Blood 2012
    Fatal 4 Way 2012
    No Mercy 2012
    Survivior Series 2012
    Amageddon 2012

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    Quick Summer Slam Results

    WWE Championship Kofi Kingston beat Mark Henry, Mason Ryan, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, Christian

    World Championship Tyler Black beat Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, John Morrison

    IC Championship Jon Moxley beat Cody Rhodes

    U.S Championship Evan Bourne with Donny Marlow beat Joey Mercury

    Tag Championships The USO'S (Jimmy and Jey) with Rikishi and Lekee beat The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)

    Triple H beat Drew McIntyre Hell in a Cell Shane McMahon is out of the job

    Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara beat Mark Henry & Ezekiel Jackson

    Kharma beat AJ

    Chris Masters beat Alex Riley with Melina DVD Extra

    Women's Championship Gail Kim beat Michelle McCool

    Cm Punk beat Chris Jericho

    The Fortunate Sons (Ted DiBiase & Joe Hennig) beat The Colon's (Carlito & Primo)

    Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to the WWE
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    Alex Riley
    Briley Pierce
    Curt Hawkins
    Carlito Colon
    Donny Marlow
    David Otunga
    Dolph Ziggler
    Drew McIntyre
    Eli Cottonwood
    Evan Bourne - U.S Champion
    Jack Swagger
    John Cena
    Lucky Cannon
    Mark Henry
    Primo Colon
    R Truth
    Xavier Woods
    Zack Ryder


    Brett DiBiase
    Chris Masters
    Ezekiel Jackson
    Justin Gabriel
    Joe Hennig
    Kofi Kingston - WWE Champion
    Mason Ryan
    Rey Mysterio
    Sin Cara
    Tyler Reks
    Ted DiBiase
    Triple H



    Brie Bella
    Nikki Bella

    AJ Lee
    Brie Bella
    Eve Torres
    Gail Kim - Women’s Champion
    Kelly Kelly
    Michelle McCool

    Tag Teams

    The USO’s (Jimmy & Jey USO with Rikishi Lekee as Bodyguard) - Tag Team Champions

    You Can’t See the Truth & You Know It (John Cena, R Truth, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins)

    Verdict & Consequence (David Otunga & Shad)

    Unnamed Stable (Kane, Christian, Justin Gabriel, Tyler Reks)

    The Fortunate Sons (Ted DiBiase & Joe Hennig)

    The Colon’s (Carlito, Primo)

    WWE Staff

    RAW General Manger Stephanie McMahon

    Announcers Jerry the King Lawler & Jim Ross

    WWE Legends

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Rikishi – Manger to the USO’S



    Alberto Del Rio
    Andy Leavine

    Alex Kozlov
    Brodus Clay

    Colt Cabana - T.V Champion
    Davey Richards
    Derrick Bateman
    Eddie Edwards
    Eli Cottonwood
    Jay Lethal
    Jay Briscoe
    Nigel McGuiness
    Mark Briscoe
    Rick Victim

    Vladimir Kozlov


    Bo Harris
    Husky Harris
    Johnny Curtis

    Ricky Steamboat
    Skip Sheffield
    Titus O’Neil


    WWE Diva’s

    Tag Teams
    The Briscoe’s (Jay & Mark)

    Lethally Victimised (Rick Victim & Jay Lethal)

    The Harris Brothers (Bo & Husky)

    The Insurance Policy (Eli Cottonwood with The Coach)

    WWE Staff

    Superstar’s General Manger Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman

    Announcers The American Dream Dusty Rhodes & Bryan Saxton



    Abraham Washington
    Brad Maddox
    Big Show
    Cody Rhodes

    Chris Jericho
    David Hart Smith
    Damian Shadow
    Gregory Helms – Cruiserweight Champion
    John Morrison
    Jinder Mahal


    The Miz

    Jey USO Unified Tag Champion
    Jimmy USO Unified Tag Champion
    Tyson Kidd
    Wade Barrett


    Amazing Red
    Chris Hero
    Cm Punk
    Claudio Castagnoli
    Chavo Guerrero
    Caylen Croft
    Bryan Danielson

    Darren Young

    Heath Slater

    James Gibson
    Jon Moxley - Intercontinental Champion

    Percy Watson
    Randy Orton

    Samoa Joe
    Teddy Long SMACKDOWN GM
    Tyler Black - World Champion
    Trent Barretta
    William Regal
    The Undertaker


    Big Show

    Samoa Joe


    Alicia Fox
    Beth Phoenix



    Rosa Mendes

    United Nations of Pain (Wade Barrett, Jinder Mahal, Vladimir Kozlov)

    The USO’s (Jimmy & Jey USO with Rikishi Lekee as Bodyguard)

    Indy Boys (Tyler Black, Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson & James Gibson)

    The Sharmen of Awesome (John Morrison & The Miz)

    The DUDEBUSTER’S (Trent Barretta & Caylen Croft)

    Kings Of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castinoli)

    The South Beach Party Boys (Darren Young & Percy Watson)

    Hunico & Epico

    WWE Staff

    SMACKDOWN General Manger Teddy Long

    Announcers Michael Cole & Booker T

    WWE Legends

    Rikishi – Manger to the USO’S

    The Undertaker
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    Current WWE Badd Blood 2012 Card

    World Championship Tyler Black VS Cm Punk

    Women's Championship Gail Kim VS Kharma

    Unified Tag Championships The Uso's (Jimmy & Jey) with Rikishi & Lekee VS The Fortunate Sons (Ted DiBiase & Joe Hennig)
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    Burn it all down by Nickelback plays as the RAW Video is shown

    Jerry the King Lawler & Jim Ross welcome the fans to the show

    RAW General Manger Stephanie McMahon comes down to the ring with microphone in hand

    In the ring

    Stephanie: Now I knew my brother Shane would be up to something and try to stack the deck in his favour just as any McMahon would.

    And that is my point he forgot that he wasn’t the only McMahon who had an interest in the outcome of the Hell in a Cell match last night at Summer Slam so I stayed one step ahead.

    And contacted Steve and made a deal with him that would cause the deal with my brother to fall apart.

    The deal I made was that if he helped me I would step down and give him my spot as RAW General Manger and I know he will do a great job.

    So without further ado please join me in welcoming the new General Manger of RAW

    Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!
    The Glass shatters and Austin comes out with microphone in hand

    Back in the ring

    Austin: Thanks Steph

    Oh hell yeah the Rattlesnake is back in the WWE and I thank you Steph for letting me be the RAW General Manger.
    Stephanie: No Problems thanks for getting my brother fired
    Austin: No Problem

    They shake hands and Stephanie heads up the ramp
    Drew McIntyre comes out to the stage with microphone in hand and stops Stephanie

    McIntyre: Steve you have made the biggest mistake of your life and I am going to make your life a living hell until you quit and give Shane his job back starting tonight.

    You robbed me of my chance to become the number one contender to the WWE Championship and I demand that you make me the number one contender right now.

    Austin: Drew I don’t care if I did that you picked the wrong side and you had to pay the consequences for that and you did and I am not going to make you number one contender.

    McIntyre: Well Steve you said it yourself we have to suffer the consequences for our actions just like you’re going to pay for your actions against Shane and myself and you are going to start right now.

    He drops the microphone and kicks Stephanie in the gut and hits the future shock ddt onto the stage.
    He walks backstage smiling

    Referees come out with a stretcher and load Stephanie onto it as Austin walks up the ramp and joins them.

    They head to the back


    Austin is watching Stephanie being loaded into an Ambulance

    Triple H comes up and grabs Austin by the front and yells at him

    HHH: This is your fault Steve I don’t care if you helped my wife last night you because now she might be paralysed because of your actions.

    Austin: I didn’t know this would happen Hunter don’t worry McIntyre is going to pay

    HHH: Yes he is and I am going to make sure it happens after I make sure my wife is ok and make sure my kids know that their mother will be fine.

    Hunter gets into the ambulance and closes the doors and it drives off
    Austin shakes his head and walks off
    Commercial Break

    In the office of RAW General Manger Steve Austin

    Austin: McIntyre you are going to pay for your actions you had no business attacking Stephanie McMahon and it starts tonight with you competing in a one on three handicap match and that is not all because at BADD BLOOD you will go one on one with Triple H in a three stages of Hell match with your career on the line.

    Also in tonight’s main event we are going to have Mr. Perfection Dolph Ziggler VS Mason Ryan VS Mark Henry VS Christian VS John Cena in a 5 man eliminaton challenge with the winner facing WWE Champion Kofi Kingston at BADD BLOOD.

    Back to the ring

    Jack Swagger comes out to the ring with microphone in hand
    In the ring

    Swagger: I am out here to announce the new weekly All American American Challenge which I will explain to you dimwittedly stupid fans the rules are that anyone can challenge me to an amateur wrestling match from the locker room or from on the street.

    And all you have to do is last 3 minutes with me and I will give you 200$ of my own money.

    So who is going to accept the challenge tonight?

    A male fan jumps the barricade and gets in the ring

    Back in the ring

    Swagger: What is your name?

    Fan: Tony

    Match 1 All American American Challenge Jack Swagger beat Tony

    Finish: Swagger hits a couple of amateur wrestling throws and then locks in the Ankle lock for the tap out victory at about a minute.

    After the match Swagger leaves the ring and the ref helps Tony up and the crowd cheer him for his efforts
    Backstage Tod Grisham interviews Kharma

    Grisham: Kharma why do you have the Women’s Championship you’re not champion?

    Kharma: Correct me if I am wrong Todd but this is the Women’s championship and the person holding this championship at the moment Gail Kim is not a women but a diva and so is her gal pal McCool.

    So come BADD BLOOD for the first time in a while a true women’s wrestler myself will be the champion.
    Gail Kim comes up with McCool as well

    Kim: You know what Kharma I could complain and ask for my championship back but I would rather beat you and take it from you.

    So you know what I did I went to Stone Cold and got a match with you tonight it’s you VS me and my “gal pal” as you call her Michelle McCool and if we win you have to give me my championship back or you forfeit your match at BADD BLOOD.

    Kim & McCool walk off smiling and Kharma looks pissed.

    Grisham goes to ask Kharma another question but she just stares at him

    Commercial Break

    Match 2 Handicap Gail Kim & Michelle McCool beat Kharma so she has to give the belt back

    Finish: Kharma & McCool are in the ring and Kharma is dominating. She throws McCool into one of the corners and then goes to the opposite one and waits.

    She runs at the corner with McCool in it and goes for a corner splash but McCool gets out of the way and Kharma hits the turnbuckles chest first.

    McCool tags in Kim and they wait for Kharma to get out of the corner and hit a double DDT. Kim goes for the cover and gets a 2 before Kharma powers out of it.

    Kharma is getting up when Kim grabs her and hits the Eat Defeat and covers Kharma for the pin.

    After the match

    Gail gets her belt back and she and McCool hold it up but has Gail is looking the other way McCool looks at the gold

    Backstage Christian, Kane, Justin Gabriel & Tyler Reks are in their locker room talking when the You Can’t See the Truth and You Know It (John Cena, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins & R Truth) come in and the two teams brawl until security comes in and breaks it up

    Commercial Break
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