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    Breaking news!


    UWA has come to terms with talent John Cena. UWA wishes John Cena the best of luck in his future.
    UWA Presents:
    The Final Show in all of UWA History!
    Live this Saturday October 6, 2012
    From Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan

    Theme: "Still Swinging" by Papa Roach

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    Quote Originally Posted by nrb6304 View Post

    UWA has come to terms with talent John Cena. UWA wishes John Cena the best of luck in his future.
    Gotta tell you the truth, UWA doesn't need Cena, it's epic enough without him!

    Join the Best e-fed, EWNCW!! Send a PM to Tommy Thunder, Kingstrem, TheJosephBanks, S.E.Zero, TTC or me filling the form you'll find in the Inferno Thread.

    Find all the EWNCW links here.

    The Jesting Madness: Last EWNCW Tag Team Champions (6/3/12-5-5-12), first ever EWNCW Blacklist Champions (5-5-12/11-12)

    Also check TWE!!

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    UWA Rampage Episode 2

    Theme: "Kick Ass" by Egypt Central

    -Jay Lethal beat Nigel McGuinness at 9:19 by Pin
    Nigel is chosen by Kaz as Lethal’s opponent
    Larait to Lethal for 2
    Springboard DDT to Nigel for 2
    Nigel goes for the Tower of London but Lethal is able to counter and nails a missile dropkick off the top rope!
    Swan Dive Headbutt for 2
    Hammerlock into a Single Arm DDT to Lethal for 2
    Lethal counters a German Suplex attempt and nails the Lethal Injection for the win!
    After, Lethal celebrates and says that Kaz he’s proven himself AGAIN

    -Edge arrives to the building
    Josh Mathews runs up and asks what are Edge’s thoughts on Tyler Black?
    Edge once again ask who?
    Mathews says Tyler Black
    Edge says that nobody who got lucky last week?
    He has no thoughts on him, because he isn’t wasting his time with a nobody!
    UWA TV Champion Vamp walks up
    Vamp says that last week they had a deal
    And now it’s time to pay up
    Vamp says that on Carnage Edge will weaken CM Punk for him
    Edge looks at him and nods before Vamp walks away
    Edge looks at Josh and says that dude is scary as hell

    -Raven is sitting in the boiler room again fuming
    Raven begins to speak but then falls silent

    -Big Show beat MVP at 1:45 by KO
    KO Punch for the win
    After, Big Show says that this Saturday night on Carnage when he goes one on one with Abyss
    The ENTIRE world will know exactly who the true dominate giant in UWA is
    And the TRUE Weapon of Mass Destruction!


    -Paul Heyman makes his way out
    Heyman says that right now he wants to call out 3men
    Heyman says that there are more then a few unsettled issues here in UWA and tonight they will call them to attention!
    Heyman demands that AJ Styles, John Morrison and Samoa Joe get out here NOW!
    Styles is the first out
    Morrison is next
    Joe stays on the ramp
    Heyman says that it seems to him that once again Dana White has screwed AJ Styles
    Heyman says that it’s time to make things right
    Heyman says that on Friday the 27 in Buffallo, New York AJ Styles WILL get a UWA X-Division title shot at Samoa Joe
    Morrison says that’s bull
    Heyman says that John Morrison can earn a spot in the match to make it a triple threat match IF he can beat AJ Styles later tonight!
    Morrison accepts the challenge
    The two go nose to nose before Heyman tells them to save it for later tonight!
    Samoa Joe stands up on the ramp laughing
    Heyman asks what’s so funny?
    Heyman says that tonight Samoa Joe will ALSO be in action
    Against a man that is DYING to get his hands on somebody…Kevin Nash!
    Heyman then says that that match will happen…NOW!

    -Samoa Joe beat Kevin Nash at 4:45 by DQ
    Running Big Boot to Nash for 2
    Nash nails a sidewalk slam on Joe but refuses to go for the cover
    Nash calls out Sting
    Running Seated Senton to Nash for 2
    Nash nails a big boot but then goes to the outside
    Nash grabs a chair and a microphone
    Nash says that Sting wants to call people out and hurt them?
    Fine let’s hurt some people!
    Nash blast Joe in the head with the chair!!
    Nash blast Joe again
    Nash picks up Joe and sets him up for the Jacknife when the lights die
    Sting shows up on the ramp with his baseball bat
    Sting laughs and says that Joe is a big boy and can take the pain
    Sting says to do it! DO IT!
    Or man up and come do it to him!
    Nash drops Joe and walks up the ramp
    Sting laughs and says that at Blackdeth…they will bleed!
    The lights die and then come back Sting gone.

    -The Motor City Machine Guns beat Gregory Helms and Matt Hardy at 6:44 by Pin
    Side Effect to Sabin for 2
    Helms goes for a stalling suplex but Helms lands on his feet and nails a neckbreaker for 2
    Hesitating Dropkick to Helms
    Shelley goes for Sliced Bread but Helms throws him to the outside
    Twist of Fate to Shelley for 2
    Helms goes for the Nightmare on Helms Street but Sabin nails a superkick on him
    Roll up to Helms for the win!
    After, Helms and Hardy begin to beat down on The Guns!
    Jeff Hardy walks out
    Hardy nails both Sabin and Helms with the Twist of Fate

    -Sheamus is backstage in the locker room
    Sheamus says that last week he so dominantly defeated Jerry Lynn that NOBODY wanted to face him tonight
    But while he sits here in the back, look who is out there wrestling old timers like Kevin Nash!
    Sheamus says no more will he be overlooked by a geezer!

    -Kaz beat MVP at 5:55 by Pin
    MVP is chosen as Kaz's opponent
    Springboard Leg drop to MVP for 2
    Snap DDT to Kaz for 2
    MVP goes for the Playa’s Boot but Kaz ducks
    Wave of the Future for the win
    After, Jay Lethal comes out and the two have a stare down

    -UWA World Champion Raven is in the boiler room
    Raven tries to speak again but can’t
    Finally he screams

    -John Morrison beat AJ Styles at 12:16 by Pin
    Styles ducks the Dancing Superkick
    Morrison moves before the Pele
    Double crossbodies send both men down
    Moonlight Drive for 2
    Lionsault Reverse DDT to Morrison for 2
    Styles goes for the Clash but Morrison reverses into a Hurricanrana
    Superkick to Styles for 2
    Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Raven’s music hits
    Raven runs down to the ring but gets attacked by Danielson!
    Starship Pain to Styles for the win
    After, Danielson nails the Dragon Suplex on Raven!
    Morrison and Danielson stand in the ring looking at Raven
    UWA Presents:
    The Final Show in all of UWA History!
    Live this Saturday October 6, 2012
    From Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan

    Theme: "Still Swinging" by Papa Roach

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    From the office's of UWA Owner Shane McMahon: LIVE next Friday night at the UWA's Next Pay Per View Blackdeth, UWA Owner Shane McMahon will be LIVE in the arena to make a HUGE announcement regarding the UWA summer spectacular Burn It Down! Shane McMahon has promised that this announcement will be ground breaking and will have a direct effect on UWA's Mecca Event in October Never Gonna Stop III.
    UWA Presents:
    The Final Show in all of UWA History!
    Live this Saturday October 6, 2012
    From Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan

    Theme: "Still Swinging" by Papa Roach

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    UWA Carnage Episode 112

    Theme: "Unholy Confessions" by Avenged Sevenfold

    -UWA World Champion Raven is out in the ring
    Raven is sitting in the corner pissed
    Raven screams that he wants his title belt
    Raven says that he doesn’t care what he has to do
    Raven screams for Hoyt
    Dana White comes out
    White says that he doesn’t like Raven
    But Raven is the rightful UWA Champion
    White says that on Rampage Paul Heyman took care of Raven’s friend Samoa Joe and tonight White is taking care of Raven
    White says that tonight Lance Hoyt WILL give back the UWA World Title
    Raven screams MY TITLE
    Bryan Danielson makes his way out
    Danielson says that he’ll make this short and sweet
    He wants Hoyt and he wants the UWA World title
    Raven screams MY TITLE
    White says that since Hoyt refuses to wrestle another match until he gets a shot at the UWA World title
    Raven screams MY TITLE
    White says that at Blackdeth Raven will defend his title against Lance Hoyt AND Bryan Danielson
    Danielson says that he’s not waiting till Blackdeth
    Danielson says that tonight he’ll find Hoyt and TAKE the UWA World Title
    Raven gets up and screams in Danielson’s face MY TITLE

    -Father James Mitchell is seen in the back with Abyss
    Mitchell says that tonight Abyss and Big Show collide once again
    Tonight only ONE monster will walk out of the building
    And that’s the 6 foot 8 360 pound weapon of mass destruction

    -CM Punk beat Edge at 9:46 by Pin
    Edge-O-Matic to Punk for 2
    Pepsi Twist to Edge for 2
    Edge goes for the Spear but gets a roundhouse kick to the face
    Punk goes for the GTS but Edge is able to roll off
    Edge is going for the Edge-a-Cution when Tyler Black’s music hits
    Edge looks up at the ramp
    GTS to Edge for the win
    Black is seen in the crowd laughing at Edge
    Punk walks up the ramp before getting attacked by Vamp!
    Vamp nails a Spinebuster on the ramp!
    Vamp locks in the Triangle Choke!!
    Vamp lets Punk out before telling Punk that at Blackdeth he will offer CM Punk another shot at the TV Title
    In a Submission Match!

    -AMW are getting dressed in the locker room
    The lights flicker
    Storm laughs and says that it’ll take more to scare AMW then a light flicker!
    They keep getting dressed
    The lights die
    When they come back they’re standing in a pool of blood
    Harris looks at Storm a little tweaked
    Storm says still no good!
    The lights die
    When they come back The Brothers of Destruction are in the locker room behind them
    AMW look at each other and laugh before they hear Kane and Undertaker laugh as well
    AMW turn around and a brawl begins between the two teams
    Kane throws Storm into the locker
    Undertaker nails a Chokeslam ontop of Storm
    Taker asks if they’re scared now?!

    -Jeff Hardy beat Paul London at 4:44 by Pin
    Dropsault to Hardy for 2
    Twist of Fate to London
    Swanton Bomb for the win
    After, Jeff says that as he promised The Motorcity Machine Guns have earned a match with him
    However it won’t be with a partner from V.1
    No, instead he has a special partner


    -A photomontage of the past Big Show/Abyss match is shown

    -Big Show beat Abyss by DQ at 13:33
    Neither man go down in the beginning
    Abyss and Big Show both go for chokeslams but neither man can get the advantage
    Big Show nails a huge kick to the gut of Abyss
    Final Cut for 2
    Big Show goes for the WMD but Abyss ducks and nails an Avalanche Slash to Big Show in the corner!
    Abyss goes for Shock Treatment but Big Show is just too big
    Abyss nails a double handed chokeslam on Big Show for 2
    Both men are slow to their feet
    The two exchange blows
    Big Boot to Big Show!
    Mitchell screams for Doomsday!
    Abyss goes for the Black Hole Slam but Big Show reverses into a Spear!!
    Only a 2
    Big Show calls for the WMD
    Mitchell cracks his cane over the head of Big Show!
    The referee calls for the bell
    Abyss goes for the Black Hole Slam again but Big Show nails the WMD!!
    Big Show is pissed and nails a Chokeslam on Mitchell!
    Show then challenges Abyss to one more match at Blackdeth no DQ!

    -Sting is walking above the rafters
    Sting says that now it’s settled
    At Blackdeth there will be blood
    The blood of Kevin Nash running down his face
    Ruining the canvas
    And sending a clear message to him!
    Sting cracks up and says that now we’re playing my type of game!

    -Bryan Danielson makes his way out
    Danielson says that last week Hoyt taunted him with the UWA World title
    Danielson says that last week he made Hoyt run away like a women
    And tonight, he’s going to beat him like the bitch he is!
    Danielson demands that he come out now
    Danielson says that he knows Hoyt’s back there
    Danielson says that he WILL go get him!
    Out comes Lance Hoyt with the UWA World Title
    Hoyt says that last week Danielson cost them their tag team match
    Because he’s weak
    Cause he can’t beat Raven and he sure as hell can’t beat Hoyt!
    Danielson tells him to shut up
    Danielson says that tonight he’s going to finish what he started last week
    Hoyt says that’s not happening because the next time he steps into the ring
    It’ll be in a match for the UWA World Heavyweight Title!
    Hoyt tries to walk away but Danielson grabs him
    Danielson gets the upper hand but Hoyt nails a big boot
    Hoyt goes for a Chokeslam but Danielson reverses into an arm bar
    Raven runs out with a steel chair and nails both Danielson and Hoyt!
    Raven Effect DDT to both
    Raven grabs his title and runs up the ramp
    UWA Presents:
    The Final Show in all of UWA History!
    Live this Saturday October 6, 2012
    From Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan

    Theme: "Still Swinging" by Papa Roach

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    Breaking news!


    Straight from the offices of UWA CO-Booker Dana White:

    "UWA Blackdeth, has the potential to be one of the greatest Pay Per View Events the UWA has ever put on. We have the best talent in all of professional wrestling. We have some of the best and youngest talent in the world of professional wrestling, and at Blackdeth I plan on showcasing that in the best way possible. Paul Heyman has decided that Edge will face off against the newest UWA Competitor Tyler Black in the very first match on the card. I think that is a great chance for Tyler Black and Edge to tear down the house. Since the tide is changing in UWA, and Paul Heyman has already decided the very first match on the card, I have decided on the very last match on the card: The Main Event. Since we are highlighting the NEWEST and BRIGHTEST talent in UWA I have decided that in a change of pace, the Triple Threat Match between UWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven, Lance Hoyt, and Bryan Danielson will NOT be the Main Event. Instead this Friday at Blackdeth LIVE on PPV the Main Event will feature Jay Lethal going one on one with Kazarain. And as promised Paul Heyman will announce later tonight on Rampage what reward for these two will be on the line come Friday Night. Thank you all for your time."

    UWA officials have tried to get a comment from UWA CO-Booker Paul Heyman but all they were able to get was the following:

    "This is (expletive) ridiculous. Does he really think he can do this?! This is (expletive) complete and utter bull (expletive)! No comment"
    UWA Presents:
    The Final Show in all of UWA History!
    Live this Saturday October 6, 2012
    From Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan

    Theme: "Still Swinging" by Papa Roach

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    UWA Rampage Episode 3

    (AUTHORS NOTE: Eh my internet is being dumb as balls. BTW that whole 10000 Character thing I tried to implement...yeah that didn't work at all. Clearly the shows are too short and not long enough, so SCRATCH THAT. After this Rampage, shows will be back to normal. Just consider the last Rampage and Carnage got preempted by the NHL Playoffs. Or something like that. lol)
    Theme: "Kick Ass" by Egypt Central

    -UWA X-Division Champion Samoa Joe makes his way out
    Joe says that now it’s official, AJ Styles and John Morrison are BOTH marked for men
    Joe says that now the clock is ticking
    Ticking away not only towards their match
    But on their time in UWA
    Cause very simply put: Joe…is…gonna…kill….you!
    AJ Styles comes out
    Styles says that last week on Rampage Samoa Joe ducked him
    Styles says that this week, he wants to know: are you a coward Joe?
    Are you scared of me Joe?!
    Joe laughs and asks how could anybody be scared of AJ Styles
    Joe says that he’s refusing to give AJ Styles what he wants
    Joe Styles wants TV time?
    Fine how about AJ Styles go one on one with an opponent of HIS choice later tonight?!
    Styles says that he’ll face whoever, BUT if he beats his opponent tonight next week on Rampage he wants Joe!
    Joe says that he’ll do better, if Styles can win tonight he’ll face Styles this Saturday on Carnage!
    Styles accepts
    Dana White comes out
    White says that as much as Joe would love to be the match maker here in UWA he’s not
    Tonight AJ Styles WILL face Samoa Joe
    In a special 6 man tag team match
    Styles, Hoyt and Nash vs. Joe Sting and Raven!

    -Paul Heyman bust into Dana White's office
    Heyman asks what the hell is he thinking?!
    Booking Lethal and Kaz as the main event of a PPV?!
    White says that he knows Lethal and Kaz can bring down the house.
    Heyman says yeah, in the third or fourth match
    NOT the main event!
    Heyman says that he won't stand for this!
    Heyman says that McMahon will be in the building on Friday!
    White says that he knows, and Shane deserves the best main event possible
    So do the fans.
    So Lethal/Kaz II at Blackdeth. Main Event!
    Heyman says that they're not ready for the main event!
    Jay Lethal walks in
    Lethal says that he overheard them talking about him
    Lethal thanks Dana White for the main event chance
    And promises to make him proud and beat Kaz
    Kaz walks in
    Kaz says beat me?
    You can't beat me
    Not in the main event
    You couldn't even beat me on Rampage
    And now on PPV. You've got no shot
    Jay Lethal and Kaz are backstage nose to nose
    Heyman says that he loves to see this
    Two young bulls fighting it out
    It’s exciting
    BUT not Main Event exciting!
    Heyman says that at Blackdeth
    They WON'T be in the main event
    BUT they will be fighting for a prize
    At Blackdeth the winner of their match
    Will become the NEW #1 the X-Division Title!
    White is pissed
    Heyman smiles and says tear down the house boys
    The two stare each other down before Heyman leaves

    -Tyler Black beat Mark Briscoe at 7:34 by Pin
    Death Valley Driver to Black for 2
    Black goes for the Fisherman DDT but Edge’s music hits
    Edge walks out with a microphone
    Black smiles but then nails the Superkick for the win!
    Edge claps for him
    Edge says congrats, a nobody just beat…. A nobody
    Edge says that he’s real impressed
    Really he is
    Edge says that he understands that Black wants to make a name for himself
    But it won’t be at Edge’s expense
    Edge says that’s why at Blackdeth, Paul Heyman has given Edge the privilege of destroying Black in the only spot Black deserves
    The opening match
    Edge laughs as Black smiles


    -CM Punk beat Tommy Dreamer at 5:34 by Pin
    Stalling Suplex to Punk for 2
    Devil Lock DDT to Dreamer for 2
    GTS for the win
    After, Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice in on Dreamer calling for Vamp
    Nothing though

    -A photomontage of Abyss vs. Abyss is shown
    Father James Mitchell is backstage with Abyss
    JB comes up and asks if Abyss accepts Big Show’s challenge for Blackdeth?
    Mitchell asks what type of question is that?
    Mitchell says that JB is just as dumb and stupid as that ogre Big Show
    Mitchell says that The Monster Abyss NEVER backs down from anybody
    Abyss will punish The Big Show once again come Blackdeth
    And leave Big Show laying in a pool of his own blood!
    Cause when you step into the ring with the 6 foot 8 Monster Abyss you get hurt!
    And Big Show, after what you’ve done to us YOU WILL GET HURT!!!

    -Sheamus beat MVP at 4:33 by Pin
    Celtic Cross to MVP for 2
    High Cross for the win
    After, Sheamus smiles and dares some old Geezer to come out and take HIS spot

    -Lance Hoyt is pissed backstage
    Hoyt says that last Saturday once he again he’s become the victim of theft!
    Hoyt says that but that’s okay, because come Blackdeth he will no longer need to hide the UWA title in his bag
    Cause once he finally gets his title shot against Raven
    He’s only option is to walk out the UWA World Heavyweight Champion!

    -Jeff Hardy beat Brian Kendrick at 5:37 by Pin
    Springboard Elbow drop to Hardy for 2
    Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Kendrick is able to counter into a suplex for 2
    Kendrick goes for the Kendrick but Hardy reverses into the Twist of Fate
    Swanton Bomb for the win
    After, The Motor City Machine Guns run out!
    Hardy quickly slides out of the ring
    Hardy tells them to wait for Blackdeth!

    -Mike Tenay and Todd Grisham run down the Blackdeth Card

    -UWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven is in the boiler room
    Raven is laughing rock back and forth
    Raven smiles and says that he is finally back in control
    He IS the end all be all in UWA!
    Raven laughs and falls over holding his UWA World Title

    -Raven, Joe, and Sting beat AJ Styles, Kevin Nash, and Lance Hoyt at 16:45 by DQ
    Snap Powerslam to Styles for 2
    Stinger Splash to Hoyt
    Raven goes for the Raven Effect on Nash but gets a springboard dropkick by Hoyt
    Pele Kick to Raven for 2
    Nash goes for a walking sidewalk slam on Sting but gets chopped down by Joe
    Joe nails the Face Wash on Nash
    Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock on Styles
    Kevin Nash breaks it up with a steel chair!!
    The referee calls for the DQ
    Raven quickly tries to attack Nash but gets a steel chair shot as well!
    Hoyt nails Raven with the Moonsault
    Styles grabs the X-Division title and nails Joe!
    The three of them stand in the ring until AJ Styles pushes both men away
    Styles walks up the ramp alone
    From behind comes John Morrison!
    Morrison lays out Styles!!
    Bryan Danielson comes out as well and stares down at Lance Hoyt
    UWA Presents:
    The Final Show in all of UWA History!
    Live this Saturday October 6, 2012
    From Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan

    Theme: "Still Swinging" by Papa Roach

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    UWA Blackdeth
    Theme: "Enemies" by Shinedown

    1.)Tyler Black vs. Edge

    2.)Big Show vs. Abyss
    No DQ No Count Outs

    3.)Vamp(c) vs. CM Punk
    UWA TV Title
    Submission Match

    4.)The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Jeff Hardy and ????

    5.)The Brothers of Destruction(c) vs. America's Most Wanted
    UWA Tag Team Titles

    6.)Sting vs. Kevin Nash
    First Blood Match

    7.)Samoa Joe(c) vs. John Morrison vs. AJ Styles
    UWA X-Division Title
    Triple Threat Match

    8.)Raven(c) vs. Lance Hoyt vs. Bryan Danielson
    UWA World Heavyweight Title
    Triple Threat Match

    9.)Jay Lethal vs. Kaz
    #1 Contendership for the X-Division Title

    PLUS, a blockbuster announcement from UWA Owner Shane McMahon regarding June's PPV Burn it Down that has direct effects on UWA's Mecca Event in October Never Gonna Stop III
    UWA Presents:
    The Final Show in all of UWA History!
    Live this Saturday October 6, 2012
    From Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan

    Theme: "Still Swinging" by Papa Roach

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    UWA Carnage 111 Review

    Lance Hoyt opens with the UWA World Heavyweight Championship in his possession and says that on Rampage he had his very first chance at the UWA World Heavyweight Championship and just when he had Raven beat…he was screwed be the facts don’t lie and the fact is he had Raven beat which means he SHOULD be the UWA World Heavyweight Champion and that Raven is only getting this title back if he pries it from his cold dead hands! This forces Dana White to come out to the ring and express that he understands why Hoyt is angry and knows without a shadow of a doubt that Hoyt should be the UWA World Heavyweight Champion but then continues by lecturing Hoyt by saying that stealing the UWA World Heavyweight Championship doesn’t make him THE Champion and Hoyt needs to do the right thing and give him back the UWA World Heavyweight Championship but Hoyt refuses to give back the gold until he’s been given his rightful rematch against Raven.....TONIGHT!

    This in turn forces Bryan Danielson to come out and say that on Rampage he went and helped Lance Hoyt as he took out Sting and Samoa Joe for him making sure the match was a one on one fight so what does Hoyt do? Take the UWA World Heavyweight Championship and just leaves as he fought Samoa Joe! Hoyt soon looks at Danielson with a disapproving look upon his face and says that this championship that he carries doesn’t get a tag partner because this championship means you're the best this company has to offer and that means HE is the best this company has to offer before he looks at White and tells him to make the match happen tonight and proceeds to be a Diva when White says no because while White doesn’t disagree that Hoyt deserves another shot at Raven, he wont be bullied into giving his talents anything!

    White continues by saying that tonight Hoyt will not face Raven instead Hoyt and Danielson will team up to take on Raven and Sting! This makes Hoyt be pissed and continues to walk out of the ring as White screams: ''HEY! My Championship!'' and continues to tell Hoyt to give him back his championship but Hoyt continues his Diva like ways before he turns back around and looks at White and Danielson in the ring and clearly says no before heading to the back.

    Hmm what an opening to say the least, I really disliked Hoyt Diva tantrum over the UWA World Heavyweight Championship but you cant deny its made the gold the center of attention and that's always a good thing. Not bad.

    Styles is seen arriving at the arena, before Matthews quickly rushes up to him and asks why he attacked Joe on Rampage? Styles replies by saying that he didn’t attack Joe he simply attacked a champion and Morrison and he will not stop until he gets what he wants which when asked what it is that he wants he answers that the only thing he wants is gold because that will mean he is recognized as the best and since White refuses to give him his title opportunity or ANY air time for that matter, he’s going to take it like he will tonight. Great promo from Styles, love his attitude.

    Kane faces Storm when near the end Storm tries to go for the Last Call Superkick only for Kane to nail him with a Chokeslam instead and get the win here tonight but soon the fun begins as Kane picks up Storm and goes for another Chokeslam but Storm recovers and nails Kane with an elbow to the face before he hits The Last Call Superkick. Storm soon confidently stands over Kane when suddenly the lights die and the gong goes off causing Storm to freak out and in anct of valor calls out The Undertaker but as Storm waits in the ring for the Undertaker to appear he gets low blowed by Kane who laughs as he slowly gets up and walks away from Storm. Great heel actions displayed by The Brothers of Destruction. I liked it.

    The real UWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven is seen standing fuming in the boiler room as he's pacing back and forth letting out screams in frustration until he gets right into the camera and has a message: ''Hoyt….I will take back….MY POWER!!!, WELCOME TO THE TERROR DOME!!, YOU’RE GOING TO BE HERE FOR LIFE!!'' Quote the Raven but even this mind set he has he cannot finish as he breaks down before finishing saying Nevermore. Great to see Raven like this, well done.

    Sabin battles battles Helms at as Sabin goes for it all with the Cradle shock Helms counters out of it and and tries to go for the Nightmare on Helms Street until the other half of the The Guns Shelley distracts him allowing Sabin to get roll up for the win! However in the post match Shelley rolls in and alongside Sabin begin to beat down on Helms before they pick him and Helms receives a Cradle Shock is picked up one more time before he is hit with a Neckbreaker by Sabin followed by a Frog Splash from Shelley.

    Soon they demand J. Hardy come out and face them but are met with nothing so they once again scream for the Hardyz to come out and still nothing happens, so they continue to vent their frustrations on Helms as he receives a Sliced Bread #2 from Shelley and still nothing so The Guns continue to beat down on Helms until Matt Hardy runs out to make the save by pulling Helms out of the ring and then screams at The Guns saying that if they want the attention of V.1, they’ve got it!

    So Hardy challenges The Guns to a match on Rampage and himself and Helms vs. The Guns! But The Guns say that if they beat them they want J, Hardy who soon appears as he slowly walks out from the back and says that if the Guns want him so bad. If they can beat Matt and Helms they’ve got him. Bold words that may fuel The Guns to victory very soon.

    Kaz is backstage and is asked how he feels about his draw against Lethal on Rampage and says that Lethal is a great competitor he’ll never deny that, but the fact is he is better but soon Lethal comes up and tells Kaz that clearly he proved on Rampage that he can hang in the ring with Kaz. Kaz replies by saying that Lethal never beat him but Lethal is quick to point out that he never lost to Kaz. Heyman walks up and says that their match on Rampage was amazing and it demands a rematch but not tonight instead Heyman says that next Wednesday Kaz and Lethal will pick their poison and that if they impress him enough he might add a special reward to their next match. Hmmm....I cant wait to see this match again.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

  10. #50
    Morrison makes easy work of Mahoney after he connects the Starship Pain for the win! He soon takes a mic stating that the issue between him and Joe isn’t over but from the crowd comes Styles who nails Morrison from behind and soon follows up with the Styles Clash before he grabs the mic saying that Morrison has been in the spotlight since his arrival in UWA and now it’s time for that spotlight to fade away as that spotlight will rise to new heights when shined on Styles. Styles continues by challenging Joe to a match on Rampage because he knows Joe can’t beat him ''The Phenomenal One'' but the UWA X - Division Champion Joe has heard enough and makes his presence known by sharing a bind with Styles as he says that now Styles knows the pain and suffering of being forgotten and that Styles can feel his pain so there is no reason for him to inflict more on Styles.

    Joe says that to give Styles a match on Rampage would be too beneficial for him so he'll enjoy the pleasure of watching Styles squirm and beg for a match so he denies Styles match and tells Styles to suffer before he heads to the back as Styles is pissed in the ring. I gotta say the spotlight the X - Division has had as of late has been a treat to see. I like Styles and am looking forward to him facing Joe soon.

    Mitchell and Abyss are backstage as Mitchell says that the issue between ''The Monster Abyss'' and The Big Show isn’t even close to being over. Because Abyss is ''The Monster!'', he is the Weapon of Mass Destruction and he can and WILL destroy The Big Show so Mitchell challenges The Big Show to face Abyss one on one next week on Carnage! Nice challenge, it will interesting to see if Abyss can really overcome the Big Show.

    I'm in shock Sabu beat C.M. Punk but was relieved it wasn't a clean victory since as Punk hit Go To Sleep on Sabu! His actions in calling out Vamp before locking in the Anaconda Vice were his mistake since soon Vamp appears holding the UWA TV Championship! Distracting Punk enough to let go of the hold and invite Vamp into the ring and as Vamp simply smiles at Punk, Punk is rolled up by Sabu for the win!

    His celebration is cut short though as Vamp runs into the ring and nails a Spinebuster on Sabu before he heads over to Punk's locations and locks in the Triangle Choke on him as he laughs at the sight of Punk attempting to fight out of the maneuver even nailing a few good strikes to Vamp’s face until Vamp keeps the hold in with more pressure and Punk slowly begins to fade enough for Vamp to let the hold go before picking up Punk and nailing him with the Vamp Bomb! Leaving Vamp to stand over Punk in a dominant manner while raising his championship high in to the air. I love this feud and Vamp sent a powerful message to Punk tonight.

    Nash is now seen walking up above the rafters looking for Sting and is found before he says that Sting wants somebody and he believes that Nash can whoever that somebody bring to him but he can’t. Sting replies that people will get hurt until he shows his face but Nash says he isn’t going to let ANYBODY get hurt because will be the one to end of Sting as Nash challenges Sting to a match at Blackdeth but not a match that Sting is warm his way out of, oh No! This will A match that will define who Sting really is by showing the ENTIRE world exactly what color Sting bleeds. You got it! Nash challenges Sting to a First Blood Match at Blackdeth! Another explosive match for sure. Nice job.

    Black is seen sitting in the crowd saying that he is just like everybody else and feels lost in a crowd watching the wreckage that came to be when he heard and saw Edge bitching and complaining he just couldn’t sit back and listen because who does Edge think he is not recognizing a talent such as Black so when will Edge man up and find out for himself and stop being a coward because if there is one thing the Era of Black won’t stand’s a coward! Fantastic promo from Black.

    Raven and Sting are set to face Danielson and Hoyt in the main event next.

    Near the end as Raven tries to reclaim his UWA World Heavyweight Championship but Hoyt clotheslines him down and Sting jumps off the top rope but is caught by Hoyt and receives a Fallaway Slam before Hoyt throws Raven into Danielson’s corner where Danielson soon nails Raven with an elbow before Hoyt hits a Big Texas Powerbomb to Raven!!

    Hoyt looks at Raven as if he were going to pin him but instead tags in Danielson leaving everybody is confused as to why he didnt pin Raven but its soon shown that Hoyt tries to take off with the UWA World Heavyweight Championship but not before raising it high above his head as he stares directly at Danielson who has had enough and attacks Hoyt!!

    These two men soon begin to trade blows until Danielson gets the upperhand and goes for a roundhouse kick but Hoyt ducks and nails Danielson with a big boot before leaving the ring with the championship. As Raven slowly gets up he picks up Danielson and nails the Raven Effect DDT for the win here tonight.

    Sting and Raven slowly get to their feet after that has happened until from the back comes Nash who lays out Raven with a huge clothesline before attacking Sting and delivering a Jackknife Powerbomb leaving standing over Sting with his arms raised high.

    Overall, a lot heated feuds are reaching a boiling that is going to make UWA tremble with how they conclude.

    I enjoyed it.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up


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