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Thread: Huskey Harris

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    Huskey Harris

    I have not seen much of this guy wrestle but i really like him, I like his look, reminds me of Samoa Joe, Look wise, hes a big guy, i think he has a promising future. Thoughts?

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    I loved him on NXT, his character reminded me of a mean bully like person and I think WWE could have used that character really well. I think his in ring ability is very good for his size and despite his quite lazy but effective finisher, he should have a great future.

    However, him joining Nexus might hurt him just a little bit, but I'd rather see Nexus as a ligitimate strong group again and Husky on TV than no Husky and a pretty shitty Nexus.

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    I see Nexus as being a bigger version of Legacy. It gets the people in it some exposure, even though they don't get a whole lot accomplished while they are in it, and aren't going to receive any real push until it is behind them.

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    He can definitley move for a big guy. I think he has a brother in FCW.

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    Husky Harris definitely has the skills & charisma to be a success in the WWE. I like what they are doing with him, now intergrading him into the Nexus. He does remind me of a fat, talented wrestler in the mold of Dusty Rhodes (not comparing him at all, just the fat wrestler aspect) & Samoa Joe...and let's not forget his dad is Mike Rotunda, and his granddad is Blackjack Mulligan, so the pedigree is there.
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